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  1. To me, this glitch happen when i load an outfit where i wear the panties. It's solved when (after loading an outfit) i remove the "bugged clothe" (in the case up the panties) then put them back (the avatar wear back the panties like usual) and if i wear the swimsuit it's no more glitched.
  2. Il y a un "e" à la fin de "futur" en anglais There's a "e" at te end of "future" in english
  3. I wonder what is the use to be able to see from the screen of the partner. About the drunk effect, it was there when i wtarted the game, i don't know why it dissapeared. This make the act of drinking a beer useless (exept for rp)
  4. O M G ... 40$ for a room ? lol When we know that i build rooms for hmmm... zero € lol
  5. The place looks really great, but it's not a cathedral
  6. You are off topic here because if we follow your thoughs 3DX (and all other adult games) should be forbiden as in some countries pornography is forbiden. You compare things that can't be compared (CP /rape and breasts size) In my room i accept all size of breasts but i will never accept CP or rape as (unlike small breasts it seem) CPand rape are against the law in lets say 90% of the countries. If in some lands they stupidly consider small breasted women as "CP appology" , it's their problem. Maybe they should create something so small breasted women have free surgery to fit their laws lol.
  7. Well bestiality is illegal if you do it with a real animal. So i suppose, maybe, that as long as peoples don't use real animals it stay legal, disgusting but legal. This is a bit different with CP because it can be considered (even in rp) as CP propaganda and it's illegal everywhere exept in some extremely religious countries. But here we enter into another debate that is forbiden if i remember
  8. does anybody though that, maybe, devs took hollidays too ? lol
  9. here's a path. Buy a writing machine, link it to an old tv with a cotton wire. Once it's done, repeat 5 times "pikeleedoo pikeleedee" with your fingers crossed over your head. This should make appear the best computer on earth right in front of you. If this don't work, just ask someone that know more about computers than me
  10. it's just a first draw, textures are maybe not definitive
  11. personally i am connected with a wire too and i don't have any problem to log into the game
  12. Well it's not about peoples can rape others or not in 3DX. The TOS is clearly statting (if i remember well) that any allusion to rape, pedophilia or any feature of this type is strictly forbiden. So calling a room "rape room" or any other name clearly statting what "happens" inside is against the TOS
  13. Today i started to build the bibliotheque (maybe "library" in english) because it's loooong to build the gears and i needed to build something else than that today lol
  14. Well to select all the room it's "easy" Move your camera Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from where the stuff is and just select everything by holding left clic and sliding the cursor on the screen
  15. well if peoples want to share their bank info with a group of strangers hacking the game (or using the old "dll" version) to get easy money, that's their problem and they should leave the real 3DX game as i don't see their interrest to stay if they find what they seek in a hacked version. Personally, i'll never share my bank infos with strangers
  16. probably a hacked version of 3dx. If not this is a serious plagia I heard that there is one running with the dll.
  17. Leeloo

    Need Ideas

    Qui sait, peut être que quelqu'un pense déja à en faire un Who knows, maybe someone is yet thinking to build one
  18. Leeloo

    Need Ideas

    J'ai adoré cette série aussi I liked a lot this show too
  19. Back on air I can continue to build my TARDIS
  20. Leeloo

    Need Ideas

    You can go from a space station to an underground bunker, a casual house or a manor. The choices are very vast Exept for the T.A.R.D.I.S. that i'm actually building, all the others rooms i've build raised from the ground following my inspiration of the moment. Starting by placing a "ground" (i let it white at first) then i raise a wall and apply a texture and a color (still following my thoughs of the moment) then little by little the place takes form
  21. Built delayed again due to a hmmm.... storm (i think it's the word for "orage") that hit my house and damaged electric system and everything that was linked to it. It mean that even my internet provider tool was damaged and actually logging in using my phone as a modem. I'll start again the build when i'll recover a better connection
  22. I agree, the registration in the forum should be re-opened so players that want to join us may be able to do it.
  23. Ehhh... I don't think we had this feature before ........ Oh wait... i remember now that there was a slider to control the zoom at a time, is it what you call "DOF" ?
  24. Time to show you what takes me so much time to do (it's still not finished and seem to be far to be finished lol) So here's what i'm working on actually: Some friends tell me i push details too far. ... ... Maybe they are right
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