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  1. Yes... We need to know how much of our lives did we waste
  2. wonderful... I would have dropped by... but unfortunately with time difference that makes it 2 am for me... have a nice time though
  3. certainly 3dx is filled with wonderful builders... but not everyone gets a chance to have their work seen... that expo idea by genises is great indeed... hope they keep it for the less known builders to give them a chance to shine.
  4. thank you, a pleasure to hear that
  5. nope everything with worse... lower performance, room editor was hell, customization was way less... the list goes on.... and ooo yes it includes graphics... there's just some loss in minor details for models for whatever reason... but that's not all there's to graphics and defo not something to warrant saying everything was better. only thing that was better is that the game was emptier so there were less chances to stumble upon BS. but yeah I miss DOF
  6. most if not all things that men wear can be worn by women too it's kind of a fact and it doesn't work vice versa... a woman can wear man's clothing and be all fine a man can't wear a skirt without being identified as a cross dresser... hence why whenever an item is made for men here it gets ported to women as well... and apparently that leads it to be not recognized as something for males by our 3dx men population. also another fact of life... a typical woman's wardrobe always has a lot more clothes than a man's and that case will always be translated here. and the thing is, it's hard to think of something different for men outside what already exists... in reality there's just not too much variety in men's clothing like in females. I know this because I tried to dabble in making clothes once and I was determined to start with men clothing... couldn't think of anything personally, thought out suggestions from my male friends and what I got outside of what already was there back then was flannel shirt, hoodie and socks... which also can be worn by both genders.. ultimately, like men enjoy seeing us in various styles... I too want some more clothes for men, it's not an easy endeavor to come up with some though... but I know if we squeezed our heads together we can come up with some things... and I believe I saw a topic or two that has some male clothing ideas. my suggestion is, maybe less topics that ask for more men clothes and more topics with ideas... better yet men power unite into making one unified topic for them ideas, rather than having them being scattered around various topics lost and unseen.
  7. the previous system: one boosts their room and instantly gets booted down to the bottom of the list in a matter of seconds when another person boosts... only the already filled rooms remain visible while any other newly opened rooms can't stay in the top 10 of the list for mere minutes. current system: one boosts and gradually descend down the list with each boost made for another room... rooms that are filled don't remain forever at top of the list and newly opened rooms get a chance to stay in the visible portion of the list for a bit of time. to put it in shorts: old system newly opened rooms have to spam boost, while filled rooms have to spend nothing. current system both type of rooms have to spend to be seen but it defo is at a lower rate than the spam boost battles we used to see. Imo current system is fairer... but either system will not be efficient with the sheer number of rooms and boosts being thrown now anyways. from my perspective the main issue is with how the room are listed not with the system of boosting... in the current era of time where population is steadily rising and opened rooms are getting more and more causing the list to go on and on... and everyone wants a chance to get their room noticed, so everyone boosts and person descends down the list very fast to obscurity giving how long one has to scroll down now. and if we were back to the previous system again it will be worse... filled rooms getting more and more filled and newly opened rooms having to spend 300 gold every 1 second in order to be seen. but in the end, yeah every one will build their own conclusion based on their own perspective. and I am sorry to see JaPan go, while I never had the pleasure to be in any of your events I only heard good words about you.
  8. to each their own cup of tea Many... and we get that it has been a feature asked for by many... my own grip against it, is just the fact that I was seeing this world as gripped in reality... thus a butt plug is more realistic, without turning the place into a realm of fantasy land where cat, fox, wolf, whatever else creatures are running around. but as I said that's just my opinion and I fully accept that it has been asked for by a good number of people.
  9. a very probably thing indeed... also I like to mention how funny it's that you don't have the option to dislike previews on discord anymore
  10. I am not on board... and this is my personal opinion. I would be excited for it if it was in the form of butt plugs... but they appear to be growing out of the body, as if the person is not even human... I know there is cat people, wolf people and cow people RP profiles in 3dx... hell I even RP a succubus... but still the general senses was that bodies are that of humans. next we should see wings, elf ears, aliens and what not. in the end I know many people will love that feature... I just hope that wiggly tail wont be as laggy as simple soft jiggly boobs... and hope some of that physics can be used on the hair.
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