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  1. https://mega.nz/file/dV4jRJaD#eh7IBb89NZO_-OMIbeJkOAMJ6Yrf4weuKdxLTQ-TDy0
  2. Cela a été demandé maintes fois, regardez le post
  3. World search panel closes when clicked anywhere. This is boring. It should remain open until you close it voluntarily by clicking on the small cross at the top right. This would allow you to continue to interact in the room and to chat while looking for another room.
  4. It's true but often evolving a game fixes bugs
  5. I make this suggestion but I fear that it is not possible to achieve with the current chat system. It is not easy to follow at the same time the conversations of the local and that of the mp. The ideal would be to be able to detach the friends chat box from the local one. I am aware that can hide part of the room display but I have already experienced this in other games and it is very appreciable.
  6. The option of teleporting from room to room seems to me a good solution. I've used it in other games before.
  7. Personally, it's above all the permanent erection that bothers me the most when you find yourself in a naked position in a nudist room. This is very annoying and not at all natural and aesthetic. We should have a more downhill position.
  8. This bug seriously interferes with the functioning of the game and must be dealt with quickly, why wait for the next patch?
  9. Yes you are right, the offline mp works but it is very limited. it's still offline mp, nothing to do with real messaging. No history of messages received or sent. But that's just a suggestion not a priority.
  10. Mail is missing. A mailbox where we could leave a message to our friends that they could read when they connect.
  11. I agree, I would even say that it is essential to correct that. If this is too complicated to do, we could have the slowdance pose also in the Forplay.
  12. Short example of what can be done with video screens
  13. It can be nice in the parties. For eg video clips or seeing the dj mixing as on "Twitch" while we dance.
  14. I agree. I don't see the difference between an audio player and a video player. Djs who broadcast music on their radio played on 3DX are responsible for holding the broadcasting rights. It's the same if you broadcast the video. Whether you watch a youtube video with your web browser or a plugin on 3DX, I see no difference. I could be wrong but I think it's just common sense. Now there may be a concern about the occupation of the bandwidth which can be understood.
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