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    Sometimes I wondered - just like my sis!
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    [Fresh|Air] Patch
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    [MotorbikeS|ParachutN] Travelling, sports, animals, playing and jamming my guitars with my friends and did i mention sport already? ^^ Art, dart, billiards, online- and LIVEpoker, dancing and visiting clubs, concerts, pubs und gern mal auch den Biergarten von kleinen aber feinen Privatbrauereien - cheers und blah. Listen & hear to many multiple kinds, of so freakn and awesomly good asskicking and headbanging music genres from hendrix aaall the waaay up to prodigy and wtf ever inbetween aaand all the way dooown again!

    [MCSE|A] IT|MP-Gaming as a admin, co-founder, a sort of monica lewinski for everybody and everything there hahaaa and all of that together with my longtime [Band of Brothers and Sister] in my own [1st digital livingrom] and all of that since 1999 now. Whow, wtf else? Modding, webdesing, nature, open fires and minds, water, wind and rain in my face and ofcourse: [The sound of the ocean] and drowning in someones tounge or elsewehre - looking at the nightheaven, stars and maybe even see the moon reflecting in somebodys eyes with a good bootle of french wine with maybe her sister marie or and her girlfriend jane.

    Also just anything related to [Audio|Video|Hifi] and sharing, loving, smiling, caring, fighting and forgiving, laughing, hugging, helping, dancing, wondering, healing, learning and even more loving and forgiving and ofcourse: 3DX when Sis Tika lets me play and we both like serving breakfast in bed with maybe a good massage and some good relaxing music to - or from our special, wonderful and unique bubaspitzle sister, gamepartner and mostely: one of my best friends in and around [3DX]!

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    Chloe's Blog

    AAaeehmmm, and how about car'n places for a double JJ| jimmy Juice, Yulan!? ect . pp /me quickly coughingly googles translate for a 'caring place' before going on here HA HAHaahA
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