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  1. I'll be there as Bree, probably burn it down or something.
  2. He mentioned you as well, all good things as well 😄
  3. Oh Merlin is a friend of mine, I am glad you two had fun!
  4. This is amazing, C. ❤️ Thanks for making it!
  5. I appreciate this and you. ❤️
  6. It keeps going down when I am having such wonderful conversations. 🙃
  7. They better, this lynnibree seems unsafeeee. A shady characterrrr.
  8. World so Cold by Mudvayne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPFVJ4PR1uQ
  9. You say your brother forgave him, doesn't sound like he gets trigger by the word rape. I didn't say forget, I said let go, there's a difference.
  10. I'm sorry it happened to you as well, Paula.
  11. Kay so there's a lot of hate going on in this thread. -waves hand- I was molested when I was twelve, right? Big black guy, home alone, won't go into details, worse than a finger. It's left it's mark on me, prolly made me the sex crazed slut I am today, yuh, hate the bastard for it, remember his name well. Always will. I'm not offended by the word rape in the slightest. People give too much power to words, seriously. Should the public room be named rape? Prolly not, it can trigger and is just tacky. Taboos are taboos after all. This whole guilt tripping thing is unnecessary though. People have fantasies, sometimes even rape fantasies. No one is trying to belittle your pain, just pushing the envelope as we all do. I'm sorry for your pain, all of you who have suffered unjustly, I truly am. If I could, I would take such pain from you. There's no need to try and make people feel bad for having a guilty pleasure, a taboo, no less. They know the implications and connotations, they are aware, but they aren't out to get you, or shame you. I mean unless they are being a total dick about it to you, then yeah it's personal. I don't think rape fantasies should be a public thing, but the guilt tripping shouldn't be a thing either. I can assure you, we all know rape is a bad thing. No one here is pro rape that I'm aware of. I don't know, maybe I'm desensitized, I've pushed the envelope so far, I have. All I can say is, let go of your pain, holding onto the past like this will only destroy you. This awful thing, it doesn't define any of us who have suffered it. It doesn't devalue you in the slightest, no matter what anyone says, yuh.
  12. Happly birthday adaraaaa
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