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  1. Talking of nipple sucking, maybe it would be nice first to give a pose to lesbians where they can play with their breasts because there is none actually.
  2. I tried this feature in second life and trust me, it's unreadable if you have a lot of people talking around you.
  3. The thing is that nobody force anyone to buy xgold, you can just be patient and "buy" the name color with only free xgold. The basic colors are "only" 10000 so it can be earned in a bit more than one month if not less when connecting everyday. About the clothes, i don't think they will make us to pay for them because the politics of the game is to pay the fee and have access to all clothes and poses for free after that. If they change this, they will lose a big big big part of the customers.
  4. Tryed the pseudo FF version with betty and we both suddenly got a magic penis replacing our pussies so no, no , no this is definitively not FF
  5. The real question is why no FF version of this pose ? (and by FF i mean both rubbing their pussies)
  6. Would have been great to add more lesbian sex poses
  7. well it's not the only thing that is only for generic rooms. By exemple the spinning bottle
  8. What a silly excuse to put someone on ignore... I can imagine the reaction like: Wow ! she put me on ignore because i dared to use the color name feature." So much complaint for something that we are not even forced to use. We can even decide to don't see the customized names in the options so ignoring peoples because they use customized names is just silly.
  9. $45 if you select a moving color and this is just for one month
  10. If this kind of feature come in game, they will lose a lot of customers for many different reasons (and not only because men playing women will stop to play). Some can leave because they feel their freedome tore apart, some because there will always be someone to troll them etc... Also if there is sex verification, it mean males behind w female will probably get back to their original sex. Poor hetero males they will need to fight in arena to be able to find a woman to have sex with
  11. Well having the possibility to have the same name is not that good for me for one reason. At a time htere was a stalker in game making fake screens of me or my wife to break our couple. When i changed my avatar name from Rukyaa to RukyaaVoerman, i immediately avoided the use of my old name doing an alt that i named Rukyaa. I learned the day after i did it that the guy tried to create a new avatar called Rukyaa. And the only thing he said to a friend it that he was disapointed because he could not call his avatar this name. If he has the possibility to have the same name than me, he would probably try to bully my wife and i again. (though i agree, deranged peoples like him are not a big part of the game, but there is still this risk)
  12. It happen sometimes, but it's probably what they call a fake positive. Just set an exeption for it and you should be able to play
  13. I wonder why devs didn't gave us this pose to us, women, just playing with our pussy instead of a penis. Or even better, both fingering the partner's pussy (as we still can't touch our breasts)
  14. well if i remember well, there is a lot of new poses for heteros and trans in the beta so it's not ONLY children toys
  15. Auto accept colds would be a bad thing in my opinion regarding at how many colds i receive when in a public room. If devs make it they should make it like Stoney3K said (with the option "none" set as default). Though the perverse effect would be, i'm certain of it, the appearence of more and more "rape rooms"
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