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    It can be fun but get's boring because there's nothing really to do. You're stuck with dancing, talking, paying real money for virtual beer, and sex. There's nothing else going on. There's also hardly any places to go and nothing to explore in them as they're all bland. The beach for one lacks details, you also cannot swim under water. Everyone has the same exact apartments (as they call them, I prefer pointless generic bland rooms). There's not much to place in the rooms either so everyone has the same layout and furniture and even flooring and wallpaper. There's also no support for furry, BDSM, no strap on (only horse cocks). There's no support for the transgender community too, just the male avatar penis crudely plastered onto the female's vagina during certain sex poses. There's no support for transgender to penetrate males either. There's no player tools to create things. Avatars are highly limited in customization so everyone looks the same, except one female may have larger tits than the other. Overall 3DXChat has too many problems and the developers are very ignorant as stated in their answers to the player's questions on the forums. Typical. The game was designed by porn obsessed men. You can see it. The anorexic busty women, the jersey shore buff men with their 12 inch horse cocks, the porn star done animations. They also focus too many updates on the female avatars. There's hardly any content for male avatars, the customization is even more limiting with morphing the body. There's more support for guy on girl than girl on girl, trans on girl, guy on guy, and no trans on guy or even guy on trans. Overall 3/10 go home and redo it all again
  2. Horni4U

    User Reviews

    Let's see if it's worth the $20 monthly subscription. I'll Cancelled right away so I don't get charged again after a month I don't like it I won't continue to pour money into it. The problem is the 'game' lacks gameplay. There are only a few locations and nothing to do but sex sex sex. If this thing is to be successful it needs to branch out. Allow us to create, allow us to unleash our creativity outside the avatar we can barely edit. That's another issue; everyone is the same! No real difference other than one has more meat or muscle on them or they have blue skin instead of white. There's also a lack of support on where to have sex, you can do it on the floor, bed, couch, and what seems to be a in ground hot tub? For $20 a month you should get more of your money's worth. That's the problem with all of these sex mmos. They lack anything but sex and become worthless because you can get the same thing for free everywhere else through mods, virtual worlds, and games. 3DXChat itself stands out from the crowd thanks to its graphics and animations but otherwise its still too small, still too young, it has a long ways to go to becoming something major. I just hope one day we can get these sex mmos to expand and become more free control, more creative friendly. 6/10 Fair +Best graphics +Best animations -Lacks content -Not much creative freedom
  3. How about less sex and more interactions/activities so we have something to do besides fornicate? I joined today and I'm already bored out of my mind. Dance, pay real money to drink virtual beer, sex, repeat. There needs to be more as of right now there is no way this is worth $20 a month!
  4. It's annoying and I just want to play. I'm always stuck at the part where it says to click here to add a virtual partner....problem is I cannot because there's nothing there. The virtual partner is on the left side of the screen and not bottom where the window is pointing. If I click to add a partner it doesn't continue so the tutorial is stuck.
  5. Sounds like you got the stereotypical pig headed males all over ya with those kind of messages. Bleh!
  6. Just clothes in general for men! >.< They get no love. Too much love for the 'female' avatars.
  7. In majority of the adult games I've played I always encounter role players and hardly any real people as in someone who acts and talks like themselves. Those who do not pretend, do not fantasize, do not lie. Is there anyone in 3DX Chat that be themselves? Just how many are there compared to those who decieve? State how you play, tell why, and what you think about those who lie and those who be themselves.
  8. Just expand the editor so there's options for non anirexic 'attractive' females? Seriously this game lacks natural options and chooses to follow the corruption of media and porn only.
  9. Arcade machines to play mini games with the use of the gold. Put in high scores and gather with friends to compete in little tournaments. The less 'how many butts you can tap in 5 minutes' tournaments the better. lol
  10. It wouldn't work with all the guys going around as females. Too many lies, too little legitimate people. Internet was never a good idea do to easy deceiving. We need verification processes and whatnot if you want to go that route otherwise it could be like entering a random chat room online and ending up meeting a 'certain bad guy' and not leaving the encounter or being scared for life if you catch my drift?
  11. Quality > Quantity Other games are not as high quality as 3DXChat, they're more aimed at bringing us quality over quantity. Those other games such as Second Life, Yareel, and Red Light Center are very basic. Basic is easier to handle and quicker to work with over higher quality. They'll push out quantity easily because of their basic design. While SGD is looking to bring quality content to us for a low price. Honestly I can see why others choose low quality, they fear computers won't run high stuff, or the price is cheaper, or just preference. I've been a member of Second Life for years, user content made indeed and low quality. I've been a member of Yareel for months and didn't care for its style of meet and bang web browser style. I've been a member of Red Light Center for months and don't like it's low quality, even Second Life has better stuff and that's user created! (At least RLC2 is in development with a decent quality shift). 3DXChat offers the best for a low price. I could care less how long they take because that just means better quality with the more time they take to develop content over rushing it out. Rushing leads to more problems for them and for us. Just be thankful they're bringing us additional content, especially not as DLC or microtransactions in game for real money, especially at high prices. Be respectful they're communicating with us and making sure we're heard while other companies would just go EA leaving us in the dark with no answers. Quality > Quantity
  12. Make a new little environment, an arcade. We can play mini games for the cost of gold. Just little thing like this could make things more interesting. Have people trying to beat each others high scores and what not. A little dance dance revolution like game too would be neat. Just something though. But doubt it. Would be great to have instead just wandering the wasteland you call the world or going to an person's place and finding half the population in there banging.
  13. Singleplayer still FTW! XD But seriously this is a problem. How can you talk to people if they're all deceiving each other? No way of communicating unless it's all lies. No bonding because it's all lies. Might as well get rid of chat and messages. Just make it all about dudes humping dudes as female avatars. Like many other 'social adult games'. It's not like we're on Skype video chatting, we cannot tell who's legit. NOT even on the forums! Who knows how many of these 'female' members are actual women and not just dudes. This is why I stick to singleplayer games. I don't mind women playing of course, I just can't stand guys going around as them. 'It's for roleplaying purposes though!' they argue, well sorry it's not. It's creepy and it's wrong.
  14. Like anyone uses protection anymore in real life anyways. People do it bareback and then use the pull out routine...and yet one wonders why STDs and unwanted pregnancy is so common...and how a lot of us got here today. Ah mistakes, what makes us human. (and stupid)
  15. Sand castle building? Bury people in sand with head only sticking out and ditching them? XP Swing built onto a tree for people to swing and fly off of into the water? Example screen below....
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