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  1. With the new update, the gifts are converted wrongly. Seems like moving data from one DB to another, where both should suppprt unicode does not work
  2. immer her mit den teilen
  3. Hi, I also want to share a creation: If you want to use it, feel free. https://www.file-upload.net/download-13219151/Rollator.V1.world.html
  4. My darling, this is amazing....
  5. I love our home my darling.....
  6. That is one thing. The other is, you are editing locally on your client and are uploading the finished room to the server on save (exit build mode). If you would build together, you would have to upload all edit commands to the server directly and transfer them to the other client and vice versa. This would increase network traffic a lot and also require syncronisation effort. It is all possible in software, I just want to say, it's not something done in a minute or by adding one line of code.,
  7. Shamrock Castle II As I had a castle before the world editor, I wanted to have one again. SO I started, but I am still not finished.... This was the beginning: Current state: Some impressions from inside:
  8. the dat files are not human readable, they are encrypted....
  9. Hey Liza and Gizmo. Those are great news. And it makes building a lot easier. Looking forward to test it :-)
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