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  1. Here is a simple/easy one for you (I guess). We see often the same haircuts. how about the option to simply shift it L/R ? I think it can make a difference on the look, Many girls, we often have the same haircut beside the colors ...
  2. Would be nice to be able to 'reach' it In this oe too Also, Se should be able to s@ck it too
  3. I said I was happy with 20+, Actually I am extatic when I get 20 ppl especially in my smallest one. For the other, its more a question of the size of the place, I tend to build smaller now. Futa Hell, Futa Heaven & Terminal 69 (I understand its a niche as well), I need about 35-40 people to make the place interesting. Airline 69 is way smaller, so maybe 20-25 is a good number to make the place feel not 'too empty'... As I said up there, I'm not after fame. Having people coming and stay is the only reward I'm looking for putting so much time and love in what I do when I build a place. I see places that are kinda Meh! (Wont give names), but its popular because its popular.. Should I start promote with Flyers on forums.. ?
  4. Thank you for quick responses, well, I am happy with 20+ ppl, but it seams hard to get there. I personally welcome everyone as much as I can in the Local Chat (Welcome Pandorra xxx) .. Offer a hug if the person responds back... So my regular scenario is: I open the room Post a welcome message in the Local (This one specify that I am AFK for a bit if I'm polling) Boost the room to get it up Then I send a personal iinvite to my friends online (usually around 30-40 ppl) Personally welcome everyone in the Local Chat (ie; Welcome Pandorra xxx) Offer a hugs to everyone coming if already in my friends list or when they respond back. Once the number starts growing I keep boosting and I engage with ppl as much as I can So sometime it work, Goes from 1 to 5-6 quickly, then I boost again and go up to 12-15... But after that, it's very hard to keep them, so odds are it can grow up or decline.. Very hard to predict.. Next time you are online and you see a room from Maartine, fell free to visit and come to me, I'll give you the VIP tour I'm always open to suggestions en comments Thanks LOVE!
  5. Maybe I jump late in that topic, but sadly I realize people care ONLY about the number. I like to think I made 4 nice themed rooms so far and have great comments about them, but people come and go when i just opened them, so i need to spend a lot of XG to buil the number up, which is kinda discouraging at some point. I spend a lot of time building & improving the rooms and the only reward I'm looking for is to see a decent amount of people having fun at my places.. At this point I'm seriously wondering if it's worth it. I sure have the fun designing/building them, but its not my main goal as stated above . Im not really into all the tiny details that nobody care about and don't bring added value to the game than more Kb. Im more into providing a great experience to my guests I will keep an eye on that thread and I'm open to any advices you guys have. Txs LOVE ! xxxxx
  6. An easy way to do this would be to add a key to the click like: TAB or SHIFT + click on : Cum/Moan/Dance or Idle pose or dance # applies to your alt
  7. Had the same issue this week end when I tried to buy some 'gold'. Message saying I need to call.. kinda annoying at 3 am :)
  8. That's what I thought, but wanted some kinda confirmations. Thank you MeiLing. I believe I saw you at my places a couple of times
  9. Tried it and its good, the only downside of it, is you can't (unelss there is a trick) resize the whole thing. 'squares' are ok E F I H, etc.. , but with curves C D S ,, or angles A V W, some parts are not following. Tried with Center / Pivot, etc... You can move or rotate, but not resize, so the sign is sometimes very big
  10. Yup. even choose the pose or dance # at 'design stage'.. Maybe have the skin plain color like many other props ... Just to not fool ppl with a room filled with 'dummies'
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