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  1. Thats what the profiles are for to let others see what your interests are on here and in game.
  2. I wish all these ideas were possible but sadly they probably will never come to 3dxchat, i still play rlc once in a while too when not on 3dx.
  3. I wouldn't mind more costumes it could be fun especially around Halloween where you can have costume parties.
  4. Hopefully 3dx fixes sex sounds and makes them better. That obviously needs a update.
  5. Other games have pregnancy options in them, but i dont think that'll ever come to 3dxchat.
  6. Great looking bath.
  7. Yeah i agree, game does need more couple dances like more romantic slow dances for couples.
  8. If this feature did come out,you know itll be abused alot by everyone giving false 1 stars ratings simply cause they were denied sex or a friend add.
  9. I never go in world chat,its only local or private for me.
  10. same here, only other game i know where you can adjust penis size and shape is livcloser, unfortunately thats a dead game.
  11. 3dxchat should have a save room function so you could just go into that room right away when you log in, i hate when i find a great and fun place to hang in and then you cant find it again til owner of the room logs in again. it would be nice to have a favorite rooms list feature on 3dxchat.
  12. mostly chatting on kik and instagram when not online.

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