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  1. This one is actually from 3dxchat. The other one which the crashing client “on demand” was on.. ehh.. the “other game”.
  2. Today's additions: Added special dialog when US game server is down but the rest of the service is up Added gift preview to Profile editor
  3. I can't agree more. I was reacting to @Leeloo 's (totally understandable) name calling the hacker, her last paragraph.
  4. My status site is able to detect the US entry point going down, but I decided I don't consider the game as "offline" on that point, which results in the Discord bot not yelling about it. Reason behind this is that the EU entry point is used by 90 % of the players, and (most of the) US players will be able to switch to the EU entry point and would be able to play just fine. Last night a lot of people were getting disconnects, both on EU and US servers. My site only caught one problem with the EU server last night. Remember that my site only checks once a minute, as the game client needs a stable socket connection to prevent you of getting kicked out.
  5. It's back..... after 6 hours.
  6. Don't give the hacker attention. That's exactly what he wants, desperately.
  7. Request for everyone, when you see this happening again, please make screenshots and post them here, for more evidence and persuasion for @Gizmo and @Lisa to fix this.
  8. You're right. You can't have too many security layers and validations. But my point is if the client/server goes back to encryption, these hacks will be useless instantly.
  9. These checks are not needed if the client->server communication is fully encrypted. Because there is no way of intercepting it, or "faking" a certain request like you described above. But currently, without that encryption, suddenly this is possible. And it is exposed what is happening behind the scenes.
  10. You're spot on @Feuermond. I noticed that too. It's unencrypted again. It wasn't before. Not sure when that change happened. I hope it's by mistake. I don't hope it's because the encryptions causes the disconnects, etc.
  11. True, this is not proof. Could be a bug. However, this happened 2 days ago as well. Suddenly, almost everyone naked in just one specific room. But especially that proposal pose is noticable. That's something I've *never* seen before like that. The staff definitely needs to look into this, despite being a bug or not, because it's ruining the mood. But if you ask me, yes, I suspect it's some kind of hack.
  12. Seems that the haters can't DDoS 3DXChat anymore due to the latest security measures and are now trying to ruin the game in other ways (succesfully, unfortunately). @Gizmo @Lisa This is not good.
  13. Did you try both Europe and US entry points?
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