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  1. With that, I've taken your advice and written an e-mail. Here's hoping!
  2. @Gizmo Do something, please? This is getting way out of hand. 😱
  3. In the end... it all boils down to one thing: Report the rooms and hope for whoever is in charge to act accordingly. What's the point of this back and forth causing nothing but frictions among the players (unfortunately, not in a good way)? People with a strong disliking towards a certain topic (not persé this topic) will get shut down because they are "narrow-minded" while people who try to put themselves in the shoes of someone else and attempt to be "open-minded" will get slapped with a "Pro-topic" label. As many of you already stated, this is nonsense... Until some higher-up steps in and s
  4. Yes, it seems communication is one of the least developed skills in 3DXChat, causing so many misunderstandings and bad decisionmaking. All we can do is set examples?
  5. @NaomiMoonstone Be sure to let us know in the future if anything changed for you. I'm curious after all
  6. It's such a difficult topic depending on your view. In more ways than one 3DXChat is filled with taboos and scenarios with risky topics. A lot of people have weird kinks, some of those are rather extreme. Personally, I'm against rape... and I understand how the word can be a bad trigger for a lot of people. However, in the 3DXChat setting, there's no way to actually perform this action. Two parties always need to consent before anything can happen... so in any situation, it would be roleplay. If some people have this desire, I much rather have them perform it in a means of roleplay with
  7. There is a seperate thread for connection issues. This is a thread about a completely new issue. I think you're the one that's a bit lost right now.
  8. @Layvon You complain about efficiency and how they aren't getting their stuff sorted out, yet you're filling the topic with pointless arguments that have no benefit for players or developers alike. Why not keep the pointless ranting to a minimum so others can hopefully find answers without having to filter through all that? Don't get me wrong, you've got a right to complain... but at this point you're just lashing out at people because of your frustrations.
  9. Yes, I agree... there's an abundance of insecurity and a lack of confidence, but I guess that makes sense... I'm sure those men are occupied elsewhere
  10. Hey @NaomiMoonstone and welcome nonetheless! Let me start off by saying I've not experienced harassment quite as aggressive as you described, or at least not in such high volumes. Although there's a reference against this kind of behaviour inside the ToS, unless it gets reported (and even then...) there's not much that can be done to stop it. Which leaves it up to you to handle it, which is obviously the reason for your post. I've did, however, have encounters that I disliked just as much and I like to think my approach to them is efficient because it has drastically lowered over
  11. Although I haven't seen an increase in Xgold either. My subscription was supposed to end in November... And I have 150 days remaining. Unless I forgot how to math... that feels like there has been compensation on game time though.
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