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  1. click F6 and you switch on the avatar cam, letting you move it, click F5 to return to the edit camera
  2. I suggested somewhere in this forum to be able to "dress" bob and betty with the outfits we have saved in our computer. It would be a good compromise.
  3. When you have this glitch, try to wear and color the clothes in this order : Stockings>shoes>bra>panties>top>pants I noticed in clothing editor that sometimes, if i wear a pant/skirt and color it then wear a panty and color it the pant/skirt turn white
  4. Exept if you have more than one bot with you in the room (by exemple when trying 3somes)
  5. Japanese "student style" swimsuits are nice too
  6. Alivia, these are bikinis, not swimsuit
  7. I suppose that by "charging" you are talking about prostitution. I don't know if you are aware of it, but there is yet prostitution. A lot of female avatars are offering their "services" for one, two or three gifts (maybe more).
  8. I don't understand all these complaints against transfering/tiping xgold to others players. Since devs added the xgold peoples are complaining that they can't tip dancers or djs with xgold. It's 2 or 3 years now that peoples ask to be able to transfer xgold between players. And now that devs are about to give us the possibility, peoples are complaining against it...
  9. Yes to giving xGold to others. It will not change anything to how the game work actually. Only difference is that in place of asking gifts against "services" the sus-named "cows" will ask xGold. But at least, a stripers will be able to be tiped for their work.
  10. That don't explain why there is breast play poses in chathouse and not in 3DX lol. They could do "static" breastplay poses in 3DX too. There should be a way for them to make the hand position set to the place where the nipple is, no matter the size of the breasts. But i'm not a programer so maybe i'm wrong.
  11. In chathouse they have breasts play poses and it work pretty well, no matter the size of the breasts. So if they can do it in chathouse, why wouldn't it be possible in 3DX ?
  12. Not that stupid for a blonde
  13. Suggestion: How about let us be able to "customize" the bots ? Like add an option in clothe editor to dress the bots with one of the outfits we saved for our avatar.
  14. Yes it work only with shaved head and it don't even cover the back of the head
  15. In second life, when a woman avatar wear high heels, she can set her feet to high heels, if she wear sneakers or flat shoes, she can set her feet flat (speaking of mesh avatars). Ok it's sl and it probably don't work like 3DX for programming, but if you take chathouse, this is the same, female avatars have flat feet when they wear flat shoes. So i think it should be a way for 3DX to do the same. Maybe. But i'm not a programmer so i don't really know
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