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  1. Sweetheart, I do as I'm 45 year old, I was taught history in the classroom with actual books and also I do my research.as well, so don't try to tel me I don't understand when I most certainly do. My family has never owned a slave, my family has never treated any other race any less because of their race, in fact they fought with them as they believed everyone should be treated equally. I'm white and sure as fuck don't have white privilege and never will. My family has busted their asses for everything they've earned and no we don't have a ton of money not even a lot of money but we do help
  2. I agree, here in the US they are trying to change history as it was but not making new on only changing to how we should see things from one point of view instead of what actually happened and learn from it. They're calling for reparations for the past but forget that those of today are not those of the past, not everyone benefited from the past and so on but want us to pay for it. I wish things were a lot different today and the chaos of this world as well. Hopefully things will get better in the future and the great divide that's happening now won't be in the future, it's a nice thought.
  3. If they are the person who created the room and broke the game rules, why would the game allow them to enter into a contest if they broke the very rules of the game. The game made the decision because of what had happened. While the room may have been open countless times and a wonderful design the person who runs the avatar even if they built the room, broke the rules.
  4. As much as this may be a good idea, in reality it's not going to work. I've been in rooms where it's a coffee shop and so on that would be for social not sex and wham you have people fucking in those rooms so the separation won't work as you can partner and fuck anywhere with anyone you accept to fuck.
  5. It's not really hard to make up the sounds and there are plenty that are free to use online.
  6. Congrats to all winners! While I think I suck at building even being told I don't, I choose not to enter contests as I don't want to waste a spot for someone who can.
  7. I've said that for a while now when it was posted about the room names before as well as avi names. A generic list that's used for both shouldn't be that hard to write into it and prevent any further instances from happening with the use of those words. I even went as far back as when an instance even happened here on the forum. I wrote on threads of the forum and in messages to the Devs.
  8. As you seen in my post from 2019, Gizmo stated before they want all users to have the same things the game provides, while it takes away from the huge customization of things on here but it also gives them less to have to deal with in regards to Copyright and people making claims they did something they did or didn't do. Several posts already have been done on here to show it's already happening and claims of filing DMCA and calling lawyers, yes I laughed so hard when I seen that as you can't with this game unless you actually provided everything that person used to which they didn't and anyt
  9. Allow me to point out when the protests, riots and looting started since you said able how simple it is to Google, so I've done just that. Then since you said that your comment was done before they started, well I just proved you wrong and you failed at proving me wrong and making a point. I'm all about facts as I've stated that before. The protests began in Minneapolis on May 26, 2020, following the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, in which Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on Floyd's neck for over eight minutes during an arrest the previous day. https://www
  10. Well I'm not the one who said it was racism in the first place, I corrected that fact as it's being tossed around so much these days when it shouldn't be. If someone is going to use it, they should know what it means. First it was the original poster then you both used it incorrectly which either way isn't a joking matter. I get a joke but right now that's not a joke and it never should be. Making a joke of something like that is what causes issues which is why I wrote what I had. Don't like, try using the word properly when it actually should be used. I didn't misquote as I used your en
  11. Most post because they want to have people come into their rooms, having the tab would only have other room owners or those posting for that room posting so they're not getting their message out there for others to see even though they can click on the tab, it was suggested before and it didn't happen as I had in 2015 when the HTML was so bad in World. Maybe the Devs would take that into consideration and the only warning is just that, you post anywhere but there you get an automatic ban for 48 hours. It was suggested before that you have to pay to advert or to not show them in World but why
  12. That's what I'm saying it doesn't stay to one tab, we used to talk regularly in Roleplay because of what World looked like then they moved to there as well. It was then taken to group chat because it was so bad but that wasn't right to the users because you'd have to invite everyone to the group to talk when you should be able to talk without that mess as it was. While I understand people are upset, how to we know it's automatically being done with the bans. I can remember when they didn't do anything with the reports which is why Goose started the thread in the first place because people w
  13. At the time it wasn't when that's all you seen by countless posts all the same rooms. People would have preferred the invite back compared to that or nothing at all, it was horrific and why it was removed.
  14. Here is the definition of racism since it's clear the word is being thrown around far too much without an understanding of what it actually means. While @Lisa is shown saying something I've never seen before and hopefully it's clarified because I don't think that would ever be the case as I've seen other languages written in World, Local and in Roleplay when the tab was there as well as in PMs that were done by mistake. Never had I ever seen someone be threatened like that for writing another language in the game nor do I think that would ever happen. Racism is the belief that groups of hum
  15. If you read what I posted they had another channel called Roleplay where we would go to talk. I'm looking up the forum thread about this and you can see just how bad it was when trying to talk in World and it's still the same as it was then which is why the Devs have taken action because so many are reporting it because it's enough, World chat should be everything but if you post and others post the same thing over, someone is bound to report it. There's no reason for people to have a huge ass block list because people post their room adverts too many times. Here take a look and you'll see w
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