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    I am always up for a good conversation, I like teasing and hugging, and I like sex, but not 'just like that' ...

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  1. LaraF


    same here, trying again tomorrow. is no fun at the moment anyway
  2. WOW, COOL, I allways wanted such a booble hat, it's practical, just for the cooler seasons. And the new hairstyles ar awsome, for schoolgirls having their first mentruation period. Unfortunately, the new bodies are still not in the underwear department and are therefore largely not really wearable in public. It's christmas, and i feel like my father, who just got his 100th pair of grey socks as a gift from his loving daughter.
  3. Tsela, honestly, how much clothing is enough in the male's imagination? πŸ™„ There is everything you need here. Underpants in different colors, jeans in different colors, shirts in different colors, shoes, not only in different colors, T-shirts in different colors and with prints, well the prints could be a little peppier, pants and jacket in different colors, leather jacket, a few additional assessors, hats, glasses, and even a wristwatch. I always had the impression that men were perfectly happy, with this basic equipment ... 😁 With even more choice, you would also ask yourself the question before each date: "Oh my god, what am I wearing?" 😲 My friend always says that he is happy that everything he has in clothes fits in a travel bag. It's practical, isn't it? LOL, don't take this too serious, maybe the desire for more variety in the men's wardrobe will be heard soon. After all, it is Christmas ... πŸ˜‰
  4. would be nice too, some may remember the "DLL" Patches we got from Nella Rochi. It was possible to combine several Clothes without any problems.
  5. Take it easy, girls always have the bigger closets. LOL
  6. I am surprised, Lisa should have earned enough money yet, to visit a boutique to get things explained ... Well, after all, she met my style, thanks Lisa, love you 😘 But it's still UNDERWARE πŸ˜‰
  7. No argument, bras, for instance, are hidden if they collide with clothing, this can be done here the same way.
  8. WOW, so nice this new body 🀩 BUT 😲 Typical men! LOL I wonder where Lisa was 😏 Yes you numbnuts, that's underwaear or you may also call it lingerie ! You put it on BELOW, because then woman can unpack the gift in an attractive way, for YOUR pleasure, you brainiacs. Got it? We want to see you drooling when stripping in front of you, if we would wear it on the street, every day, there would be no more charm. Please put the underware in the drawer for underware, please please please 😘
  9. And I always thought, I was the only one, whose avatars changed their look between Dressingroom and Gameroom. Especially the face and the makeup are sometimes looking awfull.
  10. LaraF


    Yeah, i'm happy, got all my Money back!
  11. LaraF


    Was on Teddys Wedding Party and couldn't buy a gift, i want my xGold back Gizmo, and that's not funny!
  12. LaraF


    All my xGold is gone, that's not fair! I'm really sad ...
  13. Has anyone noticed that the ocean level has risen since the last Patches (400,401)? I had to raise my South Sea Atoll by about 25 cm. Is global warming the reason or is it just a bug?
  14. Anybody some idea what to do with this sunday? Enjoy the sun (if there), eat ice cream, and chill around ? Do I have to spend today with Reallife people, ? how boring ... Please Gizmo, fix it soon I hope we are back online tonight
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