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  1. Hi all...I was having this issue months ago (before I took a significant amount of time off) and it's still around now. My rooms have been under 2MB in size (1500 -1800kb average) and I still have to try multiple times with multiple resaves to get the room to load. It usually takes saving the room after my changes, loading and selecting it again, and then trying again saving the room to a similar file name before it finally lets me load (long spinning time for the load). It also doesn't seem to happen on all of my rooms. Is it a file corrupted or something related to my profile? Is there a way
  2. Does that only apply to spheres, though? When it was working correctly, I could drop in a 1 meter square prim at 0,0,0 and have it divided equally a half meter positive and negative along each axis. Also, I thought the position of the object along your grid was independent of the gizmo view of Center or Pivot?
  3. Fine, maybe I'm suddenly nuts...I wouldn't put it past 2020 to turn me completely barking mad just for a lark...but is something busted in the coordinates system for the World Editor? I could have sworn that if I created an object and used the Transform Tool to declare exact position of X0, Y0, Z0, that the object's center would lay at the intersection of all three vertices. Suddenly, a new object created and dropped at 0,0,0 is NOT at dead center. If all of the Rotation fields are set to 0,0,0 the object will be split 50/50 above and below the Y axis, but X and Z are still out of alignme
  4. This has been a consistent problem for me over the last few days, pre- and post-patch 423. Sometimes saving to a new file does it, other times, I'm caught in a loop and can't seem to get out of my current build. I wish I knew if there was a consistent fix that allows me to view my changes after saving, but I can't tell. Anyone else with any ideas, please chime in. Frustratedly yours, Lazlo
  5. Sorry kids...no joy yet. Connection lasts for a moment only then drops again. I would go ahead and bypass all of the "The Devs suck/No they don't" drama here and just go take a break for awhile. I'mma go watch the trailer for Denis Villaneuve's DUNE again...god DAMN it looks good! Cheers, Laz
  6. Dammit...I guess my sarcasm projectors failed again... /me sighs Back to the workshop...
  7. I don't recall that being the original intention of having alts when I started playing in The Long Ago...but the devs were just as mysterious about their intentions then as they are now, so who knows...I haven't created a new account in years...do people still get more than 1 avi to start? I heard something about it costing 10k to make one. I'll tell you what boils my boxers...those lying sacks of shit that play demons THAT AREN'T ACTUALLY REAL FUCKING DEMONS! I mean, if I'm gonna surrender my God-granted grace to an unholy, soul sucking she-creature, draining my essence in an orgy of ma
  8. Per the rules that were dropped at the beginning of all this, the only advertising that can be done for donations was within Local in that specific room. I think it was already said that Gizmo and company are just facilitating donations for hosts, but not taking any kind of cut. Sure, kind of a bizarre biz move from their standpoint, but if they're doing it to build goodwill after all of the assorted server crap, I'll take that olive branch...
  9. Actually, I do know...I built old-school in this place with the original editor and the original props and prims when you had to find creative ways to bend the limited stuff that we had into words or other cool stuff. We also basically had two tiny apartments and one matchbox sized balcony to build entire clubs on...you could fit 20 original Blue Notes into one of the aircraft hanger sized clubs that you see nowadays. (See attached.) When my place got nuked in one of the later updates, my real life had changed where I didn't have the time to devote to rebuilding an original place from the grou
  10. Yup...full circle...I think the big complicated answer is contracts and enforcements. The short answer is let's not worry about it for now. Neither one is perfect. I still have trouble believing that people who shared their stuff for nothing would stop doing that...because even if someone else takes their stuff and makes money off of it, the original people are still sharing their stuff for free. Nothing really changes for them. I also still think that good building is a lot more than just original pixels, but I guess I'm a terrible person and I suck. It's been fun thinking through all of the
  11. In your example if the builder is also host and creator, they would get the whole thing. If a builder says "Hey, host my room, and you can split any income with me 50/50." and the Host says "Ok, can I hire a really good DJ?", and the builder says "Sure, but if they wanna get paid, it comes out of your half." then you start having a functioning economy, just like real life. If people want to get that involved about it, it's up to them. Many probably won't care that much. If somebody wants to create an object and share it and say "You can't use this in any other build unless you pay me 10%
  12. So I want to clarify something, especially because I feel like the main argument being used against this is based on one small slice of the whole pie... Assume for the moment all of the previous comments and arguments about HOW you prove original ownership are set aside. Also, it's clear the main concern is not "purchasing" a room for use later...no file or resources are transferring ownership. Instead, the only place this argument applies is if you're thinking of it as profiting off of a room or objects you got for free. You didn't make it, but you make money from it. That is a legiti
  13. Thanks, THX...I guess the stumbling block that I'm running into is how ownership was actually managed and proven in 3DX pre-donation vs post-donation. I'll cop to using one of Amy LaRouche's places as my personal home, and filling it with a bunch of objects from other designers. If I give my modified file to a friend, without any kind of compensation, just passing on the combo of items I mixed up, am I in violation of the shared agreement? Does Amy have a right to say "Don't do that please."? Now add to that scenario when it's a public space or open use environment...club, coffee shop, BD
  14. A cool idea, Ana...it would definitely solve the issue for donations, but could stifle creative sampling and inspiration that one builder can provide to others. I suppose if someone is really precious about their designs, they deserve the right to prevent others from using them, even as an inspiration to work from. I think that's the wrong idea to have in this environment though. I think everybody wins when good ideas are allowed to be shared. Laz
  15. Cool...if the individual businesses that run those worlds are willing to use that as proof, and it's clear in their guidelines for builders, then I'm all for it. Whether it holds up in a court of law, that's way above my head. I'd hate to have to go and argue before a judge that I want to be fairly paid because someone stole my 3D online sex dungeon, but if whatever system ends up being used is admissible, great. For now, that's why I'd keep it simple. Just toss someone a few bucks for nice work and don't sweat it too much.
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