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  1. Thanks...I did finally hear from her and she did my reset and I'm good to go. I'll have to spend some time rebuilding a few things but it's a good thing I have saves! Have fun everyone! Laz
  2. Hiyas...when did she respond to you? I made a request last night and haven't gotten any response yet. Did you have to provide any other info or take any other steps? Thanks! Laz
  3. Hi! Can you clarify that a bit please? Define "reset your character's looks". Is this going to trash the appearance of my current avi's? Thanks!
  4. Hey Doug, Check your screen resolution and the setting size for your UI. If the UI Scale is larger than 1.0, sometimes the confirmation pop up to delete a picture is placed off screen. Shrinking your UI back to 1.0 puts the pop up in reach and you'll be able to delete the pic. I run the game on a 5K monitor and need to boost the UI to see everything, and this problem drove me nuts for awhile. Hope that helps! - Laz
  5. I figured it out! I had my UI set to the largest size (2.0) because of my screen resolution. When you try to delete a photo or gift, the confirmation prompt disappears off screen. Once I set back to the default 1.0, I can see the yes/no prompt. How aggravating! Thanks to all for your suggestions! Laz
  6. Good advice, Leo...thanks! I also have an older machine I'm trying to see if it's something specific to the new box. Wish me luck!
  7. Well, I just don't know if it's only me or if my profiles are corrupted or something. I checked with another friend that was able to add and delete no problem. So maybe re-installing would help?
  8. I've reconnected multiple times and it never changes. Clicking on Delete does nothing. Clicking to buy a photo slot...nada. Argh...
  9. Hi all, Profile photos seem to be busted. Can upload new photos as normal but cannot delete once added. Also can't buy new photo slots for myself or purchase for someone else. Gifts are also not able to be deleted. Are there any ways to get around this? Is there a fix coming anytime soon? Thanks, Laz
  10. Thanks all...I tried sending a request via the support page a few weeks back and never got a response. I also never use Discord so I didn't really want to sign up for it just to send one message. Laz
  11. Hello to billing team; I thought I was upgrading my subscription to annual at the beginning of the year. It looks like my month-to-month subscription is still active and just got re-billed. They are both created under the same email. Do I still only have one user account, or did a second one (with new avi's) get created? If I cancel the monthly account, does it affect my current user account? Thanks! Lazlo
  12. Thanks Jen...I was mainly wondering if there were issues with running a second machine as far as network traffic or power draw. I have a second machine that I can use but didn't know if there would be other issues running it long term. The space is not going to be designed for huge crowds but the intention is to keep it running 24/7. I know people like Hinch run Havasu around the clock but this wouldn't be that complex, at least to start. If anyone else wants to chime in with good suggestions, they are appreciated! Laz
  13. Hi all, I'm wondering if there is a single source of good info on how to operate a room/space 24/7. What is involved as far as extra user accounts, having an extra system work as a small server, simple streaming, and any other issues. If there is not a single resource, but a bunch of other links or places to find this info, can we try to consolidate it all here? (Yes, I'm lazy and haven't looked in detail yet, which is why I want to make a one-stop spot for the info.) Thanks! Lazlo
  14. Hi all...I was having this issue months ago (before I took a significant amount of time off) and it's still around now. My rooms have been under 2MB in size (1500 -1800kb average) and I still have to try multiple times with multiple resaves to get the room to load. It usually takes saving the room after my changes, loading and selecting it again, and then trying again saving the room to a similar file name before it finally lets me load (long spinning time for the load). It also doesn't seem to happen on all of my rooms. Is it a file corrupted or something related to my profile? Is there a way to purge and start over without having to wipe out my entire ID? What are my options? Thanks, Laz
  15. Does that only apply to spheres, though? When it was working correctly, I could drop in a 1 meter square prim at 0,0,0 and have it divided equally a half meter positive and negative along each axis. Also, I thought the position of the object along your grid was independent of the gizmo view of Center or Pivot?
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