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  1. Thank you MeiLing, HazyRays, Hikikomori, Nektar, XeniaLynn, Duschenka, Twiggy, Derai, and β˜™π”Όπ•©β§ For helping out with all really good ideas and some of them to be honest I never thought about. I will be reporting and blocking and not responding. I also do have my profile with into and not into categories and they more to the point in a not rude manner. I think for me its just when your in the situation including that many of them you kind of don't think of the basics and you kind fall into the I have no idea what to do. I know that these people who have done this to me are more rare
  2. Thanks for the advice I will give it a shot. It has not been as bad as soon as I started blocking people and also I will be staying away from the rooms and Have been and its cut down a lot actually. But thank you so much for the positive comment it helps a lot.
  3. Okay so I have been on 3dx now for a while and I do love it how ever I must say the sexual harassment on this game is getting horrible. When your being called racist or a trump supporter cause you say no thanks to having sex with BBC with out so much as a conversation even know its posted on your profile that you don't just have sex with random people. Or when your dancing in the room and a Lesbian, Futa, Trans, or Sissy just message you up automatically starting to role play grabbing your pvt parts. or trying to say if you don't have sex with them your trans-phobic. Its uncalled for and sexua
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