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  1. achieved your goal... that goal has already been achieved since yesterday because of the update, dear.. and you didn't have anything to do with it! and yup superior not in sense of building prowess ms "French gallery"... but in sense that they are builds that offer same things that yours do... while they are free no need to pay a penny for them so yeah superior! πŸ’‹
  2. you are welcome dear... I am sure you feel super lucky that a superior builder shares her stuff for free... just so you can use it to earn donations
  3. the rooms I shared are still up for download dear... and had I wanted to prevent people from using them to earn donations, I could have removed their download links in a matter of seconds. see now those are free rooms... that people can use to earn donations... unlike yours, well most of yours... πŸ˜‚
  4. May I suggest to add a way to have a toggle switch to make room files editable or uneditable. I think that way it will solve builders problems of having their rooms used for profit... since you can only put that link through WE.
  5. who said that other builders do not? you are the only one who claimed other builders are not allowing anyone to use their rooms and get donations 🀣🀣 speaking for other builders now, Ali? not only that but saying false things on their behalf?
  6. made this one up and pulled it out of your ass, faster than you can chew, huh?
  7. all people who shared rooms, shared rooms in an environment where you can't profit from rooms... not their fault that 3dx decided to do this update or any of that... and anyone who says anything other than that is the idiot!
  8. About your blog, yeah I know all that... I am saying that in my eyes, that is how good artists make money... just minus the donate part As for Patreon... Okay, dear... I am not wrong though... I know that what I am saying is right... and I know that you think that what you are saying is right. I also don't have the inner need to convince you of my opinion and I am sure you feel the same as well. So let's agree to disagree and accept that there can be different opinions.. and leave it be I didn't say that there is not... but in the end it's a stepping stone platform... and I think there's no argument about the fact that the word -donation- means giving something for charity out of the kindness of one's heart, not paying a fair price for a product.
  9. lol.... sorry Ali, but here we disagree completely... Patreon is a platform for begging! Donating is giving charity, it's not paying an amount of money for a service provided. Patreon is a platform where someone who knows that their service or their product isn't worth selling, but they put it there and ask for "Charity" from people with good will. good digital artists have deviant profile and twitter profile where they put clear and solid asking price for their work and service, not donation. (like you did with your blog spot at first until jealous people pressured you to change it into donate) And yeah Wildlife Devs beg...
  10. I might have money today, but I might not have it tomorrow... shit happens to everyone, Ali. look my point is... I understand what you are saying that some good can come from it and I believe you... but I see that a lot of bad will come from it aswell... and imo the bad is a lot more than the good. like if moderation feature gets incorporated finally, what's stopping people from not kicking a person out of the room if they didn't donate? what's stopping people from not spamming local in their room for donations? I know you are a smart girl, Alivia... smart enough to see the ugly side that can happen from this.
  11. yup everything is very simple, Alivia... but, if I wanted to make money out of my builds, I really wouldn't have needed to either make patreon or a blog to beg for money... I had people coming up to me and offering money for builds many time... and every time I refused right out... why? because I do this all for pure fun... and I have a real job to make money from... and wouldn't want to turn my free fun having time into a second job and for scraps! also... what if the person who wants a room is actually maybe a good dj or host, but can't afford to make a donation or pay for the room? (ofc the attitude here will be -screw you if you can't pay-) I am with you when you said that you'd love to donate to a good dj or builder or host, cause it's in fact good will... but while you have good will... a lot don't and a lot will find ways to abuse such feature... keeping money out of it and keeping it for sake of fun is well more fun... if some need to make money out a game, they can do like you, setup their own thing.
  12. So basically the aspect of the game that was revolving around good will, no profit involved, sharing and collaborating for the sake of fun is on it's way to get buried. Hard to see a future where a good builder and a good host can collaborate on a room where each do what they are good at now, unless they have to iron out a way to share royalties. A lot of builders like to share their stuff cause sharing has fun aspect to it, I think it's gonna be harder now to share things for free when others can use it to profit. Not to mention the side effects: -Soon finding local chat getting bombed by "if you like the room please donate" or people using the promised room moderating tool to extort donation else you get kicked. -Room bumping wars are gonna get hotter than ever, since if you can profit from it sure as hell you gonna want to spam the fuck out of the bump button to keep your room on top. you can say a lot of that is gonna be moderated and people wont be allowed to spam local with ads for donation and you gonna ban hosts, but yeah what good will that bring? People can defend it all they want... and try to make logic and reason for it all they want... but adding this option is gonna affect the landscape of the game badly... if some can't see it now, you will see it soon. hopefully this idea gets axed soon while it's still "experimental"
  13. you weren't the only one... me and a lot of my friends got that same thing after opening this thread... got banned for 30-60 mins... think it was a bug or something... nothing targeted at anyone personally... in any case... good luck to all participants... all work I saw is great so far 😘
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