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  1. The glass office building is a large disturbingly difficult maze.
  2. I laughed so hard I think I colored my shorts a little.
  3. Very nice barn, brings out my inner country girl.
  4. I wonder if new animations are more difficult due to the menu systems to select them. They may need to create more categories based on the types of animations. I would certainly like to see ones that make changes to my gender under a different tab. Those images are too small for me to always recognize which one is the one I want and which not. But that's a different conversation. I think for any animation there will be those who like it and those who do not so it's more a question of whether you like it and whether the dev's will accept it. I think they would want any new animation to be able to apply to all partner variations like MF, MM, FF etc, so something to keep in mind. I don't know if they have slight variations of each animation or if a single one has to be able to substitute any gender AVI. That might require some more caution in the design. I do not know any of the requirements or how things are implemented so take my comments lightly, just things that might need to be considered.
  5. User created content seems to be a recent change with people creating and submitting to the devs and if it meets their approval gets added to a build. On your login screen under Whats New it shows all the notices for recent updates and has notations about new clothes and who created them if user submitted. More recent additions look to have R&M which I assume replaces the names Redji and Manyasha from earlier additions. There are other contributors as well but you have to click the link to bring up the web page that shows older updates.
  6. Did you manage to fix the problem? The FAQ has suggestions on what to do if patching fails. http://3dxchat.com/support/
  7. It would be tremendously useful if we could delegate control of the radio in our room to the DJ doing the streaming with the possibility that they could then hand over to the next DJ if more than one is taking a turn in the room. Sometimes we cannot be there during a whole event to handle switching things smoothly so having the ability to turn control over would be very useful.
  8. Greater variety in nipple size/shape. Larger and/or puffy areola. Something to let us make our breasts more like real life, just just minor color changes and greater inflation.
  9. Why not all variety of dicks? Primarily because the animations would not work well with larger. There are issues already in some poses where there is penetration right through to the outside of your partner. It varies depending on how full bodied your partner is but they have to take the full range of possible body size into consideration making the animations and go for what works best. There may be ways to work around it, my understanding of how it is all handled is fairly primitive. The reason our AVi's are all the same height is for pretty much the same reason. In order to have clean interactions between AVIs and ensure the clothes fit appropriately the proportions of the bodies have to remain within a certain range. Not that it is not possible to have much greater variation but if you have seen how things work on Second Life it gets really messy if you step outside of standard dimensions for anything. I would think the current penis should be considered large and give options for smaller ones which would cause a lot fewer difficulties supporting with current poses. Let's see some flaccid options as well and maybe some nice cages for naughty boys. I think these would be much easier to implement than going larger.
  10. I agree with you on everything except having system notifications in the chat window. Unless you mean a third tab like System. I find that the chat window often scrolls too quickly for me to keep up with, especially if I have any other personal chats going. I would prefer to see these notifications appear like other PMs on the side of the chat window so that you will see them just as you do new PMs and can respond to them as you have time rather than the limited seconds given for things like friend requests. It would be nice to be able to reply to the person making any request as well in case you want to reject but give a reason or conditionally accept if they agree. Essentially making the request something you can respond to in a PM from the requester. This is the way I see it working best for me but others may prefer alternate methods. Absolutely love having the room name shown. I have this same issue all the time when someone asks me where I am. It would be nice if the name of the room was able to be copied since sometimes the rooms have names using characters I cannot type on my own keyboard. A history feature would be nice also. For instance, say you were in a room and had to leave or mistakenly clicked the icon to go into user editor. You want to go back to the room you were in but may not remember the name and/or the room changed positions in the list and you have trouble finding it again. Simply clicking your history and the last room you were in would be so helpful. Some limited amount of chat history would be beneficial also. I have lost many messages when the game or my computer crashed. When I am building I have my chat window closed and may not notice new PMs coming in. Or I did see them but delayed responding while involved in something else and then lose them if I lose my connection for some reason. This happens frequently and I know many others that have had the same issue. It's not like we need a long history of every PM we have had, but the last message from the last few PMs we received would go a long way.
  11. I agree, you should have more clothes. It has annoyed me from the beginning that you don't have socks. Perhaps with new people learning to make clothes more will become available. There is the possibility as people learn to use the tools that some incentive can be used to steer them toward the types people want most. People will generally create what interests them the most but they can be persuaded. The dev's never weigh in on these things because there would never be an end to the arguments over what should have been done or should be done next. If people started voting for what they want the most the number of categories would make it difficult and people using multiple accounts would skew things. Perhaps identifying those interested in learning to create the clothes and working with them to get specific items might be the best approach. Just an idea, I don't know how many would be willing or able to do the work. AliviaX seems to have a lot of projects already going but she is creating some nice tutorials for others to learn from. I wish I could do it but my graphical talents don't run that way.
  12. I agree Rob. It's a sensitive issue and there are some good reasons people have to complain but I think it does more harm than good in most cases. Making everyone sensitive about adopting other peoples cultures into their own just keeps everyone isolated and prevents rather than promotes cultural understanding. I will NOT give up eating foods that originate in other countries though really what we call Chinese food here does not at all resemble what you would expect in China. If people do not embrace aspects of other cultures they will not be exposed to the ideas and values of those cultures. Seriously, there is virtually no aspect of the "American" culture that is not influenced by one or more cultures of other countries. We are supposed to be a melting pot of peoples and that means cultural blending. It is shameful when people use other peoples culture in derogatory ways but that is not what the majority do and the current push against "cultural appropriation" would have us all avoid anything that is not directly in line with our own heritage and that would be hurt us all.
  13. Eek. I can see people screaming cultural appropriation already. Rob, I am not targeting you in any way, I just started this message quoting you. I think an Indian headdress is as valid an option as a police hat. There is just a lot of emotional outbreak recently about "cultural appropriation". Seriously though, it's a hat. It's not shit as some say. It's just disappointing to see something made that only a few will make real use of while the majority are looking for something else. In defense of role players, props can play an enormous part in their getting into the role. Not everyone's brain works the same way. Some can work entirely in their mind imagining the role play scenario, others need visuals to activate those same areas in their brain. Most people are a mix between intellectual and visual stimulation. So just because you don't get it yourself, don't say the way other people operate is wrong. Many people don't realize that other people function differently than they do, there is an assumption that the way an individual sees the world must be the way others do. It's far more complex than that. You are correct Rob that the guy without skills trying to roleplay will be the same guy wearing a hat, but the other person/people involved in that roleplay may benefit from the visual connection in that area of their mind creating/supporting the fantasy. The deeper you can immerse yourself the more non-conforming aspects you can ignore and better enjoy the play. Please everyone, if you want to complain about what you want to have and are not getting feel free. Trashing what we do get or those that ask for it is not productive. I fully back you on the idea that men need more clothes. I myself want to see women's clothes that are not overtly sexual like a skirt or dress that does not show my ass. Everyone want's something for their own reasons and put their own amount of importance on it. What get's made is not always what people ask for or at least not the majority but that should be taken up with the dev's, not in argument with the people that ask for things you don't personally care about.
  14. I have seen many churches in the game with many different themes behind them including those suggestive of satanism. Many are sedate places, others pushing hardcore sexuality. I have not once seen or heard of anyone being reprimanded or even heard of someone complaining. There are very few limits and they have been covered above.
  15. Well, I just uploaded 32 objects I made including one of my maze buildings so that should keep you busy for a while.. Once upon a long time ago I did a lot of website work but it's been 15 years, I am hopelessly outdated.
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