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  1. omg solved one problem another one came, I can not find any room orz
  2. Yes, I find a new VPN it cost some, now Im able to log in, I just modifide my character but how can i join the world game or Multi-player games, Im keeping hanging around in my own world.
  3. Hey guys I can't connect to any of the European servers and American servers. I live in Asia (China). I found that my latency is abnormally high through 3dxchat detection tool, which may be the reason why I can't connect to the servers. Does anyone know how to reduce it?
  4. I do think so too, I also did ask this problem at my country’s 3dx chat community, I saw some old thread many people could play in China, but there are not lot of players and active players, so there no one reply me yet. Anyway, thank you very much for your help .
  5. Nah.... This link although not work, I even tried turn of all the firewall and antivirus and try to run this link and the test tool
  6. I just tried use it, it shows "Downloading test list...." and close automatically after few seconds
  7. Hi everyone, Im a play from asia (China), I can't connect to the server at the login interface all the time. I know there is a big fire wall make people can not reach the global Internet, but even I use the vpn and turn off the fire wall of my laptop I still can not connect to the server, someone help me plzplzplz TAT
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