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  1. that would be great... please let us know as soon as possible the results of that 😘 ... tbh this would be the most compelling reason for me personally to join
  2. do you mean high rise buildings or something else? cause let's say I chose to build something in a western cowboy era scene... they kinda didn't have high rise buildings then but great and awesome idea... also where do we send our submissions... here in this thread or via PM to someone or there will be like a sub forum created for competition submissions? edit: also would be cool if the winning map became a featured permanent room along the devs created ones, till the next competition 😘
  3. Anaganda


    awww... thanks @Derai... yeah we didn't get a chance to interact much... but my idea about you is that you are a nice and welcoming person aswell... and protective of your friends aswell awesome idea this topic... I'll try and pitch in with mine soon
  4. hehe... yes yes I am part demoness... well all demoness 😈 thanks, dear 😘
  5. Thanks, @Lisa When fixing glossy plastic, Could you keep the unintended matt one as it's separate material?
  6. ^ Yes please. Also... @Gizmo no shame in hiring someone to fix the bugs that seems that you don't know how to fix.
  7. Also the new glossy plastic, turned into matt plastic... I personally like it this way... and we have the old one for the glossy effect... But on uncool side, all materials that were meant to be glossy are matt now.
  8. oh... will try that as soon as I get a chance... thanks Lukie 😘
  9. Now that the dust of the ddos attack has settled, I have a thing to say about the new patch First of all, thanks to the dev team for their work.. -New cuddle pose, I love it... thank you @Takisa -New props and blocks: a lot of them were much needed, the curtains, the cushions and all the sheets... A++ on all of those -New textures: this is where the fun ends. while some of them are good, a lot of the others are not and are not on same quality as the rest of the textures. +let's start with leather, since it was a material I really personally wanted: resolution is okay so is sharpness... but the texture map's scale is so large that it actually looks like marble not leather. As I said there are some that are good, like rock ore for example... which I personally can't wait to think of something to use it in but take a look at these... very bury, low resolution, low sharpness... compare to the old one in the middle, it looks like we are downgrading the game's quality not upgrading it. Another example in nature materials. @Gizmo @Lisa... Thanks for all the hard work again, but I do hope you read this... and I do hope this is not the beginning of decline in texture quality like what happened 2-3 years ago with clothes and hairs before @Redji & @Manyasha joined in and started making good ones again. Thanks 😘
  10. Still an unneeded work around, than just simply going to the topic and finding the update... cause people are unable to control themselves from going off topic, which I my self am risking doing, thus this is the end of this debate for me ^^ but we can stick to our guns and be brats, cause you know it's lighter on our ego than understanding what people are saying...
  11. so your "solution" is for people to go into another topic than what they want to know about, find a post from Gizmo, go into his profile through it... then look for his recent posts.............okay 😂
  12. The man has a point though... having to sort through 6-7 pages of side talk so I can find the update that Gizmo posted, is not what this thread is about.
  13. yup... but always in random places for me... mostly below sea level
  14. you know... you can move your whole build away from them
  15. different sizes, cause different reaction to the mesh of the body models... so at least each person is unique
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