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  1. I have no problem with stairs, they are working perfectly for me
  2. Maybe asking the devs or support if they can do something about it. At a time re create an avatar with the exact same name and the same mail was working, but not sure it still work
  3. @Meiling: ah yes you're right i forgot that, and yes, it would be nice to have it
  4. There IS a physics option in the settings it's called... Physics
  5. Don't ask me, i don't know anything about unity
  6. what do you mean by "add popupwindow" ?
  7. Je ne suis pas complètement d'accord avec la première partie de ton premier post. Tu dis que rien n'a été fait pour les hommes, mais comme dit plus haut il y a les chapeaux, bagues, boucles d'oreilles (ou du moins certaines d'entre elles qui doivent matcher le "style homme"). Il y a aussi 20 nouvelles poses hétéro quand il n'y en a que une pour les lesbiennes (je pourrais m'en plaindre aussi.... d'ailleurs je m'en plains lol) Après je t'accordes qu'il pourrait y avoir un peu plus de fashion pour les gars (je t'échange 10 tenues contre 5 poses lesbiennes ) I don't fully agree with the first part of the first post. You say that nothing was made for men, but, like it's said in a previous post, there is hats, rings, and earings (or at least the ones matching the "men style"). There is also 20 new hetero poses when there is only one for lesbians (i could complain about it too.... Wait.... I complaint about it lol) After, i agree on the fact that it could be more fashion options for boys (i exchange 10 outfits vs 5 lesbian poses )
  8. Well maybe a new player can do the mistake, but an experienced player must know that the avatar is saved as soon as the player leave the dressing room
  9. The problem is that players don't give them time to fix bugs. They want updates, updates and more updates. I'm sure that when the new stuff will be online, it will need lets say two weeks before someone start to complain about the "lack of updates".
  10. Pourquoi tu ne règles pas le fichier en faux positif ? Ca devrait te permettre de le sortir de la quarantaine. Ou, option 2, créer une exeption ce qui permettrait aussi de le sortir de quarantaine
  11. I don't understand the difference between full screen exclusive and full screen window
  12. Maybe add some more LESBIAN poses in the next updates. And i don't speak of the wrongly called "FF" poses where we can wear a penis, but real lesbian poses because in this future update there is (maybe) only one that can be called lesbian pose (if what i've read in the world chat is true) Ps: I vonlontary decided to say "lesbian poses" for the female/female pose because the actual poses called FF are probably meant for Futa/Futa poses.
  13. The ghost effect was fun especially in addition with the drunk effect
  14. Place an animation where the face of the male (or female) il positionned like you wish then use a sitting animation (the one of the bar stools probably will fit the best). After this all is a question of positionning. After this place your box/chair so it fit the animation
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