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  1. Now those are awesome builds. Love the detail. Amazing job keep up the good work. Ohhhh and can I be your new best friend lmao j/k j/k.
  2. I would disagree as you can not judge a book by its cover. I would suggest just get in there don't be shy, be yourself and have fun. Yes there are bad apples in the group and you will run into them no matter what you do. Just remember you aren't alone and the ignore button is handy to a point.
  3. It is a shame that people like to stir pots and cause issues. Glad you continue to do your event and hope it continues to be a hit.
  4. ToxicallySweet


    I agree with Layla till the money part. I feel they get plenty of money but idk I don't run it so I could be wrong.
  5. Maybe they could give the slap a speed slider. For those that want slower softer slap and for those that want faster harder slap. *shurgs* not sure if thats a possibility or even if that would look right but just an idea
  6. Pretends to be her hubby. *Whispers sweet nothings into her ear* I think Vaughan will message saying why he never thought of that. hahahahaha
  7. Why in the world is our music coming from Lussian. *facepalm* Damn I'm really out of touch with all that. When I do log in my music is muted majority of the time, until a friend is like oh yeah i like this song then i'm like ops and start listening lol
  8. Good Morning nanner nanner you were wrong Next to post might be Vaughan
  9. To counter this, which I've stated before that we had a few players giving the Devs FREE clothes... poses and what not. Devs only accepted a few of all the items they were GIVEN FOR FREE. So I'm sorry that I think its stupid to charge us or make us want to purchase gold for items we could and should get free because we pay a subscription for it.
  10. I would hate to see 3dx turn into IMVU, Second Life and AChat. Now don't get me wrong those games are very nice and I do love the variety and customization but I feel would turn 3dx into a money grabbing game like those. Also feel will ruin it as some people creative taste isn't as good as others. I do love seeing what people create but not a fan of purchasing it definitely when it was stated by Gizmo years ago that we don't need to worry about purchasing content. I'd rather things be created by 3dx devs but do wish things would update quicker. Also as you can see forums is out of control so highly doubt they would be able to control a shop site either. Sorry hate to think badly toward devs but it's how I view it and my opinion is from years of seeing how things have been going so far. I've seen how devs have leaned on moderators here to do their work for them. Also we all know communication isn't good either. Sorry again hate to be Debbie downer but I like to be a realist.
  11. I like him and so do others so not sure where you are getting your info from
  12. I wish for a picture of a Beautiful but funny moment
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