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  1. It takes a lot to make a stew. Especially when it's me and you.

  2. Under the bright but faded lights you set my heart on fire. Where are you now? 

  3. Sure but in some cases they can see your IP if you connect to their radio stream which is facilitated by the game.
  4. I don't even like world chat and I still find this topic pathetic.
  5. Good morning my dark twilight sweethearts~

  6. Saving works fine for me and I use it quite extensively. Only time I ever lost progress is when I quit the game before leaving the world editor.
  7. I've been playing this game since 2014 with at least 32 months actively subscribed and I've rarely been asked any RL questions and have never been asked to provide proof of anything. You can just block them if that ever happens to you. And if you don't want people to know about your RL, just don't tell them. If they don't know you're a real girl then they're probably not gonna ask you for pictures. And for those of you blaming Gizmo, why exactly? What do you want him to do, flick a magic wand and make everything all better? There is nothing anyone can do to "fix" this. It's biology, a simple fact of life. You're playing a game that is 90% sexually inclined men and you're expecting a perfect gentle & friendly environment. Have you ever considered that maybe you're the problem with the community, not the developers?
  8. That bug has been around for a long time and not just you either. Think it's a character related bug and support should be able to fix it. But that's just what I heard from other people, could just be a server issue.
  9. lol I just hope you're not talking about Trevor's animations. They just emanate testosterone and the crippling desire to murder someone.
  10. Kimmy, Lena... A file size limit on user worlds would honestly cause a riot. My room is 960 kb and it's not even finished. If you take a look at other social games like Second Life or VRChat you should expect to be downloading several megabytes worth of content every time you enter a room. Even within 3DXChat alone there's user galleries and each picture is averaging about 400-600 kb. Now imagine you're clicking through lots of profiles in Sin Club or whatever. That's a lot of downloading. So basically the user room file sizes don't matter at all. Whether a user's computer is strong enough to run things smoothly is entirely a client-side problem. It doesn't have anything to do with the server. I mean, yeah, we all wanna see these server issues come to a close but ya'll are suggesting things that would outright neuter the game's growing potential. Gizmo said updates are coming so just chill out and wait.
  11. I am confused how so many people here think that spending 300 xgold for a few seconds of promotion isn't unfair. So basically only 1 promotion per day, or fork over $5 real money every time you wanna host? Yeah right... Obviously the new sorting isn't the real problem. But it caused an issue and improving the promo feature to make it less expensive for players is a perfectly valid suggestion. Why ya gotta be the devil's advocate?
  12. Of course a feature like that would be awesome but like others said, it's way too complicated and super low priority right now. A simpler way to simulate such things would be teleporters which would be a lot easier to code.
  13. Just happened to me. Go to your antivirus's virus chest or whatever and restore the patcher.exe from 3dx. Then disable antivirus for like 10 mins and then try to start the game again.
  14. You're more likely to get in trouble for harassment than you are to actually bring those people down.
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