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  1. No doubt, I don't get angry/comment. I am simply tired of seeing it daily from the same people who clearly think its OK. TBH IDC what political side ppl choose. I do not like that the end result are a bunch of hate filled posts scream I'm right, I'm right and what I am saying is the gospel. But anywho, if this is acceptable and from what I've been told some of these people have been reported multiple times, this is not the place for me. I will not put my money in places that allow such behavior. I see the ignorance in WC the most but also have witnessed it in some rooms. I'm just one person removing myself.....so my coins leaving will not make or break them lol Happy hunting and stay well XO
  2. I hear you love. Today was too much. Its still going on and has been for over an hour. As ppl log and peek in on the world then comes more hate. I've been reading smh wondering when it will stop. Its the same group of people daily who are very much angry miserable trolls that see virtual life as real life because they have no life. I remind myself of that on all platforms that I play. However, we all have those days when we are screaming STFU and have some fun. There's enough going on in the world and many come to escape that for a bit and then back to reality. BUT......if this is their reality *face palm* yes we have to smoke them out.
  3. As a new player the one thing that will make me delete my account is world chat. There's a group of keyboard warriors who think their opinion is the gospel. Constantly using racial slurs against many groups as well as homophobia. We get it.....you support Trump and that's all well and good. However, this is not the place for a political rally. 3DX please step up and correct this. Today it was too much and went on for too long. I would like to see World Chat disabled for a while--they can have the political rally's in their room. Under no circumstances should those that disagree have to be silent to not get sucked into the drama or speak up and be totally sucked in exhausting their energy. Again, I've been seeing it daily and its the same people who think they run world chat.
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