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  1. If someone is buying XGold they are paying for that with their money. They still are technically by subscription as well as the daily XGold is given when you're a paid subscriber and log in. So either way you're paying for it. It's not just randomly given unless they decide for trouble but that even ties back to you being a subscriber. It opens up more issues than necessary.
  2. It's nice to have clothes but that don't make the woman. Men deserve to have more clothes as well, they seem to get far less than women do on here. How can you say that men don't care about clothes, have you not looked at threads where men have posted on there they want more clothes. This game doesn't need to just cater to women, it needs to cater to both men and women.
  3. I was simply stating it's not hard for them to verify it. Discord is simple and not that hard to handle. What the Devs choose to do is up to them. I do think they should put the polls in place once you log in so that way they get active members even if they have several accounts to do the poll. Not everyone will as it's been done on here and even on Discord.
  4. You have your name on Discord but if you right click on the 3 dots next to the sever name you can change your nickname there not your actual Discord name. It's not a global change just the server name. So if anyone does the @ and your nickname you will see it. I do that on other Discord Servers for the other games I play. I noticed that we can't although they should allow it as not everyone uses their name in game when they registered for Discord. I'll message them on there and see if they can put that change back.
  5. I directed it to Gizmo and Lisa on Discord once I did they went through and made the change. The Discord server is there, it's just without comments right now, who's to say in the future they don't put that option back. After seeing what was written for rules by someone they put in place as an Admin, I can fully understand why they removed it all. I messaged them making them well aware how unprofessional it was, how it made 3DX Chat look, how it was stated that 3DX Chat was keeping them secure when they don't have that kind of control only Discord can control that as everyone is a user who can open a server and that that is the only thing they can control so that was incorrect information and that users were complaining about the rules. There a good bit of options that Discord offers function wise and it's best to put people in place who know the full functions and how to utilize those functions to help the server they started on there work. It was good as it was. They were getting new ideas by the polls put out and the giveaways were a nice bit to help users earn a few extra days. There are other games that use Discord just to get specific information on what users want and do it with polls. That's true, but people are playing a game and they did put that in the updates section on the game log-in screen for users to be aware it's there for them to join. There is a way to do it so that bots created don't screw over the polls. They can make it so that the game name must be put in the nickname and then they verify the name in game exists. They know all the accounts they have so it's not hard for them to verify it. Discord server for 3DX Chat is still up, you just can't write on the channels they created.
  6. I messaged Gizmo and Lisa with this thread so they could see exactly what people were talking about with the Discord Server.
  7. To make a point it's Discord they own it not 3DX Chat who hosts a server and at any given time Discord can even ban them from the server if they go against Discord's rules. I think that 3DX Chat Devs need to reconsider who they put as Admins on there because this is causing more issues by what one Admin has written and will face backlash for it. It's very clear that whoever the Scarlett is, clearly doesn't know how to be professional about their postings which they're a representative of 3DX Chat by being an Admin on the Discord Server they set up. I don't see the server lasting long if they allow someone to be that way on there. Adding that you can apply to be a Moderator through Scarlett as who knows if any of the Devs get the applications. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5i-SfhWYO1dNA6I8FV6B62DtgJ197m5vw-1aEsS8FDTGtEg/viewform Apparently being professional isn't in Scarlett's demeanor at this point in time. @Gizmo @Lisa You might want to reconsider who you put in your Admin and Mod slots on there.
  8. I had posted this because of what was written. They don't have any control over what Discord does, they provide a service just like on here. If someone reports the server for things, Discord looks into the matter not the server creator which Discord can and have removed a server before and will do it again. Whoever wrote up the rules shouldn't have done so, it's very unprofessional and makes 3DX Chat Discord Server look like a mess before it even gets further on than it has. As I stated rules should be put into place for how they'd like things to go on the server but the rules in general are offensive to the users themselves. As a business whoever it was that put Scarlett in place should reconsider.
  9. @Gizmo @Lisa Nice that you finally decide to set up on Discord but you failed to set it up properly from the start. Rules should have been in place first, not some Admin named Scarlett that no one knows who they are stating in order to be a part of the server and to help secure it, fuck yes I seriously laughed at that as you don't have any control over the security of the server only who joins and the content, it's owned by Discord and they have their own rules and can kick off anyone at any time no matter who set up the server. So whoever Scarlett needs to know what Discord is actually about and what a person who's an Admin on a server actually does and that Discord has full control over it not anyone else. That server can be gone in a split second if something happens as it has here and nothing is done. They've done it before and they'll do it again.
  10. Where do you come up with this shit, seriously. Just because you say that doesn't mean that it's true the Devs can do whatever they want including all the things you've suggested so I'm not sure where you're getting your information from. You don't need to have user shops to have that shit and never will.
  11. It doesn't matter what's offered with 3DX it's a sex game and that's something PayPal will never allow again. As Gizmo stated before they don't want micro-transaction shops, users selling content, they want it offered to everyone at no additional cost to the user. The minute that starts you're Second Life, Utherverse, IMVU and more and that is a path they stated they didn't want to do. The issue is that they also have the DMCA issue where people would be using things that are Copyrighted and so on. Just because it's a free image on Google, even Google states that you don't have the permission to use it without getting the expressed written consent of the original creator.
  12. Gizmo that's been suggested since 2015 to have the boot and be able to have moderators for rooms. Some room owners get busy are had to go AFK for whatever reason by giving a friend that person when someone causes trouble in the room, would greatly reduce the issues. Other games offer that function and it's been a long time to get anything close to that on here. The only issue is the alts that they'll come on to keep up the trouble if they're determined. No it does not share the users information with any other user only the system can see it and prevents them from joining back into a room for either a set period of time or permanently for the avi that's been booted.
  13. You don't need to disable your antivirus software you just have to go to the permissions and allow it. Telling people to disable their virus software in case of issues, they'd still have it once they start the software back up. Sometimes you'll get the pop up for it as you begin to run it, sometimes you don't. Most virus software runs in your background and there is a quick grab in your task bar down at the bottom right of your screen, looks like the top of an up arrow, click on that and then right click on your virus software then open the suite, then go to firewall, programs then add in the patcher.exe and 3DX game file where you saved your 3DX Chat game file to. If you forgot to run as administrator when you were installing it, you can right mouse click on the game icon and run it as administrator that way.
  14. Actually here is the link to the direct post of Gizmo asking the users. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8677-features-from-mods-in-the-official-client/?p=337849 gizmo Administrator Administrators1,038 postsLocation3DXChatPosted 06 April 2019 - 02:35 PM Dear players, What features from 3rd party mods (by AlexRyder, Rochi and others) would you like to have in the official client? Please describe the feature, how it works and attach screenshots. Thanks! Here is another of Gizmo's post but nothing about just 5. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8677-features-from-mods-in-the-official-client/?p=338103 gizmoAdministrator Administrators1,038 postsLocation3DXChatPosted 08 April 2019 - 06:44 AM Guys, thanks for your suggestions, it really helps us understand what features you would like to have in the official client. Please continue and point out the features you use the most. We carefully read your posts to find out what needs to be added first. Rochi, on 06 Apr 2019 - 10:36 PM, said: Hey Rochi, thanks! Will do. There are a lot of posts about your mod. I have sent an email to you Here is where Gizmo asks users to post the 5 most each users use. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8677-features-from-mods-in-the-official-client/?p=338411 gizmoAdministrator Administrators1,038 postsLocation3DXChatPosted 10 April 2019 - 07:22 AM Follow Upcoming Updates topic to learn more about features we will add in the upcoming patch. And keep posing lists of your favourite mod features. Post top 5 features the most used by you. Here is the thread. http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/8677-features-from-mods-in-the-official-client/
  15. Try running the game as Administrator and make sure you have the patcher.exe as acceptable in your virus protection software as well as the game.
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