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  1. I've given up trying to fix my constant DC problem and just tried to re-install the game.After downloading it from the 3DXChat website, I started the install but that timed out while trying to download additional files. I tried again but got the same result.Then I used the link on this forum for the 430 update and that failed as well.Using an older version seemed to work until it stalled on unzipping an update. Needless to say, this is getting very annoying.
  2. Before I read the last two posts, I cleared my BIOS which seems to have worked. If the problem returns, I'll try Neur's idea. Thanks to everyone who helped.
  3. Thanks Pan. Everything else that uses my WiFi is running fine, my tablet,laptop and phone. They're smooth and stable no matter what I do or what sites/apps I use.All except 3DXChat.Sometimes the game behaves well and doesn't DC for hours. But sometimes, I get DCed multiple times in a few minutes.Occasionally after I re-connect, my Friends that are online are greyed out even when I can see them in a room.
  4. Thanks Pan. I'm using WiFi and I've tried the game on my wife's PC and it's stable. So I suspect the problem is with my computer. I've done a virus check and I'm clean there too.Maybe I need to upgrade/replace my WiFi card?
  5. I've uninstalled the game, cleared my registry and reinstalled the game and I'm still getting disconnected.
  6. Now I'm getting DCed every 3 minutes.To think I pay for this.
  7. Thanks Diana. I'm using the US server.I'll switch and see if that works.
  8. I've been getting constantly DCed since the last update.What's going on?
  9. Now I'm getting notices that say, I've got too many retries. What is this nonsense?
  10. For me, the best way to deal with negativity is to ignore it completely. Trolls etc. feed off negative energy so I don't give them anything to use.As far as any of the chats are concerned,if I'm not involved specifically, I stay out of it.There's nothing wrong with having nothing to say unless I insist on saying it!
  11. When I first staring working with the World Editor and learned how to create new things for the game, I thought a Pose Editor would be the next logical step in improving 3DXChat.However, after a bit of research, I discovered that most poses were just adaptations of earlier ones.After a lot of discussion with a few members who have made poses and even more practice, I created my first pose. A Pose Editor would be convenient but hardly necessary. It's more a matter of having patience and the willingness to learn and experiment,in my humble opinion.
  12. Not what I wanted to hear but Thanks Stefan! C'est la vie!
  13. Not to worry! Fubar the Wonderdog will find all those bugs!
  14. Thanks for all the hard work Lisa and Gizmo!
  15. Marriage only tells others in many cases,that you're in a less casual relationship with another member Nicci.Not neccessarily taken.
  16. Oh damn! The game's still down? Maybe I'll have another dozen Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters but I'm still not as think as you drunk I am....Oooh! I fool so feelish. What will thinkle peep?
  17. Or pray! "Pie Jesu Domine.Dona eis requiem!"
  18. "AAAARRRGGHHHH! What a terrible thing to do to good whiskey! Although I do prefer Tullamore Dew!
  19. Gawd! I'm so depressed from having nothing constructive to do that I need a drink or ten! Has anybody got a few Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blasters? Hmm?
  20. Probably Lorenzo but that's not her department.
  21. "Our complaint department is run by Mrs. Helen Waite. If you can get no satisfaction from our regular staff, go to Helen Waite!
  22. *Pulls out my double-neck guitar and starts to strum 'Home on the Range'. "Oh! Give us a game that no-one will blame.The devs, if the damn thing goes down. With servers that work,Even though some big jerk, Has bunged them all up with some spam!"
  23. Certainly Jenny! How would you like it? Extra sticky or extra spicy?
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