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  1. Just a little bit of help from my side when the Mistress of building made it all come true in such an amazing way
  2. Not sure anyone mentioned that already butt... -Wearable headphones outside of dj Station (So I dont have to listen annoying peoples talk ) also -Coloring clothes you cant now (some parts of boots for instance) -I loved when you could hide puffy thing in the Miss Santa dress (opacity slider) -Some dresses or harness in the 'tops' category so you can wear them with skirts or pants -Mixed categories so I could wear 'hat' headphones and 'hat' bunny ears
  3. Can we please get login queues back? I really prefer to spend 10 mins in queue and then not have to worry about it till crash/dc/end of world than trying to connect for a damn 20 mins...
  4. For me redoing it worked with ☼ or
  5. New server sucks, we get omega lags. Or at least I do and people I talk with
  6. I am afraid it still would be same as moderators just like us won't be informed about anything at all. Though we still could use some to at least keep the rage river in place when servers go down again and no one knows a thing about it, like always.
  7. Naaa, its all peachy now since 3dx works. Who cares that we had no word what so ever for 4 days? And yes, that is a sarcasm
  8. Well, since its already weekend and no one ever worked on servers here at this part of week (Not like there is anyone that works other days as well). Have a great weekend everyone and see you all on Monday with hopefully everything working tip top . PS. Thanks for ignore idea Yvo and Tauriel. Next time drinks are on me!
  9. Sad part of this all is that people who came here after they played free test most likely won't resub. We are "used to" complete lack of information and communication from people who run this place, their are not. And why would they want to pay for game they can't play.
  10. I think solution may be quite simple. Devs could make a premade club room for streamers and if they want to stream game, they only can do it from their opened room. If you are not interested, dont peek. If you are, feel free to drop by. Easy peasy
  11. I know everyone wants to have less and less on, but i crave for long evening dress...
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