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    I am always up for a good conversation, I like teasing and hugging, and I like sex, but not 'just like that' ...

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  1. That's the worst what can happen, we all have to defend against the bad influence of these types, a very small minority of extreme perverts otherwise ruin such a great, also social, experience as 3dxChat.
  2. Let people write what they want in their profiles so that you can see who you want to deal with and who you don't. For me, profiles are an area of free expression of opinion, but the degree of tolerability is again very different for many cultures. So if everyone get's his brain into workmode, before putting something in there, it can also help the community a lot. You won't slow down those bad fingers with a ban on advertising their preferences.
  3. Yes, I said it would be democratic (what a rubbery term) not the best solution and that rules are needed according to which decisions are made. There is currently one room that probably fits in the discussion. I have a picture of the girl too, but i do not want to post it here. Is that still borderline or is it already beyond the border. My concept of morality and decency, and my legal awareness, is extremely exceeded by such an offer. So where shall this lead, we can't put all of the work on Gizmo and Liza ...
  4. Youre right Twiggy and all the others. But ok, the problem is complex, I never thought otherwise. Since the players are at home all over the world, the same standards of culture, morality and legal awareness do not necessarily apply in certain areas and in certain heads as well. Simply banishing the rooms is a possibility, but requires an authority that decides when the room will be banished. You can see the difficulties associated with this on the social networks, they don't get it right either. A committee of particularly committed 3dx members, elected by us players, would be democratic, which can then decide what happens to such a room. But first of all, a set of rules is necessary and that could, in a basic form, very well be provided by the operators of 3dx. The suggestion to avoid the rooms is not meant to mean just looking away. The more protest and aversion against such localities is developed and communicated, the sooner a solution will be found. And I want to encourage everyone to keep seeing the good things in this game without giving up and leaving.
  5. Lots of people live out their fantasies here. It is clear that legally prohibited content must not be tolerated. I am thinking primarily of pedophilia. When it comes to pedophilia, we are internationally agreed, at least in so-called civilized countries. But that's where the similarities end. All rooms that are more or less designed for incest and ageplay or also those that are intended to attract zoophilia followers move close to the limit. I have even seen necrophilic offerings here, albeit less often. So it is no wonder that those who enjoy the suffering of others are not far either. But all of these rooms have one thing in common. As a rule, they are to be understood as role play areas with a clear message. Nobody is ever forced to enter such a room. Whoever enters there has their reasons and has a rough idea of why they are doing it. So, if you don't want to be raped, simply don't go there. I would like to make it clear that I have no contract with these "room operators" and that I do not share the matter. In my opinion, this game should remain open in all directions. Definitely illegal content and the formation of entire communities that propagate such content must, however, be prevented and stopped immidiately. If necessary also with the law, but that's just so different in many countries. In the end, the community here in the game decides which content can last. If they don't get encouraged, they'll find themselfs romping elsewhere over time.
  6. OMG! The last thing I want are cages, again a completely superfluous detail, for a minority of muddled minds who have an ego problem in real life. It's probably the ones with the big exhaust pipes on their small cars. Excuse me, guys, but I love freedom and not just my own, so I can't take advantage of all that shit. In my opinion, anyone who enjoys tormenting or suppressing others, especially before or during sex, has a completely spoiled view of the world. I do not hope that 3DX will become more and more a torture chamber and exhibition gallery for show-off marquisees. That's why I have my basement and the Ignore List for special friends to think about. Have fun.
  7. The lips really look bad, not even natural, but I hope Lisa and Gizmo keep their promise to fix it soon .. I don't dare to go out among people, it's so "incomplete" And i hope the next patch doesn't come planned for Christmas, please, please, Gizmo, think of us girls.
  8. I like Tatoos and all the work coming along with implementing them here in the game. But i miss something, cause i'm more into the not so dominating large ones. I would like a set of small tattoos, not so body-dominating, in intimate places or near them. Maybe just outside or inside the bikini line. Thank you for all of your work!
  9. The "Edit Tab" trick worked for me too! But it's still a little strange, isn't it? And "logon as normal" still doesn't work
  10. In case of a Space Background you will have a sea of stars instead of our so well loved ocean. So one ocean is replaced by anotherone?
  11. -4000 Isn't it so hot down there that all the water evaporates?
  12. These would be cool and you don't need anything underneath ...
  13. That's how I imagine it, if my friend were at the fire department. You are right in the middle of the most enjoyable thing in the world and then --- the bells ring. But not with you but his beeper and he says: "Sorry darling, I have to interrupt briefly, I'll be right back" Fucking Disconnects, that's so frustrating in the long run ... Please plaese please, Dear Gizmo Darling, let this frustrator finally be repaired or do it by yourself, but do something ... Apart from the disconnects, the game now crashes every time it happens, so I have to restart.
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