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  1. Yeah that’s impossible unless @Gizmodecides to higher the character limits on the game. It’s a technical limitation right now.
  2. New update! Added a way to add a gradient for only the middle part of a sentence (works for gradient per letter and gradient per word) Fixed a bug in the profile editor parser so that using <3 wont be seen as a syntax error Examples: Current "Per letter" example, this line will need 825 characters. New "Per letter", but with "Gradient only middle part" enabled. Still looks good, but now only needs 319 characters! Current "per word" example (uses 273 characters) New "Per word", but with "Gradient only middle part" enabled. Needs only 158 characters now, which means it would even fit in a gift!
  3. The servers are not down, apart from a tiny hiccup last night no issues whatsoever. So the issue is somewhere between you and the 3dxchat servers. I heard other stories about service providers or even countries blocking access to 3DXChat, those people had to use a VPN to get it working again.
  4. Especially for the English fans I added the English flag.
  5. @Feuermond Thanks for the idea, I added a helpful screenshot when the US server is down but the rest is still up https://3dxchat-status.com/
  6. New release! Altered the line height in the gift preview to imitate 3DXChat behavior (it differs between the profile and gifts in-game actually!) Added preset flags (thank you Becca ❤) Fixed non-working letters for a few fonts, and added a question mark sign for a bit of info which letters don't work correctly Enhanced UI for profile and gift editing
  7. Game seems to work again.
  8. Yes. See https://3dxchat-status.com/ for more details.
  9. My site is unable to detect the outage, and I expect the API having problems (that's where the XGold is stored etc). So I have set it to down manually. @Gizmo your help is needed right now..
  10. Past few days I worked on a few bugs, but mostly a lot of additions! Changes: Added special font generator tab with 7 tested alternative fonts Added gradient per line (based on new lines) Added gradient per paragraph (based on double new lines) Prevent gradient creation while having rich text tags in the selection Changed word spacing and letter spacing to be as similar to 3DXChat as I could. Added text anti aliasing effect to mimic the way texts are rendered in 3DXChat Fixed a bug where the & sign gave a syntax error in the profile editor (thanks @AlexaDarkness ❤) Sneak preview:
  11. You need an undocumented element for that (which has no HTML counterpart), but it's buggy as hell. For example, if you think your profile looks good, it might look completely different for someone else, or even cause graphical glitches etc. So I'd say, don't do it.
  12. This bug should be fixed now in patch 432.
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