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  1. I have a question running through my head since a few time. If i understand well, the items or rooms tagged "unshared" are items or rooms that we can't have as ours. So my question is why put them in a sharing site ?
  2. Question: Is it the same person in both these posts ? If yes, the first post seem a bit hypocritical to me.
  3. Well the only use i see to the F6 key in build mode actually, is when you build let's say a door in a building, you can move next to where you will build it to not make it too small. But this is the only use lol
  4. you can just use them the way you saved them with rochi's dll. by exemple, if you saved the christmas dress in blue with rochi's dll you can use it in blue only in the game.
  5. It's not the same thing (unless they play this since longer than i think). I never deleted her, it's just that when she friended this other"me" she friended the avatar that was in the dll version of the game so my name was in her friendlist, but her name wasn't in my friendlist as all they can do when hacking the game (it seem) is modify the datas from the old test server and play in the actual game with them, but modifying the old test server datas don't modify the ones of the actual game, and so, the friends that this guy do with my old appearence are not added in my actual friendlist, just in the dll version of the friend list. In my case, the guy was just able to use my avatar with my old look as all the new things that are in my new appearence (tatoo, hair, eyes, and even new pics in my profile) are not available for him as they are not in the dll version of the game
  6. Yesterday, i was playing the game and opened my room to friends only when suddenly, a girl i didn't know entered. I checked my friend list and quickly noticed that i wasn't seeing her in my online friends. Then i though "oh another new bug ?" and checked carefully my offline friendlist and my ignore list then noticed she wasn't in any, i just never met her before. So i wondered "how is it possible that she enter my room when i never met her and my room is open only to friends". We started to talk and she told me i was in her friendlist and proved it with a screenshot clearly showing the name of my avatar in her friendlist and online. I though "maybe the game canceled one of my friends and to check, i offered her friendship, she accepted. I check my friendlist and this time i see her name, but for my game she is offline but in front of me. We talked a bit and she told me that since few weeks now we meet quasi every nights around 23h (european time) and have sex, she tell me that the Rukyaa she have sex with is a sex slave who want divorce from her "bad evil wife" and that her (the girl) was just waiting for me to divorce to marry me. So i explain her, firstly, that i'm not a sex slave but e vampire queen (in game) and a mistress, and also that unfortunately for her, i love my wife and that if i wanted to divorce, it would be done yet as i have largely enough for that. Then i tell her that few months ago, an asshole used the old "me" stored in the old test server, the one we got before moving from 3DX with dll to 3DX without dll, and using it to have sex with a lot of peoples (principally men or transexuals) just to destroy my reputation. At first, she though i was telling lies, not assuming what happened "between us" (and i'm sure there will be some weird comments on this here too). She asked me to show her my body so i did because i knew exactly what she wanted to check, and she noticed that effectively, my avatar was a lot different from the "me" she met (different hair, different tatoo etc...) and that i wasn't talking the same way this other "me". Finally, she canceled the friendship with the Rukyaa she had in her friendlist and re-friended me and this time, i was seeing her onlin in my friend list. Please devs check this old test server and erase it if it's possible, because if a hacker can use it to treaten me in game, i suppose you can access this old test server too. Ps: Maybe devs will cancel this last sentence or maybe not but : Zonetan or Aleyda or anyway you are called actually in game, you are an asshole
  7. The full brush never covered the lips, and i know what i'm talking about as *whisper* that's the "cut" my wife wear
  8. Now the "deconection problem". I find strange that it seem that everyone get disconnected every 3 minutes and not me. Do i have a magic computer ? No i don't think πŸ‘©β€πŸ¦°
  9. Are you sure they was lower before ? It's easy to check if you have an old screen with this "haircut". If you don't have, Take a screen with the thong, this "haircut" was just covered by it so if they are really higher, they will now be seeable on top of the panties
  10. The nipples can be seen over the latex catsuit
  11. The one on the bed is very good. The first threesome on the couch (without the kiss) is not bad either, but the one with the kiss isn't as, once again, this is not a kiss but more a tongue poking another tongue. I find strange that when it's a MF pose the kiss is always very well made, but when it's converted to a FF version, the kissing animation is totally messed. (because yes the threesomes on the couch are just conversions of poses that heteros have since years). But, if the stability is really fixed, we can say devs did a good job. They just need to rework the kiss action, like i don't know, maybe stuck my lips against the lips of the girl i'm kissing like they have in the hetero version.
  12. How do you know if the room is the best and have the best host if you visit only these and not the others ? The order is better this way because, unlike before, peoples don't just go in the 10 first rooms just because they are lazy to scroll the list to see if some are good either. They see ORGY in the name or COLD OK or SEX ONLY NO CHAT and they don't check if some others rooms are good or not. With the new sorting, at least peoples scroll the list and can sometimes notice a room name which they visit and finally find good. As for the fact to leave just because of the new list (yes it's not random list as the ones that pay 300 are listed on top and underthem the ones open for the longer time are higher than the rooms that just opened). So i was saying, if peoples leave the game just because of this change of list sorting, this is pretty bad because it's like if someone buy a car and one day notice they don't like the warning button and decide to no more use this car just because this button. Ps: and i don't know if you noticed, but now, when someone "pay" 300 (free) xgold to put their room on top list, if someone else pay the 300 free xgold to have their room in top list, the first owner who paid don't have his/her room put back where is was but in 2nd position
  13. Personally, the only thing i can hear in the radio of our private homes is private streams. If i enter a room playing one of the game radios, i can't hear it Before i was using My radio stream to play my music, but i've found another site which offer the same service than them (and even more as i can set it as "auto DJ", not available in my radio stream) and plus, for myradiostream i had to pay 6€20 per month and with this other site it's for free. Ps: this site is called Zeno Media, and it work with winamp, mixxx and some others music programs
  14. yesterday a guy called jeds or jebs or something like that was playing to report every single "bad word" in the world chat. If someone was saying "oh shit!" he reported, if someone made 1 and only 1 announcement for their club, he reported, if someone was telling him he could leave the game, he reported etc, etc... So if the ones that must check the reports closely don't do it, it's not a surprise that a lot get banned for nothing
  15. I don't think we will have interractive poses like this other game starting by "A" you are talking about, but yes it would be a nice option or only one or two additional moves in the poses like this other game with "house" in the name. But i think they would need to rework the game fully to do that so better to stay with the poses as they are now or the forum will again be filled by insults toward devs.
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