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  1. Good idea i hate when im chatting with someone then getting the lost connection message then have to log back in and hope that person is still in the room.
  2. I love all these ideas, great job on the presentation.
  3. i want open jackets for guys too.
  4. Im not buying any of these, im fine with the default version.
  5. Pose like this would work, given the consent beforehand of course.
  6. I like my user name on 3dx its the same name as in here and is from my xbox name.
  7. Thats what the profiles are for to let others see what your interests are on here and in game.
  8. I wish all these ideas were possible but sadly they probably will never come to 3dxchat, i still play rlc once in a while too when not on 3dx.
  9. I wouldn't mind more costumes it could be fun especially around Halloween where you can have costume parties.
  10. Hopefully 3dx fixes sex sounds and makes them better. That obviously needs a update.
  11. Other games have pregnancy options in them, but i dont think that'll ever come to 3dxchat.
  12. Great looking bath.
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