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  1. A BIG update for both the status website and the discord bot! Status website changes Renamed game server to auth server, and back-end to game server (this way it is more accurate) Removed "new registrations" stat Added warning when there is a visitor increase, but no outage detected (yet) Added warning when the update was longer than 10 minutes ago Do not create a new outage registration when there was a previous outage less than 15 minutes ago: Reopen that one instead Discord bot changes Redesigned the discord bot: He is now a bit more intelligent. 😃 Example: And another example:
  2. It's pretty technical to explain the problem. But since the new test server they definitely tightened security.
  3. The following changes have been made the past two days, most changes happened after the downtime that 3DXChat just experienced: Added ability to manually set outage (admin feature) Prevent false-negatives Enhanced outage detection before 5 minute run Added Patreon link Unfortunately I'm not able to detect this new kind of outage. The backend seemed to be up and running, but it wasn't working correctly, obviously. The only way I can detect this new kind of outage, is that I use a dedicated 3DXChat subscription. So either I collect enough money using the Patreon page, or I have to accept this. But I created a way for me to set the outage manually now, and added some triggers so that I get informed right away when there's something going on.
  4. Definitely not scheduled. My heartbeat check even failed. The backend server replies something that the client doesn't expect.
  5. Everything seems "normal" to me (technical wise) but it clearly isn't. Damn. Another type of outage I have to detect. 😪
  6. By design. From Build 422 release notes:
  7. Another update Added daily uptime % Added 3DXForum visitor counts in graphs (usually a sign that something is wrong) Enhanced graph colours Added historical outages graph
  8. ❤️

    1. Harlyn


      New lappy is in the house 🙂🙂❤ Acer Swift 3 finall. Also sexy but stronger. 1.3kg 🥰 but still no Windows on it lol.

      And I <2 youuu


    2. ColinDude


      Heeeey sexy! And the laptop is sexy too! ;)

      Good choice, 512 GB SSD, and Radeon graphics. Good choice baby 😍

  9. Another update: Enhanced all charts (especially the tooltips) Added overall outages to Outages page Replaced History page with Statistics page Added new stacked latency graph per service component Added new latency graph per hour Changed the way website latency is measured Improved !statusinthischannel Discord bot command (the bot now sends a PM when lack of permissions, when not administrator, etc)
  10. It's a calculation, where I divide the amount of "positive checks" to the total amount of "checks". So as long as the oldest checks where good, and the newest are too, the calculated uptime remains the same.
  11. Hey @CorbinAngelo No and no, unfortunately. It's pretty technical and complicated. But it works for now. I don't use the login page on the website, I use the 3dxchat client for it.
  12. Ah yeah. Experienced this too. If someone doesn't disconnect "gracefully", exactly that happens. Good to know that you found a workaround though. They should definitely fix it.
  13. I can't check the login ability, because of that captcha thing unfortunately. What do you mean with client and DC check?
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