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  1. Problème réglé grâce à Alivia. Essayes ce qui suit, ça a réglé le problème pour moi en 5 minutes: Vas dans ce dossier C://games/3Dxchat/StandaloneWindowsBlahBlahBlahPatcher.exe. Efface ce truc et relance le jeu normalement, ça va recharger le patch et avec moi ça a fonctionné. Problem solved thanks to Alivia. Try this: Follow this path: C://games/3Dxchat/StandaloneWindowsBlahBlahBlahPatcher.exe. Delete that and start game as normal. This will re-download the patch and it worked fine with me.
  2. Dis nous si ça fonctionne et si oui, une explication en français sur comment faire serait sympa
  3. J'ai le même problème, je suis bloquée au moment du dézippage. Ca faisait longtemps que ça ne m'était pas arrivé. I have the same problem, i'm stuck when the game want to start the unzipping. There's a long time i didn't get this problem.
  4. It happened once or twice at this time to me that my avatar jumped without any reason in a sex pose with an invisible partner or got stripped from the clothes
  5. There was at a time with a third party program and a hack, but it was when 3DX was with dll. Maybe the third party program got adapted to the new version (without dll)
  6. Best way to proceed: - Save the map/world/room you want to put your object in (file>save) - Empty your room (file>clear all props) it will let only the landing spot where it was in your room. - Load the object you want to put in your room (file>merge from file>your item) - Select the object (all parts) and move it close to your landing spot so it's easy to recover (some are really a mess to find if you don't do that) and save it (file>save selected) - Re-download your room (file>load from file>your room). It will ask you if you want delete all inst
  7. I asked for a similar pose where the standing woman have one leg behind the back of the licking woman around 5 or 6 years ago, and we still have nothing. So i fully support this one with hope that we will have at least one standing licking useable everywhere
  8. You can also try with gifts if someone you know have received a gift from the person you seek
  9. Well, Dragon age have this option and the avatars can also move with keyboard, second life have this too and they also have the keyboard moving option, if i remember well , even mass effect (the first episod) have this option. In DA and ME these are just usefull to free a hand if the player need the other hand free (anwser a phone call by exemple), in SL it's a bit more usefull as it allow to write in chat and walk in same time (with the option "typing a letter/number open chat" turned on). So this left+right mouse buttons option is just a proposition that, in 3DX, will give the advantage
  10. well it's possible to kind of change the color actually with one of the opitons (i don't remember which though)
  11. Other option that could be envisaged: Hold right mouse button = rotate the camera (as it is now) Press left mouse button = move to the spot where the cursor is (as it is now) Hold both left mouse button and right mouse button = move in the way the camera is facing and rotate the camera while walking Few games i played have this feature and i find it really useful.
  12. WASD is good for owners of QWERTY keyboards, not for owners of AZERTY keyboards Exemples the keys on both would looks this way on both keyboards: Q W E R T Y U I O P / A Z E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L / Q S D F G H J K L M Z X C V B N M < > ? / <> W X C V B N , ; : ! As you can notice, the WASD configuration would not be the best option for AZERTY owners
  13. For now we can only move by clicking, but yes, some keys set to move would be great, but not WASD as not everyone have them placed the same on their keyboard. In france, the corresponding positions are ZQSD. (W is placed under S and A is placed where Q is in QWERTY keyboards) It would be better to set the arrow keys as they are all placed the same (i think) on every keyboard.
  14. Leeloo


    That's why i rarely talk in world chat. Because i know there is peoples (few) that are just waiting someone to announce only ONCE for their party to report them for spamming. I kind of found a counter measure though when i want to "announce" my parties. I write something like "Room Y is open for few hours, come visit" in pink. No strange symbols looking like drawings, this way it's not an announcement, it's just talking in world chat.
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