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  1. he wasn't alone to support it, i supported too because i was using them and many others supported too. @THX: they work most of the time right, but sometimes the command don't work.
  2. Normally, if someone paid and the payment was accepted, their account is created and so they can play
  3. Tsss... I see peoples complaining that the server is not yet stable. And earlyer in the day, peoples was complaining hurrying devs to give back the game as soon as possible. Peoples are really never happy with the work devs are doing. Just be happy that the game is back, even if you crash time to time. Personally i logged earlyer and i stayed around one hour before logout and i never crashed.
  4. All this talking is useless for now. Before creating or not new poses with an hypothetical pose editor, we need, first, a game that is working.
  5. Working on a pose editor ? Personally i prefer that they work on how to get back the game online than in a pose editor (though i wasn't for even before the attack 👅)
  6. A question: If the one(s) doing this DDoS attack have an account to the game and so are transfered with the others players when jumping to a new server, does it make it easyer for them to find the new adress of the game ?
  7. You don't have to fear about the time you paid for. The devs froze the subscriptions so, if you paid for one year and have play one month (11 months left), when the game will be fully fixed you will still have your 11 months left. Like i understood what gizmo said yesterday in world chat (or in another thread i don't remember) first we will have 7 days for free, then everyday we will have one day for free. So if it work this way really, when the game will be fixed, you will have 11 months plus 7days.
  8. no it's not. Like said skydiver, only the ones with a valid account in game will play for free untill they solve this (if they solve it one day).
  9. I start to think that a rival compagny try to kill 3DX. Or maybe someone that was banned and is not happy.
  10. I asked this few years ago but i fear that it's not possible before a total rework of the game. Actually here's how it work. 1- There is the tatoo layer where tattooes are, they stay no matter what you wear. 2- There is the stockings layer, it stay no matter what you wear. 3- Then comes the panties and bra layer. Bras are "removed" when you wear a top (they are back when you remove the top) and panties are "removed" (when wearing pants or shorts) or partially cut (when wearing a dress/skirt) 4- Then comes the tops and bottoms. Both are removed when you wear a dress. 5- Then comes the dresses. Notice that "some of them" (the christmas ribbon and the harness) are also removing the panties when we wear them. (don't forget to put one back if you change for any other clothes )
  11. I though they added a kind of timer (or that's what i've heard) in the world chat, precisely to avoid spamming. Personally i think that it's near 2 years that i didn't write in the world chat or maybe i did it once or twice in two years, but i'm not sure
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