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  1. thanks for the wonderful review, Vampi... those are some very hot pics πŸ’‹
  2. updates are something good and exciting and I want updates as much as a lot of the people here. and it's important for the continuity of the game else people will get bored. but, hate to be the kill joy here... the truth of the matter is we don't pay the devs for updates... we pay the devs to be able to play the game, what is required of them in return for our money is stable and bug free servers... which to a some degree and as of late they are providing. don't get me wrong, we should ask and suggest updates... but acting as if it's something we are entitled to and something that they
  3. lol at clothes taking 30 mins to make πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but seriously can't wait to see the outfit you are making Luna... I am getting bored out of my mind from the clothes we have.
  4. Well... Did you try the end all be all solution of uninstalling and reinstalling?
  5. this happened to me twice before... what fixed it is going in WE and loading default room and rentering it after... then reloging... all goes back to normal... after that you can load the room you desire ofc. but that's just me... I hope it works for you, but keep in mind that it might not.
  6. maybe we could make it search by tag... and person can have like up to two tags... so let's say someone who has a chill/sex room, wouldn't be forced to be categorized among cold/sluts/put your wiwi in any hole rooms. and that also would allow person who's looking for a specific thing to maybe be able to find it in the tag search... for example, swinging room... or specific type of music rooms... etc
  7. but yeah... seriously in light of the rising popularity of the game and the fact that a lot want to have a room of their own opened. the simple scroll down and squint till you find what you like list is not going to cut it anymore. I believe the whole mechanic (including room boosting, room sorting... etc) needs a redesign from the ground up, not just some fixes to make it work. but we understand that resources are limited and that Cyberpunk is out...
  8. search by name... yes please color codes for rooms opened by friends... yes double please favoriting hosts and have their rooms color coded... yes triple x please as for categories... I like the suggestion. But to be a tad pragmatic I need to ask some questions. who will determine the category of the room? the host? if so what happens a room fits more than one category? can we pick more than one category for the room? then what's stopping me from ticking all categories for my room and have it appear on every list? and once I do this genius idea, what's stopping every
  9. awwww... so cute... actually the problem is you are so narrow minded that you can't accept the fact that people can say no to something you suggested. but let me humor you... mmmhm... let's have people choose the color of the font for their own avi name... and let's have males and females have different color names... then... let's watch all people choose whatever color for their avi name and render that feature useless and btw... you can't see your own avi name, so you will be stuck watching all the other people who picked pink for their names while you can't see yours..
  10. πŸ˜‚ so many lines, so many mentions of logic... yet word are free of logic. you are free to suggest what you want, dear... and people are free to say that they don't want it. and don't get ticked it off so easy... it's bad for the skin πŸ˜‚
  11. no thanks... I don't want to walk into a room and have my vision blasted with a full pallet of all sorts of colors squiggling around on my screen. and I don't want to turn names off either. a better feature imo, is if people in person's FL get a different color... and a neutral faded color also.
  12. I see nothing here that can't be created in our current editor.
  13. you can't make holes in things... what you have to do is make your sink then build the counter around it, with multiple cube objects.
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