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  1. What i would like to have for 2022 is: an update
  2. i don't think it's doable as if you enter a room made by player x or y, nothing proove thatthe next time player x or y will open the same room or put the same name
  3. The only "problem" i'll see with this system is that non sexual poses will be placed in the same tabs than the sex poses. It will make harder to find them
  4. the problem for self licking (for women) is we need to be very very very bendable. I saw a girl once self licking and it wasn't that sexy.
  5. Aww really ? Wear it in black leather, wear some black leather boots, wear the long lace gloves, wear the "catwoman" mask annnnd... Tadaaaam you're a super vilain (or super hero depending on the side we see it ^,..,^) In a more serious note, yes it( would be better in the top section
  6. The question is: what is the use of this feature ? I mean if players distrust new avatars your AAG will not solve this "problem" unless it show the age of the account instead of the age of the avatar. By exemple: If a real new player create his/her first avatar it will say (maybe) "avatar age 2 days" then the player will be distrusted by some others the same way i would be distrusted if i was creating a new avatar in my 9 years account as it would also say "avatar age 2 days" for me.
  7. Damn lol... Glowing breasts also called "how to make a woman looks really stupid"
  8. La seule chose que je regrettes, c'est que je ne sais pas comment faire les affiches et les tableaux pour les murs lol The only thing i regret is that i don't know how to do the posters and the frames for the walls lol
  9. Long time i didn't write here, but i was working on a gift for my wife. It's finished at 99% so i decided to show it to you. For the ones who know the character Jeanette Voerman from the game Vampire the masquerade bloodlines, what would be the best gift ? Well off course, it's the club The Asylum from the same game. So, my love, here's your gift: 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB 3DX/VTMB Some different textures because there is not the right ones in 3DX, Some different light effects too, but i think it's very close.
  10. Well, i wonder how double anal sex (i suppose you mean double anal penetration sex) could be fff (exept if you mean futa/futa/futa)
  11. I have no problem with stairs, they are working perfectly for me
  12. Maybe asking the devs or support if they can do something about it. At a time re create an avatar with the exact same name and the same mail was working, but not sure it still work
  13. @Meiling: ah yes you're right i forgot that, and yes, it would be nice to have it
  14. There IS a physics option in the settings it's called... Physics
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