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  1. Join the Grady Twins for Halloween at the Overlook Hotel and Maze. Party in The Gold Room with DJ MacyD and DJ OOLisa from 8 pm Eastern to who knows when. Come check out the creepy hotel from the beloved horror movie The Shining including Room 237 created entirely by HeatherK. Hosted by HeatherK
  2. Shanti, I just wanted to tell you how MUCH I'm in love with this cottage!!! <3 You did an awesome job! THANK YOU for sharing. It's freakin adorable!!!
  3. STILL ON for tomorrow!! Loaded my room into our "new world" and put all of the floors back in. It's not quite "hidden" anymore but still come have fun and check out my room! DJs Lisa and Koke will be rockin the place with all kinds of music from Christmas, rock, and pop to a little country! So come on out!
  4. Just in case anyone is wondering, yes building is still happening and yes, the changes are being saved. However, I would still use AlexRyder's 3DXChatSaver program to back up just in case.
  5. Hey all!! Come to my Hideaway Club this Saturday 8 PM Eastern time!! DJ Lisa will be rocking the place!! Check out my room equipped with a full "bar/club", orgy bed that can accommodate 43 couples, a second separate dance floor, gorgeous views of the scenery around my apartment and "private" places to go with your favorite person. We'll be running as long as we have DJs! So come on in and have some fun!
  6. I'm sitting here wondering if I can build and if it will save properly while I have time in the game with no one distracting me. LMFAO!!! Of course, I'm having some weird fun wandering around the completely empty public rooms.
  7. You have time for it now?? Hahahaha!!!
  9. THANK YOU to everyone who came and especially to our AMAZING DJs!!! You all did a SUPER job!! Heather and I totally appreciate all you did to make this night successful!
  10. We've got 4 DJs! DJ OOLisa, DJ Koke, DJ Spicy, and DJ Bozno!!! We ALSO have.... THE GRADY TWINS 3DX Style!!! Come play with us... forever.
  11. Starting at 9 PM Eastern time until the last person leaves! Come and hang out in HeatherK's meticulous replica maze from the Overlook Hotel in the movie "The Shining". DJ OOLisa will be starting things off for us and she is lining up other DJs as well.
  12. THANK YOU to everyone who came out to my big grand opening tonight and made it an ENORMOUS success! Thank you to my BFF Heather for all she did tonight to make this night special. Thank you to Devil, Lucifer, Awahba and Nagiri as well for all your help!! You guys are all amazing! I have the best friends EVER!
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