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  1. WASD is the best for everybody except french keyboards, every game uses WASD, just the french layout is "wrong"
  2. it definitely does count and there is no genesis 5 or 7 it should be 2 or 3, but what does it matter? they won't add anything from a third party developer.
  3. so again full of crap, the screenshot already shows -> select a mesh. the mesh is premade, is rigged and you did nothing. again just lies. kick this idiot please
  4. the mesh is the 3d Mode, you ad a UVW Map on and then texture it. there are 3 textures for every model you see ingame (or more) then you rig the model to the avatar otherwise it wont move with it. And you have to bake the high poly mesh into a normap map and I am sure nobody of the average user can do that.
  5. because he said bullshit, as I mentioned afterwards. the game he mentioned has no cloth editor, just a texture editor, thats all. if everybody is going to make their own texture for every piece of cloth, your VRAM is going to explode for sure with 50+ people in a room. Most of you have just 2GB Vram, thats not alot for so much texture space.
  6. so you have no clue at all. you did no mesh, so you did no clothes at all. Textures can always be exchanged with ease... you have to rig new meshes to the avatar otherwise it doesnt move with it. So if we talk about creating our clothes we dont mean exchanging textures.... so I have proven that you were wrong and u made no valid point, and on top u claimed something u didnt do at all.
  7. show me the game and I will tell you whats going on. I doubt it works that way. "properly graphics" has nothing to do with that. they would have to add 10 times of the animations on top of that. secondly the boobs have to get real physics and to get a collision detecion, which nearly no game has because of performance issues.
  8. that doesn't reduce the drawcalls and LoD is managed by the engine. sadly there is no LoD (all have LoD_0) on top of that your objects are crossing each other what causes clipping sometimes. just try to limit the polycount and lights.
  9. as far as I can see, you just made some textures, no rigging to an original model made by yourself.
  10. no, drawcalls get increased alot, second biggest performance impact is always the amount of light sources because its no deffered renderer. third biggest is objects with opacity.
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