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  1. Oh how i would love some background sounds, the fireworrks is great, but without the "HISSES", "BOOOMS" and "CRACKLES" it's only half as nice. The sound of the sea and the chirping of birds would also be great. Or city sounds and maybe even a zoo
  2. FULLY AGREE! -- And in this case no "crystal ball" was necessary to be able to act professionally
  3. Yeah, that would have been a good start, but a backup alone wasn't enough. They should have performed a RESTORE of their originals before leaving the Beta! Or, simply as i did, undo all the modifications, before leaving. But that wasn't possible anymore, after the Server was taken from the net.
  4. We stupid users (somebody used that termabove), we ruined our productive avatars and rooms and now we are no longer allowed to test. OK, it happened to me too, but I was lucky enough to be able to undo everything before the test server went offline. A small earring was enough and the current version was no longer loaded. The problem was predictable. Be honest, who reads instructions and especially warnings? The modified avatars and worlds should have been saved in separate areas on the servers instead of overwriting the originals. In addition, any instructions must also be understood by us stupid users, before we can see the scope of our actions. I did read (download, unpack, start - LOL) and had a bit of a stomach ache, but still dared and was lucky to get out safely. I hope there aren't too many of us who can't play now because the avatars need to be reset. The separate Server Idea isn't the badest. For the next Beta Test. I really liked (almost everything) what I saw on the short excursion and I can't wait for the new version to be released for good. Thank you, Lisa, Gizmo and everyone who is working on the progress of 3dxchat and makes us happy.
  5. OMG! The last thing I want are cages, again a completely superfluous detail, for a minority of muddled minds who have an ego problem in real life. It's probably the ones with the big exhaust pipes on their small cars. Excuse me, guys, but I love freedom and not just my own, so I can't take advantage of all that shit. In my opinion, anyone who enjoys tormenting or suppressing others, especially before or during sex, has a completely spoiled view of the world. I do not hope that 3DX will become more and more a torture chamber and exhibition gallery for show-off marquisees. That's why I have my basement and the Ignore List for special friends to think about. Have fun.
  6. The lips really look bad, not even natural, but I hope Lisa and Gizmo keep their promise to fix it soon .. I don't dare to go out among people, it's so "incomplete" And i hope the next patch doesn't come planned for Christmas, please, please, Gizmo, think of us girls.
  7. I like Tatoos and all the work coming along with implementing them here in the game. But i miss something, cause i'm more into the not so dominating large ones. I would like a set of small tattoos, not so body-dominating, in intimate places or near them. Maybe just outside or inside the bikini line. Thank you for all of your work!
  8. The "Edit Tab" trick worked for me too! But it's still a little strange, isn't it? And "logon as normal" still doesn't work
  9. In case of a Space Background you will have a sea of stars instead of our so well loved ocean. So one ocean is replaced by anotherone?
  10. -4000 Isn't it so hot down there that all the water evaporates?
  11. These would be cool and you don't need anything underneath ...
  12. That's how I imagine it, if my friend were at the fire department. You are right in the middle of the most enjoyable thing in the world and then --- the bells ring. But not with you but his beeper and he says: "Sorry darling, I have to interrupt briefly, I'll be right back" Fucking Disconnects, that's so frustrating in the long run ... Please plaese please, Dear Gizmo Darling, let this frustrator finally be repaired or do it by yourself, but do something ... Apart from the disconnects, the game now crashes every time it happens, so I have to restart.
  13. Server DOWN, what's the difference? Does anyone know the expression "Coitus interruptus"?
  14. same here, trying again tomorrow. is no fun at the moment anyway
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