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  1. When problems arise, it all boils down to two things: Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? I prefer to be part of the solution and not waste mine and other people's time with unsubstantiated complaining over things I know little or nothing about.
  2. Rainy days are great for my creative mind so I was thinking about a few more poses.I think it's time for more group-sex poses and since we already have some great threesome poses, why not expand on them? For instance, the FFM "Cowboy/Oral" pose. Adding another male/futa receiving oral sex shouldn't be too difficult. Nor should adding one or two players to the "Spit roast' pose. Better yet and I know it's been mentioned at least once before.(insert sarcastic chuckle here.)Give us the long-awaited Pose Editor and set our kinky, creative minds free.
  3. As I've mentioned in a couple of much earlier posts, it would be good to have some social but non-sexual poses.The recent "Carry" pose was a pleasant surprise. Can that be given animation so a partner can be carried to a bed etc.? As most poses are created from earlier ones, how about morphing the "Sitting female oral' and "Standing male bi-sexual oral" poses into a threesome by adding a male/female/futa rear entry?
  4. I've only used a VPN with the game when I was in the hospital.It works fine with or without.
  5. Agreed Xizl! All the best and most entertaining updates are just a waste of time and money if the game isn't kept up and stable.It's like having a new Rolls-Royce with the transmission shot to Hell!
  6. I just got on the game and moved into the WE. So far, so good!
  7. This is getting really annoying. The only reason I'm willing to tolerate the repeated problems the game seems to have is because when it's working, it's the best game of its genre around. Hopefully our techie types can solve the problem, put it behind them and get on with making the game even better!
  8. 15th in queue. Is this another attack?
  9. Just got DCed again. Now I'm in a queu.
  10. For what it's worth, I use NordVPN when I need to access the game in places that may block it. Normally, I don't use my VPN at all to play the game. Since late this afternoon when the game was fixed, I've had no trouble logging on with or without a VPN.
  11. Some progress seems to be occurring in the devs' efforts to get the game working again. I just tried to get on and the old screen opened up with the latest updates and graphics. I still got the "Unable to log onto server' message though.
  12. Agreed! No ties is a crime! A sports jacket/blazer and shirt combo. Nice! But separate items would have been better.Good shoes, ties and watches would be nice too. How about hats like a Fedora, Homburg or an Akubra? Some of us prefer style and class over technology. An Apple Watch might be new and cool but any Rolex is classier!
  13. I agree completely with Aliviax. I'm really fed up with constantly waiting for decent updates or changes to the wardrobes.Being a mature man, I'd love to see more tasteful and traditional men's clothes. I'm sure that many of the guys here don't like looking like they just fell off a long board. For the kinkier members, maybe blending the clothes selections is also a possibility.I know a lot of dommes are especially fond of dressing up their subs.
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