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  1. Hello Jayne, nice to see you here :)

  2. *whistling in frustrated boredom*
  3. I'm getting people in my FL that show as online, but they're obviously not. AVI's are starting to appear slowly but surely
  4. Kinda ghosting, shows full rooms and friends, but nobody there
  5. Back up again For now!!
  6. Server down again? Saturday night, 9:15 pm in CDT, America
  7. Looks like its coming back up now keeping fingers crossed
  8. So "temporarily"... what is that in 3dx time? *smiles*
  9. That explains that.. thanks Etanazzi
  10. Disconnected, logged back in, then everything stopped responding. Now can't log back in...anybody know whats up?
  11. Early years are always the best years for rock acts...they're making music, not records! Just sayin' - NinjaJayne (you don't see me, I see you)
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