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  1. It's a must! For example I want to find only rooms with RP tag in the names.
  2. It can't.. Tried VPN - still same issue
  3. 2.0 Is too bugy to use right now. Doesn't even look like BETA. There are bug with colors. (Took black shirt, went to private room and puff - it's green) Crashed 3 times in less than 5 minutes. In room list I can see a lot of rooms, but when I go in, there is no one. (Why there are showing servers from 1.0?)
  4. “Good is not good when better is expected.” - Vin Scully
  5. Yeah it is. Was very surprised about that roof
  6. Will try to upload it somewhere else EDITED: http://oi58.tinypic.com/2psn1fm.jpg
  7. TonyVercetti


    Sorry, but meh. I am IT guy (maybe too lazy or maybe I just can't see a point). I won't make a secondary email just for 3dxchat. We (also me) could just get more activity on forum. You can publish your events here too. If I would want to add my fb account, I would do it, but I wont. Why? Because I don't want anyone to know from RL that I am in this site. Period.
  8. I am still waiting when I'll be able to get some extras on my body with xgold (for example penis length, etc). That kinda sux that we all have the same size : <
  9. Smoke animation & option to buy a drink for someone else.
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