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  1. It's been that long? My god. Happy birthday 3DX.
  2. Hey guys so yeah just wanted to say hello and hope you're having a great day! Love you xoxo
  3. How many cats do you have in real? I only have one cat, she's a menace.
  4. Oh shit I forgot about this LOL
  5. This will not change anything. You will still have those awkward situations that you speak of because so many ordinary lesbians and female avatars are still men anyway. The futa community will not go out of their own way to choose this third gender when so many have the resources available to them already. By allowing a third gender to be created (which, let's be honest, will never be created in 3dxchat's lifetime) you open up a whole 'nother can of worms. What's stopping a few from asking for a fourth gender and then a furry gender or even an alien gender? 3DXChat doesn't have the capabilities to cater for any more "genders".
  6. Before I make assumptions, let me get something right. Are you asking for donations yet calling this a giveaway? A transition between money and content is called a sale; selling. An item you can freely download (freeware) is called a donation. This is not a donation. You should stop trying to "sell" your creations. If you want donations then make them free and maybe, just maybe, people will donate.
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    henlo (3 years late kind of)
  8. hello everybody I lost my cat has anybody seen it in this thread? HmmMmMmMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  9. shameless bump thanks mlem blep weep boop bopp
  10. hi im just a random forum post dont mind me
  11. Interesting. I've been attending 3DX for 2 years (almost). I'm currently on leave from 3DX and I do not intend on coming back in the near future. 3DX is only to fill a void in your life when there's nothing else, otherwise, it becomes meaningless. Only by mere chance am I to stumble upon your thread at this time and log in to express my own insight as this post has intrigued me. I've read the other comments and appraise them such about 3DX becoming a daily occurrence in life. It is strange how this place can become so but like I mentioned above, once you find something else, in real life, something real and proper then 3DX is completely irrelevant. Many a people I have known have succumbed to just leaving this place because they find something in real life. I for sure was an addict and here I am now applauding you. +1
  12. Reserved... for nothing.. nothing here...
  13. 1. 27/11/2015 The date I found, subscribed and started playing 3DX with my initial thoughts going completely crazy because I just found the best looking sex game on the internet. The first thing I ever did was head straight into a sex room and oh boy I was like a little fat boy in a sweets shop. It only took me a week to start conversing and socialising and I met up with 3 people. We were a group of friends that spent each night in the Night Club (Which was the absolute best!). Unfortunately it only lasted for a month until we dispersed and found different friends, I was keen to keep this group going, but I eventually gave up and accepted what had happened. Torax was one of them, he was well known for his pool parties which have grown since then. The other two I kept in touch with, both of who I now talk occasionally with. This opened up an entire new spectrum of friends and a whole new reason to continue 3DX but also begin to hate it during this time. Because I had revealled my true gender, I got instant regret until the weekend was over but I was still the silly old Lilac. At this point I was in my 3rd month and I had already got through some relationships, which, if I dare say, never lasted and went in circles. I moved on, and continued to meet more and more people. Eventually playing Overwatch with them, and speaking on Discord. This was the point in my 3dx life that I started to figure out, or learn who is who. I was even told that people thought I was an alt of somebody who quit before I started playing. These became the best days of 3dx at the time, a large group of friends and a lot of laughter. This was the new thing, to be on discord and play games. Getting to know other people on 3DX. By this point, many of the females I knew were starting to fall under the pressure and reveal them self and I personally believe I got close to these ones that did come out. The cycle of meeting people, new friends and then finding out who they are started to becoming the thing. We always shared stories and there wasn't ever one bad person among them. As I was saying before about how this was the time I started to dislike 3DX, I fell into some pretty wicked drama and it was becoming too much. I was becoming more and more hurt and dwelling too much on 3DX for entertainment, jealousy and hate was seething through and I was very close in deleting my avatar, I pressed delete to see the confirmation come up but then paused, thinking this through, what benefit would it have? I came back online, to be greeted by an old friend, Sigara, who comforted me several times. Sigara was a nice person, very hyper and interactive like myself and a shame to see her gone. Unfortunately, much of what happened in my first year has now been forgotten, the most crucial and daunting moments happened within the first year. A lot of the friends I met here are not to be seen, it was an absolute pleasure to have spent time with you guys and girls, if you're reading this then that is great! 2. 27/11/2016 So a year had passed and I started my 2nd year with a party. I specifically spent weeks on a room, changing and creating as 2.0 hit, that's when I had to re-make half my room, but to a predicted outcome, my room was ready. The party was amazing and the 2nd year was much like the first, but this time I was more or less learning and studying peoples' motives and actions, interests and realising that having few friends was great. Though I didn't know that after this time, drama would still ensue, so much to be had and whilst I was becoming numb to drama and emotions as a whole, it still kept on going. The 2nd year kind of consisted of me wanting to change MY personality on 3DX which alone became troublesome. My interest in 3DX was also dwindling a few months after the party, shame, but true. I was getting irritated by the majority of people and I hated reading local, world and certain peoples' profiles, heck, I even started name-calling people and putting them down to other people. I became something in this time that I swore to never become. I got curious and interested in prying into peoples personal stuff, drama and relationships but not obviously; i managed to do this on the sly but not to hurt anybody but for my personal gain. All this, however, did not last long, I soon grew out of it and started becoming quiet, I lost friends and gained new ones, the cycle continued and I visited many rooms, certains rooms I love going to and certain groups I didn't like to be around. I wanted to be popular again at this point, but, I couldn't do it because I grew shy so instead I slumped into a observational person, quiet. My favourite hangout spots became less and less, I started hanging more in Futa rooms, sin club and other rooms that I can't remember. This stage is pretty short because I've forgotten almost 99.98% of it all. xD 3 27/11/2017 This years anniversary event did NOT happen and I had in fact quit after I made this forum thread. I actually had a couple weeks off this time around and came back, forgetting that I had taken a break DURING my anniversary, I was gutted but I came back with a fresh outlook on 3DX and everything felt revitalised... For about a month but I kept on playing, and I found even more, long-term friendships. I was still quiet, but it just felt great. I started to notice a lot of new players were... I mean... a lot of new avatars were showing up, some who I never recognised before, in fact, this was a growing trend that I had only noticed but this almost meant I started getting cautious... I heard the stories and rumours but hey, at this point I didn't care. I am pretty sure I played for some time, but ended up quitting around December time, and this went on for months where I did not return. I counted up to 5-6 months. I came back, on and off then disappeared again. But then... Aroen Aroen is and was a new chapter in my 3dx life. More-so she deserves a part of her own. Yes I know she's annoying and I know she's had drama in the past and YES I know she loves to sniff bath salts but she's probably a major reason why I came back and this elongated my stay in 3DX. Here I am now, finishing this forsaken post. The Good Eggs While it may be trivial I'd just like to make a shoutout to Aroen Strawberry Lilac Kimbn Crescendoo Lilac Nighttalker Sakuya Lecherously These people, while they all may be addicted to sniffing bath salts, are some of the only people who I've been closest too. Some don't play anymore but they've been apart of my journey. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT PROMOTE SNIFFING BATH SALTS AND THEY DON'T REALLY SNIFF THEM IT'S JUST A JOKE SO PLEASE DON'T GET OFFENDED. Subject to change or to be enhanced upon. Edit - It's about bucking time, Lilac, wtf.
  14. Introduction Hello, I am Lilac. It's almost my 2 year anniversary and I have not planned anything to commemorate my time here. I have never really taken part in the forums and only recently have I considered writing about my time here in 3dx. Neither do I know how to start this thing so I'll proceed with the contents. Contents Who am I and why 3dx? Why do I still play? The Female Avatar and Lilacs personality. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Let's begin. Who am I? To be honest this was just a placeholder to talk about so I'll just be mumbling anything that comes to mind for this one but I am Lilac. I'm quiet, quite shy in large groups and I have a small amount of special friends in 3dx. When you get to know me, and in smaller volumes of rooms I will sometimes pitch into the Local chat with something like "/me throws popcorn everywhere" which is me popping my head from out of the water. In private messages or whispers I can get quite hyper and loud. I enjoy conversation quite a lot and can spend hours in one with the right person. My age and contents on my in-game profile are correct and nothing is false. Everybody knows the obvious about me in-game and have at least seen me once. My places that I normally hang about in are the Sin Club, Fresco and sometimes the beach or friendly rooms. Why 3dx? 3DX is and was my first Adult MMO so when I joined I was new to the scene and was totally unaware of the rules or ways of 3DX or any Adult MMO for that matter. 3DX Became my most game played and I played it 24/7. I could not wait to get home from work, finish my studies and then just bash 3dx. Even to the point that I would change my healthy sleeping pattern into one giant mess. I fell in love with 3DX because of the interactions online and the people who I met were friggin awesome. I was also a girl, I had a pair of boobs, a nice ass and a little popularity. Who would say no to that?! Why do I still play? Simply put, I play because of friends and new friends. I purchased the yearly sub when it's on sale, so I do not have any worries or restraints in logging in. I sometimes take monthly breaks, or do not log in at all when I'm in a busy period at work, but the essence of meeting honest people still drives me back. I often play 3DX when I am also playing another game. All in all, 3DX is addicting. My Avi and Personality Lilacs personality is my own personality. Even ask people who know me. This is not to boast or any other meaning that could be misinterpreted. I haven't created Lilac under the guise of a fake persona, I started with her as a girl, faking my own gender but a month into my 3dx career I decided to reveal my true identity and it made the better of the situation. It also took me up to a year to finally present my profile with "male operated" to let everybody know and this was the single most thing that advanced my enjoyment and time here. Just to add, I'm not against or for people playing female avatars as males, same with females playing male avis. We are all here for different things and it is essentially a "free world". We also all know it's obvious to spot who is what gender because we all experience it first hand. Our eyes are opened to what this game is. Anyway, almost derailed. Lilac is supposed to be colourful and vibrant, quiet and a positive energy. I change her clothing and colours quite regularly and save those I love. Her most iconic items are her hair colour (Lilac) and her Eyes (that switch from either baby blue or a reddish-pink). Thank you for reaching up to this point; continuation will proceed in the next post.
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