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  1. Soooo... This is Curio ? The game that is supposed to be better than 3DX ? Or even better than SL ? Well maybe in 20 years it will be better than 3DX and in 10 years better than SL. My avatar in SL looks 10 times better than this one Nice choice of music though
  2. Sooo... in your first post you say "no update since two years" and in the post just above you talk of an update with new poses made in december 2020, it mean hmmm.... 4 months ago. A bit illogical no ? Complaining just on the purpose of complaining lead nowhere you know
  3. Peoples are complaining because they think that there will be only the cage in the update, but (if i'm right) no devs said "hey guys, the next update will be only about the cage". All are complaining they want new poses instead of the cage, but who told that there will not be the cage AND new poses (not related to the cage) ? I mean, in the last update there was (even if it start to be a long time ago) there was always some poses in the pack. We got new hair + some poses, then more body customisation (nipples) + new poses, etc... Probably this time it will be connected toys + the cage + n
  4. The next board will be a bit harder to make :D. I think it could take one full month because it's one with a lot of uuuh.... gears (i think it's the english word for "engrenages")
  5. News from the future. First, i edited the third board so it looks more like the original one: Old version: Updated to: And then, i finished the fourth command board (needed a lot of work) I'll need to update the wires to the left later, but for now my build level is not good enough to make real good wires. Also, it's crazy how much it's hard to make the wires of the phone :D. Or i should say "long" instead of "hard"
  6. Tu peux peut être essayer de faire ton halo avec l'objet "brouillard", mais il ne clignotera pas et je crois que l'objet est une sphère You can, maybe, try to create your halo with the "fog" tool, but it will not switch on and off and i think the tool is a sphere Ps: J'ai dit le brouillard hein, pas la fumée Ps: I said the fog uh, not the smoke
  7. What do you call "sided pilars" and "hatches" ?
  8. It seem a majority of males voted for female clothes :D. Don't come complain that men don't have enough clothes lol
  9. I don't think they will make rape poses, or they'll need to change one of the rules for the game. Remember that any rape related stuff is supposed to be forbiden
  10. @THX & Lunarelf: The difference with the cages made by editor (with the bed or any other pose prop) will be that every pose on it will fit the cage. By exemple: If you create a cage in editor with the bed poses prop to use hmmm... lets say to use the pose "doggy", then the cage will be useful only with the doggy pose but all others poses of the bed will not fit. Here, the cage seem to have more than one pose (static or not, we will see when it's done)
  11. Hmmm... Someone claiming to be against restraining peoples in cages or torture is talking about her basement where she lock peoples who don't think like her ? What is there in the basement to emprison peoples ? Cages ? Chains ? Maybe some torture instruments ? Isn't there a bit of cantradiction here ? Seem like someone have an high opinion of herself, thinking that her values and fantasies are better than the ones of peoples who don't follow the same path of thinking than her...
  12. Don't forget vampire fangs. It can be made in the mask section i think or by giving us the ability to make our "canines" longer.
  13. I noticed this "problem" too. I was making a keyboard for my Tardis and to go faster i merged 5 keys and copyed them. When i tried to change the colors, i needed to cancel 4 copies of every kay in every row i copied.
  14. fr: Tu souhaites ce qu'on appelle généralement une "chemise hawaïenne :). Le truc plein de couleurs, manches courtes, et hors du pantalon/short En: You wish what we generally call an "hawaïan shirt" :). The one full of colors, short sleeves, and out of the pant/short
  15. If "WW84" mean Wonder Woman 84 and not World War 84 (seeing the name i tend to think the first option) then you should have used the bikini instead of the skirt because in 84's show, wonder woman son't wear a skirt but a kind of high waist short I don't know if it's in 1984, but, without disrespect Linda Carter, i prefer the last version
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