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  1. This is my 1950s Soda Shop I have been working on for a while. The Soda Shop is nearly complete but I am adding a drive in theater across the road. I had already built my mixer when Amytrubblemaker released her own version. I only wish she had released it sooner, her's is a little nicer than mine. Could have saved me some time. I built my 1956 Wurlitzer specifically for the diner. I am still working on the lighting but it came out pretty nice. For the holiday I added in my Santa. He is rough as I made him just weeks after World Builder was introduced and I was still learning. Everything in the room except for the cars in the parking lot are of my own design. Those cars are amazingly well done and really suited the room.
  2. When entering the room the entrance to the hotel is through the Movie Theater lobby. The party is in the Gold Room at the other end of the hotel. The hotel is large and fun to explore but there are signs to direct you to the Gold Room. I am excited to share the evening with everyone. See you there.
  3. Others have made their cases well enough for all or most of Rochi's mods. I have simply this. I do almost nothing in game anymore than build rooms for other people to enjoy. My hands are often shaky making placement of parts difficult. I could work well enough with the mod giving better control but without it the camera moving in large steps and inverting not only makes it extremely difficult for me to do my highly detailed builds but creates a level of frustration that just will not allow me to continue. I have been here for about 2.5 years now and always a supporter of the game and defender against unfair criticism. I say with full sincerity that if the issues with the editor are not addressed I will not be able to continue building and have no reason to stay. This is not a threat of leaving because I do not receive something I want, it is simply that these issues prevent me from realizing any pleasure in using the system. This is not a choice for me, I can either build here or not and if I cannot build I have no reason to remain. I am not the most prolific builder and my absence would not significantly impact your bottom line or the everyday activities of most people on the system but it would impact me a few friends and all of those who have been inspired by my work. This would be a shame because these are such small problems that really should have been addressed a very long time ago.
  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIx the file selector window so that you can see files by last modified date instead of last accessed. Maybe even save the chosen option. Last Access is no help when trying to open anything but the most recent file.
  5. I know this affecting a lot of people but I do not see it listed here so. LOTS of Disconnects. When I login I often get disconnected again within seconds and have to log in numerous times until I get a stable connection. Once I get a connection that stays more than 30 seconds it seems to remain connected until I choose to log off. If I do log off though I face the possibility of needing to reconnect multiple times the next time I try to log in.
  6. There are many controversial in-game issues that prompt extended arguments/rants all the time. I am trying to read this topic for information about the new build but have to wade through page after page of arguments about things completely unrelated to the build. Please move the discussion to a more appropriate location. Everyone involved in these arguments believe they are right and most have good points whatever side they are on but every one of you involved in those discussions are off topic. You complain about other peoples behavior but doing so under this topic means that each of you are behaving inappropriately. ON TOPIC: Perhaps this topic should be closed and a new one for build 381 opened?
  7. Start fuming then Rob cause I got two of your trolls and left lookalikes in their place. Not even going to tell you which ones I got cause that will just make you pull your hair out faster.
  8. This is a misconception that will only cause more problems. A person does not need to enter your room to steal it so you could end up blaming a friend for something they did not do and make problems for yourself. I do not know the exact details of how someone steals a room that I could yet replicate the process myself but I do know enough of how the games works to know it can be done even by someone without a user account on 3DXChat. I see no reason why someone without an account would steal a room but the point is that your room data is stored in such a way that it can be downloaded by anyone that knows how. I doubt iggying someone would prevent them from downloading your room data either but with the misconceptions on how it happens here those people you have blocked may be the guilty parties and claiming innocence because people keep stating false information on how to keep your room safe or how it is stolen. Accept the idea that it can be taken by anyone with the know how and that you cannot prevent it. Your best protection is publishing pictures of your builds during development so that you can show it is your build before someone tries to claim they created it. The next best thing is to support each other and not visit rooms known to be stolen. This is a dangerous area though because proof is difficult and someone you may trust could claim they created something they did not and the person already victimized gets screwed over. Imagine how much worse the insult would be if not only your creation were stolen but everyone accused you of stealing it from the true thief and you began being blocked or unfriended? Too much mis-information is being passed and repeated here and a lot of it by the victims who make statements saying that Gizmo said it is acceptable to steal rooms. Anyone who purposely lies or distorts the truth to strengthen their argument lose all respectability in my eyes and no matter how wronged they were they will lose my support because they are behaving as bad as the thieves. You cannot justify bad behavior because someone else treated you badly. In this case I would define bad behavior as any behavior that carries the potential to cause harm to any situation-ally innocent party. That being said I do not mind whatsoever any steps taken against a guilty party but you cannot rely on what you think or have heard to establish that guilt or the real perpetrators will create more victims by playing on the bad behaviors of those self-righteous that think "by any means necessary" is a valid and acceptable way to live their life. That's my soapbox speech for today. Hopefully the only one. Just remember, no good will come from lies and deception, you only make the trolls happy and everyone else less so.
  9. I know who he is but he does legitimately have good points to make on occasion and as much as he wants to put a label on something I am the type to resist labels because I am always changing and cannot be so readily labeled. So I only referred to trolls in a generality and not to RobT specifically because I think he has more to him than he generally cares to show.
  10. Oh Llavia, it is so against the nature of the average person to take steps forward. Staying mired in the here and now is so less frightening. Seriously though, no I do not think things will take a step forward. The thread is bogged down by those who are too emotionally involved and not thinking realistically or those who just want to interfere for personal pleasure. There is much I want to say but it is wasted effort in a forum where both the victims and the trolls will twist the truth to support their arguments rather than dealing with the problem in any rational way. It may as well be politics as there is bull flowing freely from both sides and the victims are quickly losing any moral high ground. Nobody wants to see/hear the truth, they want someone to tell them they are right regardless of their actions. It's all just drama now and as wrong as it is for someone to have their work taken and claimed by someone else, I cannot continue to feel sorry for them when they themselves become the wrongdoers propagating false information or working to help others become room thieves.
  11. Saying that someone else said something to promote your argument carries no merit whatsoever. Giving users abilities within the game that are not sex related makes it something other than a sex game. Your opinion has no bearing on what something is or what it becomes other than to yourself. Your choice to keep your life shallow and limited has no bearing on how we choose to experience our world. If I use a rock to hammer nails then that rock is my hammer despite what name you choose to give it. I would not even call this a social game/platform because that is not what everyone uses it for. It is a game with potential to become different things to different people and no obligations upon them to behave how you think is appropriate based on your own personal bias or lack of comprehension. You are not an unintelligent person, I see you post many insightful things. Your stubborn insistence to argue a meaningless point about what the game is when obviously it is something very different indicates you either want to irritate people to entertain yourself or you have a tremendous lack of depth to your thinking and inability to understand more fluid concepts leaving you stuck supporting strict definitions that never change even though the subject matter does. By your definition I do not play the game because I have not had sex in the game in over 8 months though I am still logged into the game just about every day building something interesting, having conversations both good and bad and generally making people laugh. My game has sex options but is not a sex game. Too bad yours is so limited.
  12. You keep saying that but all I hear is that I have options so guess what? NOT!
  13. There is a lot of false ideas constantly pushed here. First, Gizmo never said that stealing rooms is OK. He said that if you post your room on 3DXChat it becomes public. The room information is downloaded across the internet and is available to anyone who knows how to construct the query to retrieve it. That is the nature of how the game works and not something any easy fix can be made for. It does not mean Gizmo condones theft, only that he recognizes the possibility and lets you know that you are at risk of having your work used by someone else. The general rule on all websites even social media is that by uploading anything you are giving rights to what you upload to that site. This prevents nuisance lawsuits by people blaming the site they uploaded to when others take what they made publicly available. Is it possible to create a system that would protect your art from thieves? No. You can create a greater degree of protection but as we all know by the regular security patches we receive just for the operating systems we use, there is no such thing as fully secure software. To create something that is more secure than we currently have in 3DXChat would require significant changes to work around limitations in the Unity code the game is based on or a complete rewrite. We know that when it comes to a business substantial changes do not happen quickly or at all unless there is some profit to be made or at the very least no loss in profit. You have to pay your programmers so changes cost money. Change will only come from opportunities to increase revenue or prevent loss of revenue. 3DXChat is not a sex game despite those who want to rail on about it. It has a sex theme to it certainly. It's primary purpose for some may be sex only but the reality is that the game offers options that do not require sex. The game IS whatever you choose to make of it. Others want to dictate to you what the game is simply because if you do not play along with their idea of what it is they have fewer possibilities. Who knows, what truly motivates them might be the arguing about how it is a sex game and we are all idiots for not just accepting it. Certainly there are plenty of people who get off on doing nothing but aggravating others in the game so why not someone who just gets off arguing over what the purpose of the game is? Note that I do not equate someone arguing their point of view over what the game is with someone who just likes to irritate people, those are two different things whether or not you find the argument irritating. I completely empathize with those who have been wronged by room thieves. I do say wronged because despite whether it is accepted practice it is still wrong even if not legally actionable. The law does not define right and wrong only what has become necessary to allow legal action and even that is often created for immoral use and abuse but that is an entirely different conversation.
  14. I have had people in my room causing problems and I iggied them. The person was lured out of the room by someone else which should have prevented them from coming back since they were fully blocked by me and should not see my room but they managed to come back into my room multiple that same evening. Does it take the room list time to update it's filter so that person could still see my room and join? Is that person using a mod that allows them to enter rooms of people they were blocked by? I can see how easily this could be done by someone with programming experience knowing how the rooms are loaded. I do not know if there is anything during the loading of a room that would then filter someone out or if that is entirely handled by just not producing the room list with your room listed. Or is there another possible way for them to come back in that I have not thought of yet? My thoughts on booting people. As RobT pointed out, making a request too complex is a sure fire way to get it ignored or delayed. Many people have ideas about what should be provided and how it might be accomplished but without knowing the structure of the system and how the client/server relationship works with the related code you can create greater confusion. In a long thread making too many suggestions may actually prevent devs from following thoroughly enough to fully understand what is being asked. Just too much information overload and the brain shuts down or puts on blinders to some of what is happening. What might be more beneficial is to have a discussion of what we would like to see until we get a full picture of what everyone would like to see available. Another discussion of how it might be implemented can happen but would be best done after developing the idea first as the approach to take can vary greatly based on the specifics of the request. In some cases once the full scope of what is wanted has been identified it is possible to develop a phased approach that would be minimal effort to add aspects of the requested feature while building to full functionality over time. Too large a change at any one time is more likely to make the system unstable especially if it involves different areas of the code and between server and client side software so this can be really important if you ever want a project to get off the ground. If too much change is required at one time the project is likely to get bumped by other changes. My suggestion, as I stated above, discuss the needs first, then discuss possible methods if you like though any good programmer is going to evaluate the how on their own. Finally take the fully formulated idea and present it by itself without all the discussion around it so that the devs get just the fleshed out idea and the reasons behind it rather than page after page of thoughts, opinions, arguments, etc. It is much easier to accept and act upon requests like this than trying to follow one or more discussions and filter out the important bits. Now. One incentive that can be pointed out to making this option available is that once you block someone from your room and they remain blocked they can only get back in and be a nuisance again by creating a new account and we all know that money talks a lot louder than our tiny 3DXChat voices can. So some of these offenders will indeed go out and open a new account in order to come in and be a problem again so by giving us this feature they will be ensuring additional income from at least a few of the more pernicious people. My thought for an easy implementation for booting is to force a respawn of everyone currently in the room. You can first iggy the problem person, force reload the room and everyone is back in without that person. That would be disruptive to everyone in your room though. I favor booting without iggying as there are occasions where someone may have just gone AFK and is not a problem except that they are blocking something in the room.
  15. Aliviax, I agree with your outrage about people stealing but it is a fact of life that cannot be avoided. Although people may have hacked a DLL to allow them to steal more easily it is not necessary to do any hacking of 3DXChat code in order to download someone's room. The room data is not protected data, you just need to know how to send a request to download it from the server. 3DXChat is built on Unity and as such there are great limitations to what the devs could reasonably do to protect the rooms or prevent hacked versions from connecting. What those limitations are I could not say as I have no familiarity with Unity but essentially the framework for how the game communicates would be within the Unity code which (correct me if I am wrong anyone) means a huge portion of the more critical bits of the code are not under the control of the 3DXChat devs. Any effort to work around those built in limitations would be substantial and create a lot of possible problems and security issues. To put it simply, you are asking for things that may not be possible withing the current framework of the game and would likely be very time consuming and expensive to try to work around. Second, creating software that would do harm to someone's computer or data is illegal in most parts of the world and far more difficult to try to implement in someone elses application. Imagine how that could be abused by the same people that steal from you now. You create a tool like that and it will be abused by more people than would use it for it's intended purpose. Think also about how that person you target because they stole from you might be using a computer that does not belong to them and how an innocent person might suffer. I despise thieves but the rooms are stored and transmitted in an unsecured fashion which makes them by law public property. Until Unity makes changes in their code that is not likely to change. As for banning people that use hacked code, how would you even be able to tell? There are ways in an application to have it evaluate itself for any modifications and ways to look for known behavior of modified code but it is time consuming to write code to do that sort of thing and very easy for the hackers to modify the software to make it undetectable again. It would be a war that would stop any progress on game development just to make a few people happy while the majority would be made unhappy. It sucks that people steal other peoples work but there is no reasonable way to stop it at this time. As someone else pointed out earlier, I believe it was RobT but I don't want to scan back to find it. Trying to decide who the creator of a room was and who was the thief is difficult at best and impossible at worst. I often show my builds to people while I am still working on them but your room never has to be made available to anyone other than yourself for it to be stolen and if they open it up and claim it first then they can have you banned saying you stole from them. Yes there are ways to work around those problems but it involves a lot of work and continuous effort. Like someone downloading every room version ever made by anyone and keeping it on file to compare against any room someone claims to have been stolen. It just is not a reasonable way to do things. Why do you suppose the devs stay so quiet on most things? Because the things people complain about or make demands on are just not within their ability to control or are not good uses of their time considering the current development of the game and other plans. If they responded to complaints they would get the same arguments over and over and end up trying to explain technical details that are beyond most peoples ability to understand without significant programming background and if they did explain in detail why some things cannot be done they might give away information on the system that should not be exposed. Arguing on this topic will not gain you anything, it will only serve to keep the anger alive within you. I wish that were not true, I would love to see our work protected. I would love to see the guilty be punished. In the real world though punishing the guilty is terribly difficult and expensive and many innocent people are punished along the way. The best you can do is to have friends on the game that you share your room with that can verify it is yours if someone happens to steal it and claim it as their own. Then all you can do is let it be known and hope that people will avoid that person because of their behavior. Beyond that you have no control.
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