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  1. Is the text showed something like this? Or like this? First means you're definitely on her ignore list, whether that's by accident or not. Second..... well, I don't think you see that, but let's rule that one out.
  2. What about custom prints? Uploading your own material? That would definitely give way more variety.
  3. Latest updates: Discord bot: !serverstatus / !ss command will now tell you about recent checks failed, and recent problems reported Profile editor enhancements: Unsupported tag warning, usage of tabs warning Added reported problem history in the outages chart
  4. Small update: Show amount of checks failed within last 15 minutes on front page Checks failed now also count as problems reported (red line in the charts)
  5. Thanks for the feedback! Can you give me an example?
  6. Another nice update today! Outage times are now showed in local time zones by default You can view the outage in UTC timezone with a switch on top Statistics are now always showed in your own timezone Front page is now way more responsive (certain items hide when on small viewports)
  7. Quite a major update today: To prevent false positives and tiny hiccups, only mark Auth server, Game server (EU/US) and API as down if check fails twice in a row Added latency measures on front page Shifted order on front page (Latest build all the way down) This means that actual outages are only reported if my checks fail twice in a row. Downside of this, this means that it could take up to two minutes before the outage is communicated to the Discord servers. But seeing the big flood of messages of past week...that's not very good either. This is how the front pag
  8. The problem reporter is now live! This new feature will only work properly if everyone who is experiencing disconnects, reports them. So please do so.
  9. Today's additions: Added players online index in some graphs Added new measure about the current players online on front page The players online index is based on the amount of players in the default rooms. The 100% mark is based on the highest player count of the last 4 weeks. The "players online" measure is based on the current hour of the current weekday, from the last 4 weeks.
  10. Today's changes: Moved menu items to dropdown to save space Made embedding the current status possible with a dynamic image you can use on your own website (there you go @Torax) Live examples including HTML code here: https://3dxchat-status.com/embed Static examples
  11. Though I agree with some points of @TerryScrew, this game is, despite it's flaws, still the best looking adult online world of all in my opinion.
  12. Today's changes: Added basic syntax validations in the profile / gift editor (BETA) Added Merry Christmas gift template
  13. I implemented a basic syntax check to prevent broken gifts, and I added a christmas gift template. Examples: <b>test</i> Result: Warnings 1 open <b> tag(s) 1 unopened <i> tag(s) <i><b>test</i></b> Result: Warnings General syntax error!
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