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  1. Kito


    Still expecting professional communication for customers, on here ?
  2. Seriously, freedom of speech etc yeah sure, but really do you think the families who've lost their loved ones in these attacks woud like to read that anti-government crap ? For fuck sake. On s'en fout de tes idées politiques, de ce que tu penses des médias, c'est pas le moment putain.Vas t'acheter ton gun et fermes là dissident/e à la con va. Et viens pas pleurer quand tu auras aidé à l'arrivée de l’extrême droite au pouvoir. Courage aux familles et aux estropiés.
  3. La pub est inhérente au fonctionnement des web radios utilisées dans le jeu. Donc non ce n'est pas un probleme en lien avec l'abonnement au jeu, meme si elles sont bien ennuyantes !
  4. What We have mods and devs in here holy macro I thought all new updates were made by some neko right meoww !
  5. Yes it won't last long, it just happens sometimes. Server maintenance or whatever, just have to wait You all gotta get used to the lack of communication when that place is having issues yup
  6. My lawyer will contact you soon
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cill_IbtXiw Then I died. More seriously I use the same as you Tika with RCA and some DIY.
  8. Kito

    Understanding ethics

    I've read it all. It was interesting.
  9. Kito

    Records to beat

    . Hey it's Kito for once ( I stole FOO's posting this time) NEW RECORD 8 PEOPLE SITTING ON ONE BEANBAG ! Yes you heard it, 8 !!! Set on 7/15/2015 At Love Island ForOnlyOne HitomiChow Marica Shuri Thelonius TomiBoy Kito Yoda Thank you for coming and set that NEW RECORD !!!
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