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  1. I've been gone for about a year and when I was last here this was already a question... I hoped shemales would have been in the game by now. Either way, would it be an entire new character or would you have the option to convert one of your existing characters (and to keep all the gifts, friends, apartment customization)?
  2. If you put it like that... I used to play to get away and to live a fantasy because I didn't and still don't like myself, I eventually did start to tell everyone about the real me though with only positive reactions as a result. I think it's important to never forget this is still a game so one should never take anything at face value (learned that the very hard way here, twice...) Will I return, yeah most likely, will I play as myself, probably not but I will play a fantasy but I won't deceive or lie, nothing good can come from that anyway. Kudos to everyone else that manages to play as themselves, I admire you
  3. Was fun to do and the end result is great
  4. I demand a "No Like This" button *sad panda I wish you the best Justa, and I hope we will meet again someday Good luck on your future endeavours, I'll miss your perky character
  5. Awesome Achilles, thanks for the inside info, I always wondered what your kitchen looked like. Oh and yeah, nice to see your DJ setup too
  6. Amari

    Angels & Demons

    *slaps Shanti for planning yet another party on a night that I am not home ><
  7. Sanji is very strong!!
  8. There is... another... Sky... walker...
  9. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this an amazing and successful party I just did the logistics but you guys brought the fun At one time we had 52 people dancing to the wonderful tunes of DJChilles. Thanks DJ for making us dance
  10. Looking so much forward to it Thanks DJChilles <3
  11. Use full editor and attach files option, once done you can add it in the post. Also be careful with postimg.org, they have been flagged as high risk due to viruses more then once.
  12. Today is the day for the slumber party Let's hope the weather is in our favor and the night warm and sexy ^^ Hope to see you all there (preferably in sleepwear) and let's enjoy the sweet sounds of DJChilles
  13. I'm already looking forward to this and yeah, like OlgaBoff spammed trolled said, you can always get some Viagra, it might be a long and sexy night ^^
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