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  1. @Gizmo @Lisa I am in your game since over 2 year and like to send you this open letter in the hope you get a clear view about what is going on in your community. I am a member of several big discord groups with all users from your community. And your community is not happy the way things go at this moment on 3dxchat. The most heard comments about 3dxchat are - frequently crashing of the servers at least 1-2 times a day where users get kicked out of the game and the server seems to be in a loop of disconnecting everyone. This can take up 30-45 minutes every time - lack of communication from 3dx developers - not listening to your community's requests. - no timeline with future plans of 3dxchat - people getting banned recently for spam in world chat There is no communication from you about the crashing of the servers. Your community does not know what is going on or what you do to solve it. We experience crashes every day. It is not nice for room owners who have to restart their parties all the time. People who are having fun in the rooms are annoyed and have to start over again We have no idea what 3dxchat wants to do in the future. We are not inviting friends over to 3dx because it's not a stable platform. A huge part of your community comes from other games because 3dx is better than those games. That must be a compliment for you. You are the developers. You developed the game. True. But WE are your community. WE make your game. NOT you. If you don't have us, you are nothing ! Games like H1Z1 went from 80.000 average player to 300 now because the community left. We, as your community (the players) are in contact with each other on discord. As soon as one player finds a game that is better than 3dx. And they feel better over there, the news will spread and we will leave as fast as we came. Your community is loyal because we play together. We make fun together. If we can get our fun somewhere else, the community will just move on and forget about you. And then .... there you are. 3dxchat is suddenly a game like H1Z1 with no player base. That is how it work's anno 2020 ! Communication We expect you to communicate more with your community. There are multiple ways to do that. You have the forums, your 3dx server on discord, the loading screen of your game and in the game itself. Listen to your community when they ask you things like clothing, poses or other things. Give us a roadmap. What are the plans for 3dxchat ? If there are crashes of servers. Tell us you are sorry and working on it and keep us posted. Yes we are annoyed if their are crashes, but we are more understanding if you communicate with us. Recently you posted : friend changes on your login screen It looked like this picture. Was it too much work to write "button" instead of btn ? This is just an example of what is annoying people. Banning of people recently Recently everyone who puts something in worldchat is getting banned for 48 hours. There has been NO communication about why this is happening. We all got a message like this : Reason: WC Spam Block will end in: xx hour(s) What should I do? Please read carefully Game Rules and EULA I have read all the rules and EULA and i complied to them with what i posted in world chat. Then i saw this on world chat, where dev Lisa said : "Who wants to be blocked for French speaking in world chat ?" The behavior if Lisa is NOT ACCAPTABLE ! It is arrogant behavior and racism ! If this will happen again we will look into taking legal action. It would suit you if you made an official excuse about this on the forums towards your community and explain us why people are getting banned. A lot people who are banned are loyal player of your game. Room hosts, room builders, content creators etc. If you need help from your community. Just ask. If not, and you keep being the way you are, sooner or later we will all poof and you can stand in your own rooms partying alone. Good luck. A player
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