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  1. I dont see the point of trying to get popular or earn fame, true fact is once people close there game or pc they move on with there lifes they forget all that think there popular. so this so called host wars people talk about does nothing but make me lough.
  2. when people say host wars sounds so cringe and funny what are playing a social sex game platform or battlefield, gta5 and call of duty lol
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/album-genius-hkW1GjGyxkFpu
  4. i've got my popcorn and drink and some candy reading everything, hmmm the action i give it 5 stars
  5. can you stop posting ziab;s and hackers pictures here i am really good and close friends with them
  6. at this rate the game will be destroyed if they dont hire a proper security team if they dont anything about soon by mid next year or even earlier this game will be full of hackers
  7. no point of getting upset at the hackers the main issue here is how bad there security at least these hackers have showed us how we are all sitting ducks with @Gizmounless there willing to do something or it will come to a point there game will be dead
  8. its not a bug i dont believe so next time it happens i will record and re post it again
  9. i was in le partys room and there was wired stuff going on and i heard this has happen to other rooms with highly populated rooms i hope the devs will do something about it
  10. there whole game is full of glitches whats new
  11. i dont even understand why use post anything on the forums the devs havnt responded to nothing the past month or so, just do what use have to do get a refund or wait till sub expiry dont sub again that plain and simple
  12. the only real issue is for us people to understand is for the devs to respond on there issue and how there going to compensate for loss of time
  13. what you mean room size like file size or actual size of the room
  14. there game never use to be like this where you had to unzip down load this to work and do that etc, i am looking at forums and the titles not one has been responded its like they all packed there bags and left or just dont care for the community that contribute to there game. So who ever is not going to resub or quit all together good luck to use and take care
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