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  1. Unfortunately the music request system will go down for now. It's becoming a burden for my server load and hosting costs. Thank you all!
  2. Can you contact me at Discord? ColinDude#1234 Yes it is
  3. A QR code can be scanned with the Camera app of your phone, and it usually leads to a specific website. Also, a QR code can be used to link your Lovense toy with 3DXChat.
  4. Revoked text to speech permission from Jessyca.
  5. Major update today! Updated total layout Added 9 new fonts in the profile editor (Underlined, Curly, Hebrew, Yoda, Hieroglyph, Delta, Superscript, Dots, Smeared) Added country origin detection on self test page to see if you're unable to connect due to a country that banned 3DX (eg. Turkey) Added mass gift generator (eg. for Christmas gifts) Upgraded front-end and back-end to latest versions Demo of the mass gift generator:
  6. On every location of the internet, trolls exist. I have added a few more words to the blacklist. Sorry this made you leave the Saloon, but I really can't argue with your decision.
  7. I added a few banned words. Also banned a few players playing troll songs.
  8. try to start C:\Games\3DXChat\Launcher\3DXLauncher.exe (as admin) edit: I should’ve read your edit
  9. If you check my site you'll see that 3DXChat is having issues today.. Probably because of a DDoS.
  10. @Halderimcan you still reproduce this? If so, can you share your IP with me so I can dive into that? (you can find me in the official 3DXChat discord)
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