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  1. Yup...full circle...I think the big complicated answer is contracts and enforcements. The short answer is let's not worry about it for now. Neither one is perfect. I still have trouble believing that people who shared their stuff for nothing would stop doing that...because even if someone else takes their stuff and makes money off of it, the original people are still sharing their stuff for free. Nothing really changes for them. I also still think that good building is a lot more than just original pixels, but I guess I'm a terrible person and I suck. It's been fun thinking through all of the implications (give or take the unnecessary character judgments) but ultimately yes, the whole freakin thing is voluntary. Be like Yoda and do, or do not... Peace, Laz
  2. In your example if the builder is also host and creator, they would get the whole thing. If a builder says "Hey, host my room, and you can split any income with me 50/50." and the Host says "Ok, can I hire a really good DJ?", and the builder says "Sure, but if they wanna get paid, it comes out of your half." then you start having a functioning economy, just like real life. If people want to get that involved about it, it's up to them. Many probably won't care that much. If somebody wants to create an object and share it and say "You can't use this in any other build unless you pay me 10% of your take", then I would probably say "Let's wait until there's a way to actually prove you built it, sign a contract that says we have that deal, and a system in place to enforce it (The Long Answer)." or "Ok, never mind (The Short Answer)." But sharing for the sake of sharing wouldn't stop. The noble 100%-ers can give away their stuff without asking or receiving anything for it, the others who make spaces with shared stuff (i.e. real people) can ask for donations for whatever reason (time, effort, paying for their sick cat's dialysis), using that voluntary button that no one is forced to click on. Gosh...fascinating how things evolve, innit? Laz
  3. So I want to clarify something, especially because I feel like the main argument being used against this is based on one small slice of the whole pie... Assume for the moment all of the previous comments and arguments about HOW you prove original ownership are set aside. Also, it's clear the main concern is not "purchasing" a room for use later...no file or resources are transferring ownership. Instead, the only place this argument applies is if you're thinking of it as profiting off of a room or objects you got for free. You didn't make it, but you make money from it. That is a legitimate concern, but way more complicated to manage within the scope of this game, at least as it is now. I'm not talking about someone who copies an entire room, whole cloth, doesn't modify a single pixel, and slaps a donate button on it claiming it's theirs. (Even if they change a few colors or textures, it's tacky...no argument here.) But, I do think that there is some legitimate craft to designing a good room...layout, lighting, how things are arranged, traffic flow, internal consistency of design. For a freakin 3D sex game, you've got some world class designers in here. And not every one of those designers is creating 100% original content. The community grew around the ability to share cool objects with others and see what you could do with them. That's how life works... you take all of the resources you have at your disposal and make amazing shit with it. Not everyone has the time, energy or desire to build everything from scratch, but there can still be dozen's of hours of thoughtful design and development using outside bits and pieces to build. Talk to a high end interior designer sometime and think about how they pull different elements together to make a room match the personality and desires of their clients. It takes work...and costs a shit ton of money. So...maybe rooms here don't get that extreme (although the potential is there), but you still have the same idea. If someone creates a room with 99.9% all original content from the ground up, but then uses somebody else's doorknob off of a shared site to really pull the whole concept together, they are not a greaaasey thief as soon as they drop the Donate tag on it. And introducing the idea of recognition of effort is not automatically a bad thing...especially when someone can and should be commended for using existing stuff in interesting new ways. Besides, if I'm dumping a lot of time and effort into creating a nice home, and I want to shave off a little time by using someone else's blender in my kitchen, that shouldn't exclude others from applauding that by tossing me a dollar, if they so choose. I know it's not a perfect idea, Ana, but I have to respectfully disagree...since right now, donating is strictly voluntary. And yeah, like I mentioned in other comments above, all of the hoops related to ownership and compensation would get very ugly if you want to "sell" a design for someone else to use, and still get credit for it. But considering the world we live in now, if people get a little extra love for the time and effort they put in making cool spaces, with original OR non-original content, I'm good with that. OK. /soapbox Laz
  4. Thanks, THX...I guess the stumbling block that I'm running into is how ownership was actually managed and proven in 3DX pre-donation vs post-donation. I'll cop to using one of Amy LaRouche's places as my personal home, and filling it with a bunch of objects from other designers. If I give my modified file to a friend, without any kind of compensation, just passing on the combo of items I mixed up, am I in violation of the shared agreement? Does Amy have a right to say "Don't do that please."? Now add to that scenario when it's a public space or open use environment...club, coffee shop, BDSM Family Fun Center, whatever. If I throw up the donation tab, with the intention that I want folks to recognize all the hard work I did putting all those elements together into a cool space, am I in violation of any agreement, shared or otherwise? Do any of the designers have a right to the few dollars I earn, assuming they have a way to prove that the elements I'm using were created by them before they were ever created or used by me? If that's the case, we're suddenly talking a radical reworking of the End User agreement as it stands now and needing some solid guidelines in place for how to document everything. Messy doesn't begin to cover it...
  5. A cool idea, Ana...it would definitely solve the issue for donations, but could stifle creative sampling and inspiration that one builder can provide to others. I suppose if someone is really precious about their designs, they deserve the right to prevent others from using them, even as an inspiration to work from. I think that's the wrong idea to have in this environment though. I think everybody wins when good ideas are allowed to be shared. Laz
  6. Cool...if the individual businesses that run those worlds are willing to use that as proof, and it's clear in their guidelines for builders, then I'm all for it. Whether it holds up in a court of law, that's way above my head. I'd hate to have to go and argue before a judge that I want to be fairly paid because someone stole my 3D online sex dungeon, but if whatever system ends up being used is admissible, great. For now, that's why I'd keep it simple. Just toss someone a few bucks for nice work and don't sweat it too much.
  7. I get your main point, and agree, but forgive me if I'm a little bit skeptical, at least with how things are set up here right now. If we've got provisions in place to time stamp a created object in a specific combination, or show a screenshot when the item is made that can be trusted as authentic, great. I'd like to see it in practice...(and I know my own experience with it may be limited...I'm still being cautious.) All of that aside, though...my original arguments remain. Donating as it seems to be intended by Gizmo does not mean "buying" someone else's room design or contents, does not transfer any ownership, and should not require any compensation to other designers if the room includes any non-original, shared or public content. I think it is (and should be) a recognition of the time and energy required to put together a cool design, made from original or shared content. For now, let it be that. If people decide to be douche-y and abuse the system (or when, sadly), and try to charge people for other stuff, we'll blow up that bridge when we come to it. Laz
  8. Hi guys, Time again for old Lazlo to wildly misunderstand things and ask a silly question: Where does it say that "Donate to Creator" means "Buy the Room and/or all it's contents"? As I understood it, it's a way to throw a few sheckles as thanks to someone who has put together a cool space, and gets a bit of real world compensation for their time and effort. I don't think there's a transfer of ownership any more than I "own" a song that I am streaming or a TV show that I am watching. Yes, If I want to set up a site and actually sell downloadable .world files, I better have some way to copy protect each of those pieces of data. (Good luck with that.) Right now there is literally no way to do that. And setting aside the whole thing of open use of a room shared on Torax' site (or any other), even a room that has built in signature objects (like I've seen in Amy LaRouche's room and others) can just be altered to remove that signature. Unless you can figure out a way to PROVE that a set of primitives in THIS combination with THESE dimensions and THIS texture map was created solely by you, you got squat. I will proudly admit up front that I am a shamelessly lazy object thief...within the existing (pre-donate) environment. If I want to make the kitchen in my house look lived in, and I don't have the time or the energy to make a bunch of kitchen clutter, Imma go steal it from someone who has put in the time and effort. (And when I am able, I will thank them profusely for it.) No, I never claim that someone else's stuff is mine, and if I decide to set up a Patreon page, I'm going to make sure that every contributor I remember is recognized. Yeah, I expect other people won't do that, and if not, they are douches of the lowest grade...But my places are always gonna be combos of my stuff, and others. It would be cool to get some love for how I put it all together into a coherent whole that people respond to. Right now, our World Editor is like a big musical instrument, and each element used in construction is like the notes. Combinations of those notes created by others are like samples, and you can sample all you want, you just better be clear that's what you're doing up front, or your gonna get called out on it. A 100% truly original composition is a thing of beauty, and deserves to be recognized. But just remember, as soon as it's out there, it's gonna get sampled too. And I can't claim ownership of the musical note "A". (Yeah, I know you can copyright songs, and I know the metaphor isn't perfect...but we don't have the tools to really secure ownership of rooms and objects in the same way, is my point, especially when everything created technically belongs to SexGameDevil anyway.) As for all of the other stuff ...yeah, people suck. Welcome to the Internet. Laz
  9. Hiyas GottaGo, I tried to download the latest version of the Text Editor from the link you provided and Mega keeps giving some kind of transfer error and timing out. I would prefer to not have to create an account at a site I will otherwise never use. Do you have this file hosted anywhere else, or is it possible to do it as an attachment here that we can access? Many thanks! Lazlo
  10. What I’ve always wondered about is why the online sex game market always feels like an either/or proposition. You get a super supported system, OR a really strong and diverse community OR an in game economy you could actually make a living from OR fantastic, hyper real graphics...but you can’t get all of those in one game. Is it really so difficult to do all of those at once? Maybe 5 years ago, sure...but now?
  11. No worries...I’ve taken this thread into the dunes a few times myself over the past few days. I don’t think I need THAT large a sausage with my eggs in the morning, thank you, but to each their own. And good morning to you, Osira! ; )
  12. Good morning all my friendly perverts! I’m not awake enough yet to scroll through all the back chatter. I can assume that we either had another false start or we are still down, correct? Cheers! Lazlo
  13. That's horny ambassatard, thank you very much! /me tips his feathered tricorn hat with the glowing "DTF" button and adjusts his "Hornerable Ambassatard of 3DX" silk sash.
  14. I and the rest of the horny bastards, present or not, welcome you to the forums, Osira!
  15. /me adopts snooty voice "Our data center only caters to the FINEST data...our network cables are tipped in platinum and our disks spin softly in a gentle whisper as our heat exchangers are fanned by 200 happy and well fed Guatemalan orphans, and our backup batteries are continually recharged by the perpetual motion of 300 inbred Chinchillas running on titanium wheels and fed on only the freshest Andalusian kale."
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