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  1. You have to catch Lisa on Discord as you'll get a response on there sooner than here. It's not an issue but it's a basic UV map. I added the link that was provided by Lisa on Discord because that's what the Devs gave users to use for tattoos.
  2. The link is provided by Lisa in a file on Discord.
  3. I love all music, always have and always will so I'd never be able to pick just one.
  4. I have not done anything against you other than speak of Copyright and state that the Devs already posted/teased about the three of the 4 items you posted. Not once have I slandered or falsely accused you of anything. You've been down right rude to me telling me to read, that I'm delirious and chewing the same gum, yet not once have I been nasty to you when I could have been and your supporter Kesha stated that those who talk about Copyright don't know what they're talking about but some of us actually do, I've been a part of it first hand on how it all works when someone stole my mesh and claimed it as their own. The tattoos aren't a bad idea, it's just not how you explained for it to be done. While I agree it's nice for customization of avis, homes and such, we are only limited to what's provided.
  5. I didn't need correction I was clear, I stated the Devs gave three and you gave one. As you ask everyone else to read, I suggest you do the same. I have no motive, never do. I never said that, so please don't put words in my mouth. I stated that you are stating things that aren't true, making suggestions that the Devs have already teased us with as they've done countless times before only to never get it. It's just character customization and the features like tattoos have to be added to it and like we have already with the tattoos that's all it's going to give us. As I said before in a prior post, you could have stated your Tattoo Editor suggestion but it's just sending it to the Devs and them adding it and like we present have with the tattoos is exactly what we'd still have just more of a selection like the prints. Then after you gave your suggestion could have written that the Devs have already teased us with the Pose Editor, Clothes and Hair Editors but you didn't. You made it sound as though they were your suggestions in your OP Then when people stated about what the Devs do and how they get everything and put it into the game you got rude with people including me. When stating about Copyrights, I was bashed for that as well. So in my reply I gave a couple of examples of how fucking with Copyright isn't a joke or to be taken lightly. We didn't state that nobody doesn't want the Pose, Clothes and Hair Editors, we do but we know like many things promised or teased we may not get it or we'll be waiting forever to get it. Like the pigtails, sneakers for women, they've been asked for a long time and finally got them. Men have wanted a full suit and still have yet to get it. This thread isn't about updates it's about what you are pushing that the Devs have already shown to the users as teasers, you only suggested the Tattoo Editor which is actually a part of the character customization. We still have to give the tattoo to the Devs for them to add it as they control the content in the game. Wants and wishes have been heard for years on here. Go take a look all the way back and you'll see the suggestions, there are countless ones everywhere. All we're asking you to do is stop making it out that you're the only person who suggested it, you're the only person who knows what the Devs are doing and then promoting it as if we're getting it ASAP when most here know we're not and don't know if we ever will, just like a wish that may never come true. We've asked you to stop being rude to us countless times yet you continue to do so because we don't agree with you, then we get someone who supports you to trash us and make a joke of Copyright laws as if they mean nothing.
  6. I agree but that can be found if you do a search, hell the Saloon, Fresco and other rooms are from other games just bought and used here. I'll agree with you on that, I tend to know what number the prints are that I like since they haven't changed so it's easy to know which one it is. Having been in the creative industry far longer than the 10 years you have mentioned, having been a victim of someone who stole my mesh, I was penalized even though I proved I was the original creator who filed the DMCA to which I lost the sales of products during the time they suspended my account wrongfully and they even apologized to me but I still lost real money from it, so yes sweetheart the nightmares are true about Copyright and if you don't care to believe me, look at Robin Thicke and Pharrell who's song Blurred Lines was sued, yes sued by Marvin Gaye's family and they lost having to pay out over $5 million dollars to Gaye's family. So please don't act like Copyright isn't a nightmare or a joke because it sure as fuck is. They don't need to listen to Alivia because Alivia isn't giving them any new suggestions but ones that have been suggested for years and what the Devs themselves have posted. Alivia comes along and acts like she's suggested something new but really hasn't. All Alivia does is become rude to those that give a response she doesn't like then try to state she wasn't being rude. Hell she's done it to me several times in this thread and others, not to mention to countless other on other threads. So no sweetheart we're not attackers of Alivia, we call if for what it is. If you think it's so simple for them to add things to a game and fuck the consequences of it, again I'll point you to the lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell by the Gaye family. Sinespace isn't that great as I've tried that out along with Oasis and so on, they are knock off to SecondLife and Utherverse products, which Oasis is part of Utherverse. The Devs since you and Alivia haven't been here long enough to know they stated flat out they would not be doing a market in the game, they want everything offered to everyone for the cost of the subscription. No one is going to pay more for anything in the game after paying the subscription price even if buying the Holiday deal. Do you know how many times the Devs have heard the same line, "some game (insert name) is coming out and going to take all their subscribers", countless times because as shitty as you say the game is avi wise, you can still adjust it and an avi can look good in here. I highly doubt you'll be telling all your friends and neighbors about this game or any other game you play, I say this because it's a sex game and unless the person plays those games, guess what you won't open your mouth nor anyone else. I agree with you on this. This game has potential but it's threads like this and others that piss people off. It's one thing to give a suggestion but to state the Devs posted it in the thread itself then state only three things and one is their suggestion then blast people for giving their opinion on the topic. I forgot no on is supposed to give their opinion on a forum thread but that's exactly what they're created for. I agree with the sarcastic bits of laughing and being very rude to other members by Alivia is uncalled for, let alone having Kesha try to discredit all the other users who commented on this thread that we don't know what we're talking about and that Copyright isn't a nightmare which it very well can be.
  7. I know what you meant. They offer tattoos to people but not to all of the areas, more of a selection would be nice so there are more options and some can be used all over. So hopefully the Devs will make some adjustments.
  8. Alivia, I know what the systems are and how the Editors work as I use them, I also know how to mesh, make textures from scratch and such. What they have shown users are Editors and what they have done is put user created content in the game that can be edited in Character Editor for users to customize. Much like the sliders for the Tattoos is just another Editor without us being able to upload content to the game itself and them controlling what goes into the game. Which seeing the other games and their issues, that is their safest bet to avoid the unnecessary drama that comes with allowing it.
  9. That's why they control the content to the game. That's the thing though people make and sell rooms on here with real money exchanging, people have to buy the XGold if they were to put that in place so it's just as if money were exchanged. That's why they have everything submitted to them and they decide if it goes in the game or not. Guys have been asking for basic things like a full suit which wouldn't be hard to do with the one they present have to add a shirt to it. I know what you mean with Rochi and the clothing which allowed for color and print options, I've not see user created prints being used though. It would be nice to have them but that's easy to be submitted to the Devs and have them add to the game but all users would get it which is what people complain about, you only get to customize with what they give you. The only issue with that is some might abuse it or pay for something with XGold and not get it. For me I don't care about shopping, I'm more the creative end.
  10. You've made one suggestion that's it as the other three the Devs have already stated to us and showed us in teasers. It's that simple. You could have started off your first post with your Tattoo Editor suggestion and then adding that the Devs have already shown us the following three in teaser videos but you didn't. You tagged them but users read the threads to see what the suggestions are and what you've posted and stated that the Devs have posted them already. Then you state the Tattoo Editor is your suggestion. No problem with that. People are going to comment on the suggestions as that is what a forum thread is about. Not once was I rude to you but you were rude to me, called me delirious, chewing the same gum, that I can't read and such. All I did was ask you after you've been rude to me was to read what you posted and understand that people are going to comment on the thread. While I'm all for users creating content and it being added to the game, I did post about the Copyright because I think that's why the Devs do what they do with the game, so they have control over it. While you can customize, you can only customize with what we're given. World Editor was wonderful to create custom rooms but as it was pointed out people can get those rooms and the stance the Devs had on it. Would I love to see more content in the game, hell yeah but we only get what the Devs give us to work with.
  11. So calling me delirious and chewing the same gum isn't rude, swearing that people don't read but clearly I do because you stated you only posted the teasers from the Devs but you added the Tattoo Editor they never teased with. I've not been rude to you at all but you have been rude to me and others because we've stated about it. I didn't miss any point, your own words stated the Devs have posted the teasers not me not anyone else but you. You don't need to make arrows but when you write on a forum thread where you state the Devs posted the teasers, demand that people read as you have once again, understand you're going to get people being nasty back to which I could have been but I wasn't. Even in this post you're being rude to me. You seemed to have missed what you're own words are. You have been rude, insulting and nasty to people. READ your own comments and you'll see why I said it.
  12. Then you should have just messaged them if it was not intended for the users. Stop being rude to users, you're constantly rude to them. Read your own words because the only thing that you suggested was the Tattoo Editor, the others the Devs have posted as teasers. So again read what others write and swallow that rudeness down a bit.
  13. Read your own comments then Alivia as you've stated the Devs have posted them as Teasers. This thread is what users/players read while you @ the Devs, all Users/Players even guests can read this thread. Do you actually read what others write? Guessing not.
  14. So you sit here and be rude to me this entire thread and others as well as doing it to others. No where have I ever stated I'm against updates for the game, hell I've given suggestions, sent in content and so on. It's what you posted that I have an issue with, you posted that the DEVS posted a teaser about the Tattoo Editor not you until I called you out for it because the DEVS did NOT post it at all it was YOUR suggestion but when people read the first post of this very thread are going to think the Devs did not you. As they continue to read, they'll see it. I've not bashed or troll/whatever, you've been rude to me and others because they don't agree with you. It's that not what a forum is about. I've not been rude to you, I've not bashed you but clearly you've done that to me. I asked you if you understand and instead you go to more insults against me. I don't care what is on your site but since you point it out. You advertise in World Chat while in game you're giving away free rooms with the link to your website them if you go to the site you have to buy the room for a price. Don't you think you're contradicting what you've posted to the user on your website. You can block that user on your website and even delete his comments so that they aren't putting it out there on your site.
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