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    Pretty much into building and writing with people.
    Outside the Game i'm playing badminton in a club for like...21 Years? Furthermore I like to play the electric Guitar and listen to a lot of music; the genre doesn't really matter, except it is any kind of metal or that creepy "music" that sounds like a computer just died and the sounds got recorded and looped 20 times into a row...

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  1. I used to be a Pacman-Pro like you. But then I took a Pixelghost to the knee... >.>
  2. Got a Spectrum sitting around somewhere
  3. Do you get to play Pacman very often? Oh. What am I saying... Of course you don't.
  4. Oh geez. Back to Pacman again. Oh right. Please don't Ddos my Pacman. >.>
  5. We once upon a time had those building contests. People did build amazing things (shoutout to Redji and Manyasha!). But it all just caused a wave of drama. Builders and their friends downvoting other builds in order to promote their own, even dragging all their friends in, etc. etc. etc.. Just leave the things as they are. Just hop from room to room, look where your friends are and hang out with them or drag them over to a room you like. People are creative. THX for example made a whole lot of entertaining rooms. I'm still working on an adventure-room. Go where you enjoy to be. And if you want to have sex, go join a fuckroom, simple as that. There are dozens of them after all.
  6. Oh, I had no idea. I cannot see her posts. And it's probably better that way. Just wanted to give away that little hint about room-population.
  7. Why spending money on promoting your rooms, when you can just write "Sex/BBC/Slut/Whore/Gangbang/Orgy/Fuck/Pussy" etc. in the roomname? The room will be overfilled with people in no time, regardless how much effort you've put into building it.
  8. Well, this might be goodbye. So many things screwed up these last months, and I'm seriously sorry to disappoint all the people who have put together the money to get me another year of 3DX-Chat, and also all the people who supported me with building, personal problems and many other issues. But the game has changed. Changed so much that I don't want to support it any further. The lack of updates last year, the way the community behaves, all the spam and drama... I'm sick of it. I...

    1. Llavia


      I'm not happy when clicking this Icon on my desktop anymore. Maybe things will turn better after a while. You can still contact me on the forums, as I still look into it from time to time. Perhaps this might set a little signal, however, I would consider rejoining if things will improve. Best wishes - Yours Llavia ~

  9. This is so funny Riela, i can exactly put myself in your shoes, even when it's not 5 years that I'm around. I actually planned on writing something from my point of view as well, but you've summed it up so well, that I can only like your post and nod in approvement. =P
  10. THX, the new version is broken due to a small spelling mistake in the data-name. You can fix it by not using dots in the name =)
  11. Well, let's stop it right here. It doesn't mean that I quit, I just don't argue with people that don't want to understand. Let's just ask Gizmo if we can maybe get something like a full-ignore-feature on the forum or a locked thread for you, where you can decide what should be posted there, and where you can delete all the hatemails. - Thread closed.
  12. Look. I don't even get why you're offended. I'm trying to give an oppotunity here. No need to assume that I'm jealous. Just like you, I have the ability and knowledge to create the things I desire in the world editor. But if you want to contact the people that recieved builds from you, wouldn't a pm or a post on your blog be more effective? I just thought that it would be efficient for all of us if you'd get your own subforum on here, to keep your followers on track.
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