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  1. Hey all, I've been around for a pretty long time and seen some amazing changes to the game. Overall it just keeps getting better. I've got a list of suggestions for all sorts of things that's longer than my leg, but one that I rarely see is improvements to our plain, reliable automatic lovers, Betty and Bob! It's time they got an upgrade too! Hear me out...they could actually have a dozen extra uses besides the emergency companion when you are all out of options, or the crash test dummies for your latest build. This list is off the top of my head and in no particular order. I'm sure some of these may be completely impossible given the current structure of the game, but who knows, maybe not. Make them customizable like any other av...at a bare minimum, let us change their clothing (or lack thereof) when they appear. If we could undress/redress them on the fly, that would be even better. Changing other features, including names, would be extra awesome. Let us introduce them to our friends. If I bring someone home and need an extra hand, or other body part, I'd like to be able to call them in. If other visitors can group with them even when I am not, so much the better. Having control of them once they're activated would also be useful. Walking them from their arrival point, initiating or rejecting poses thru them, etc. If they are basically built like an alt without the ability to friend/ignore/earn cash/gift, etc. they could still be useful. And they would effectively never leave your room, so they are contained to one environment. If we want to get really out there, how about some limited scripting or bot capability? (I'm not talking full sentience here...I've seen Westworld, for chrissakes, and we don't need another robot uprising.) Have them greet people entering the room, act as bartenders, make announcements or take messages. I'm talking limited responses...I realize there'd be a lot involved in even a few premade actions. But it's a start. Eventually, what about making characters as objects that we can add to a room? Suppose I wanted to have a band playing in my club, instead of just instruments on stage that people could pick up? Or shopkeepers, or background people on the street. Again, I'm not talking super automated, just adding more color. Yes, I get that these are all pretty extravagant ideas. I don't want to think about the work involved in some of the crazier stuff. But it's a great place to begin and to have lofty goals to shoot for. Why not see what can be done? Thanks! - Lazlo
  2. That's a good point, thanks! I still wonder if dropping the cost on renames at least would be useful. Maybe other folks can chime in with pros/cons. - Laz
  3. Hi Gizmo and the gang, I have an alt that I haven't used for a long time. I'd like to change his name and do a redesign on him. I noticed on the selection page that Name & Gender change is 20k in xgold. I get that swapping models/genders shouldn't necessarily be too easy, for a whole host of reasons, but does a simple name change, especially for an alt, need to be so steep? I'm sure you'd want to prevent trolling/stalking/abuse issues, etc., but maybe make a way that you can designate a Primary, and the Alts are always tagged or somehow tied back to the original in the name display. Or at least, drop the cost for name changes down to a few grand and not a vault-buster like 20k. If this is an issue that has or will already be addressed in an update and I missed how to do it, lemme know. Thanks for the continuing awesomeness! Fyrefly (a.k.a. Lazlo)
  4. Hi all! The new editor looks nifty but I have a few questions that have popped into mind before I can really dive into it. Forgive me if any of these have been addressed elsewhere... 1) Sorry if this seems a silly question, but why is the 1 m (meter?) measurement not anything like a meter relative to the height of our avis? Since all of us are effectively the same height anyway, (and assuming average human height between 1.6 to 1.7 meters), the “1m” object size seems off. I like to go for realism in my structures...it would be cool to be able to measure out spaces, wall height and objects that hew closer to real life. I know that’s not as fantastical as the way some like to build, but I prefer the option. 2) Speaking of object size, how does size effect lag or load times? For example, if I want to cover a large section of my grid with landscaping, is it better to make multiple smaller tiles, or bigger tiles? How big can they comfortably get? What kind of things are going to slow my space down to a crawl if anyone wants to come visit? 3) Going the other way, how small can things go...I’m assuming you can use tecniques like before and use edges of objects to do things like wall art and text. Do multiple tiny objects cause issues like big ones (if either does)? I know there are tutorials and such out there already...I’m just trying to anticipate issues related to scale. Thanks all to any tips or answers you can provide...i’m looking forward to digging in and building something new and creative! - Lazlo
  5. I've been using the new .dll but this is the first time that I've had an issue with it. I was able to edit fine just last night. I made some changes today and jumped out...when I went back into editor, BOOM. I was not in 2.0.
  6. Hi all, Is there any way to restore a previous version of a room? I was editing the Blue Note and re-entered to check some of my changes. When I went back to customize again, the entire room was wiped clean to the bare walls. I also run a copy of the game in a virtual machine through Parallels on a Mac, and that room also came up as blank. I don't have recent backups on either version (Bootcamp or Parallels), so all that work is gone. Is anybody even still running this damn game? --Lazlo
  7. There are so many good suggestions here, I would end up liking until my liker falls off...so I'll give everything a blanket Like! Now, the big question...where the hell is the ROMANCE?!? Let me touch my partner's face. Give me more hugging, kissing, and cuddling options. Snuggling on a couch, kissing on a bean bag chair, lying face to face in bed with her head on my chest, or mine on hers. And give us more variations within the sex poses, for touching or kissing during, not just after. Enough with the porno poses already...watch a real romantic movie for inspiration and let us treat our partners right! Lazlo
  8. The main stage of the Blue Note got nuked by my first trip to the editor as well. I did succeed in doing a redesign which involved a slightly different stage shape and a few well placed beer caddies to fill the gaps. I had some of my more nimble dancer friends try it out before reopening and it seems to be alright. In the end though, it was a workaround and it gets me by, even though it's not the look I wanted. If the Devs do actually have any sense of what we do with our private environments, they would be wise to respect that, or at least give us fair warning and a reasonable answer as to why we have to lose one of the most frequently used customizations in the game. I'm not going to do anything as dramatic as pick up my virtual ball and leave forever (there are too many other important aspects to this game for me) but I do think we can make our feelings better known to the developers, and convince them to support the tools we use to make the game more fun. At the very least, enough negative voices should convince them they made a bad move. /rant Laz
  9. Lady SweetHeart, This place makes it so easy for any of us to forget about the people on the other side of the equation...I know I have been guilty of it too, and felt deep shame at the pain I have caused others. That is why moving forward it is so important to me to call out the dangers we face with our hearts here. I am not perfect, I will be the first to admit. But I believe strongly in the truth, always. It's not an easy goal, but it's the only one that matters in the end. Merlin said it best: https://youtu.be/SLsBwLhIVkk Peace, Laz
  10. Lady SweetHeart, Although I never knew you well before this revelation, I have good friends who have been hurt by your actions. And although I don't doubt that others will judge me, or call me judgmental if I don't join in respecting your confession, I cannot grant the mantle of "Brave" to your efforts to atone for a cowardly act. Some may even want to suggest that all your good and kind actions and the joy you spread somehow balance the scales...I'm sorry, but I must disagree. The simple fact is that, regardless of your intentions, you allowed your deception to continue when emotions were involved, and real people got hurt because of it. And only those people who you hurt by your actions have any right to forgive it. I don't see an issue of gender expression here, or any kind of celebration of your inner self. Those are good and noble things and should be encouraged, but NEVER at the expense of others. And I recognize and support your right to play as who you would like to be, for whatever reason. But when our play here crosses into the realm of the personal, in any way, we MUST tread lightly. Those who know you better than I may see that you are a good person and that you don't mean anyone any harm. Since I don't know you well, I can't speak to that, but I must instead stand up for those who have been wronged, whomever they may be. They are just as valid, and just as worthy of respect. This entire game is built on a foundation of smoke, mirrors, and misdirection. There are many different kinds of falsehood here, many that are agreed upon and accepted as part of the experience. I can be a pure role-playing character and not be considered deceptive...I can put on a different skin (male or female) to try a new experience or travel unknown for awhile when I wish to see a place with a new perspective. These are things that everyone can do...it's all harmless as long as no one is getting hurt by it. But because of the feelings of those real hearts on the other side of the screen, it is all too easy to cause hurt, even with the best of intentions. In the end, we ALWAYS need to be honest about who we are, and what our intentions are, whenever we encounter another. This doesn't mean spilling every personal secret, or demanding real life information. It means respecting the people on the other side of the encounter and making sure that everyone is on the same page BEFORE things go too far. And if anyone believes that this level of responsibility stifles their free expression or somehow keeps them from fully enjoying the game, they do not belong here. You have no right to wield that kind of power over another. This is an ADULT game, and not because of the sex poses. I know you feel remorse for your actions, LadySweetHeart, and I don't want you to feel that I am singling you out for this. Instead, I want to speak to this situation because of my own bad experiences, and knowing that others like me who have been lied to need to be heard as well. I condemn your actions, not you personally. I acknowledge your effort to atone, but I will not celebrate those efforts, when by doing so it diminishes the pain that others may have felt. I hope that you grow from this experience and use that fun and loving spirit which everyone here has applauded to make the game better for everyone. I also hope that all of us will strive to be more honest in all of our encounters with each other...to remember the real hearts on the other side of the screen, and remember that we all benefit and get more from this amazing game when we put those other hearts before our own. Maybe it's a pipe dream, but I am going to make that effort myself. I hope I'm not alone in this. Those who are honest, and up front, and take responsibility for their actions, I am proud to count among my true friends. I hope some day I can add you among their number. Sincerely, Lazlo
  11. Hiyas, I have recently recreated Lazlo after being deleted. I have added people on my friends list that either disappear the next time I log on or change zones, show as offline when they are not, or only show up as online after they respond to a PM. Also, they have told me that I am still on their friends list even though they are not on mine. In addition, I have had situations where I log into a public area or a private room, and although I appear fully clothed to myself, I am naked to my friends. Reentering an area or logging off completely is not fixing the issue. Unless you are planning on implementing an "Auto-Nudist" feature, can you fix this as well? Many thanks, Lazlo
  12. Hi all, as one of the offending parties (or party hosts, specifically) I should chime in. And for the record here, there is no butthurt involved. Here is my goal for the announcements I make...I created my spot as a safe and fun chat zone. I like to let people know about it. Huge attendance numbers were never an issue for me (and with my layout, I don't really support big crowds anyway.) But I do try to advertise a couple of times whenever I decide to open my room. I'm not an HTML wonk so I'm only doing a few odd tricks to get a little attention, and I don't want to be a pest about it anyway. I know there are others that do some amazing and creative stuff with their code, but that it can be annoying. My only goal is to tell people my doors are open, c'mon by if you want and hang out. All of the other comments and points about popularity contests and so on doesn't mean diddly (and I don't mean Bo) to me. So if you restrict the code, or don't restrict the code, it ultimately doesn't matter...I will individually PM each and every friend I have when my doors open, if that's what it takes...that's what's important to me. For me, the place is the thing. For others, it might be different. I think there is a bigger issue here. Here's the thing...I have been on about two months here. This place has boggled my mind sometimes, bruised my heart other times, and made me laugh my ass off pretty much every day I've been here. But the question that all of this discussion really raises for me is "What the hell is this place supposed to be?" If it's nothing but a sex game, then ignore the spam and go have a good shag. If it's a real community, then let the community police itself by having public opinion regulate the chat...ignore the bastards who over spam and don't visit their rooms (and yes, that means that if you think my 3 announcements to someone else's 15 announcements is just as great a crime, shun me too.) I am not anti rules by any means...I know that there are times when restrictions are necessary. But putting a creative chokehold on any of the chat channels is not going to change things...people will always find another way to get attention. And ultimately, if this place is important to everyone, then our power lies in telling the developers to get off their asses, hire more people or accept more user created content, and make the changes and fixes that matter to us (such as room control, better advertising, more chat features, and so on) instead of creating another lame porn-inspired pose. If they don't, we should vote with our wallets or walk away. I've talked to folks recently about some of the other alternative places out there for this kind of game (Achat, RLC, Second Life, etc.) and how they all fall short in different ways. The potential of this game still blows me away, and what it really could be is amazing. So yes, the day to day annoyance of overblown HTML chat is a thing, and should not be brushed off, but I want to see the deeper issues addressed...why do people want to advertise their rooms in the first place? Why do they need to use big banners to get attention? How does a new person coming on know that there is a place they can go beyond the 5 static environments that come with the game, and they can see people do amazing and creative things with the limited tools available? I haven't read all of the forums, and I don't know how much the devs really listen to our feedback, but I hope they are getting some kind of clue that this place is growing beyond what they may have originally intended, and they're not just taking our money and laughing all the way to the bank. /soapbox I'm sorry if that was a round about way of saying I disagree about restrictions, and I want to see more and better ways to advertise for room runners. If my rant belongs in another thread, so be it, but I've been wanting to say all that for awhile. Thanks for indulging me. Cheers, Lazlo
  13. Hito and LadySweetheart, Congrats to you both! Sorry I could not make it...but I wish you all the happiness and love you deserve! The pics were awesome too! As they say in the Big Easy... Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!) Now, no Blues for you two...rock out! Love, Lazlo
  14. Fyrefly

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    Thanks Zedd! I know people hear me blather on about my club in game, and I may even have a reputation as some kind of rules freak because I always tell people to take their more hardcore activities out on the patio or someplace else, but I really do think it's important to create those alternatives to the the non-stop sex clubs. (Don't get me wrong...I have friends that run those kind of places and I like visiting as much as the next horny dude) I think everyone benefits from having cool hangout places that are personalized by their owners and not just open public spots like the tables on the Island. It's more realistic, fun and erotic to start a conversation with someone that you're really into in a cool place, maybe spend a little time making out in a dark corner, then whisper in their ear "Hey, your place or mine?" Just heading to the nearest sofa and straight up banging away is boring, not to mention it kills the atmosphere for everyone else. If we can have an alternative, why the heck not? That's my rant...don't wanna get off topic, but it fits in with wanting more things that make the whole world feel real. --Lazlo
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