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  1. Thanks Anaganda. That's what I expected - just hoping for something simpler. Appreciate the help 😷
  2. Anyone know a method to "scoop" an indentation into a primitive cube object? Trying to easily create a sink on the top of a kitchen cabinet. Of course, inserting a furniture library "bowl" only fills the bowl with the cube surface. Ideas please? Thanks All! __Blythe
  3. I use "Pixie", a free app that shows you the color code in 6 popular formats of the pixel that you cursor in hovering over. Get it from: http://www.nattyware.com/pixie.php Highly recommended
  4. On "Minigames": I would love to be able to drive vehicles, etc. But don't know if there is a practical way to implement that.
  5. Many thanks MeiLing and Veronique ~ Just what I needed Later: UFO ladder is working well ~ Much appreciated!
  6. Hello All Is it possible for a character to climb a vertical ladder. I'm building a UFO. It is hovering a few feet above the ground and has a vertical cylinder extending down as an entrance. Inside that cylinder, I'd like to place a vertical ladder - will this allow access? Alternately, could I place that "footstep" entry point up inside the UFO? Or both? Also, if I place a cube of water through the entrance cylinder will that act as a "door"? Thanks All!
  7. Ah! Thanks so much, Mar Mohan!
  8. Hi All! Building a lighthouse model from a cylinder primitive. I wish to "punch windows" into the cylinder wall. What's best method? Tried inserting a block object into the cylinder wall and treating that block object with a transparent material. That result is poor. Thanks All!
  9. Writing onto shapes? We can now create geometric solids in our home scenes. However, I don't think we can yet write on them. For example, what if I want to build a sign in my home's front yard. I can easily make the shape of a sign. But I don't see how I can write a message on it.
  10. Blythe

    Intro to Self

    Hi Lycralove, As you probably know, exporting/importing 3D models can be tricky. Basically you have to find the 3D model file format that transfers with the best quality. Different programs support different 3D model file formats. So, you'll need to experiment the first time. And sometimes you may need to re-do the materials after importing into the final format - or leave doing the materials at all, until the last step. I never use Blender - finding it obtuse, limiting and difficult to use. I should say that I haven't tried Blender for years though. As a VUE user, I always do the material
  11. Hi Lynox , I use the very fine render engine built into Vue itself, not any external engine.
  12. Thanks so much, Lynox. I agree that people much prefer realistic pictures of other people to any other kind - especially sexy realistic pictures, lol. Since reproduction is law #2, right after #1, survival - "sex sells". Next they like not so realistic pix of people, like cartoons and Anime. Love of abstract pix is way down on the popularity list. Without the human figure in that image, i think it would be a total loss.
  13. Hi Cynth! Thanks for your kind words, hun. Much appreciated
  14. Thanks very much Paloma! My god girl! Your page is a stunner - like yourself. Hey everybody, check out Paloma's page! http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/user/2393-paloma/ And i like your Latina version of that old Brit "Stay Calm and Carry On", lol And your "7 Rules. Something for everyone I am working on some more images for next week, and will add them here Another stunning page is Cynth's at http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/user/4268-cynth/
  15. Thanks so much for your comment Megyn. Means a lot to me ! And also for telling me how to post pix to my members page! What these images remind you and other viewers of is interesting to me, so thankks for that too.
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