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    I make mistakes. I am sometimes out of control and at times hard to handle, but I love and give with all my heart. I have my own way of saying things,and I may spell them different,but Unless provoked they will either be sweet,sexy,& Straight Up!!! So If you got a problem with the way I am Get Well Soon , To know me is to Love me ;)if you want to know something ask me, if don't want truth don't ask here cause you won't like what you might hear, Let's get over our self and ride this Life we only have one

    1) While you're ignoring her, Other guys are giving her attention !

    2) While you're giving her problems, another guy is listening !

    3) While you're too busy for her, another guy is making time for her !

    4) While you're making her cry, another guy is trying to make her smile again.

    5) When you're not sure if you still want her, another guys has already figured it out

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  1. Oh wow OLESYA I will be keeping you in my Prayers, stay strong and believe you will make it though this, you're one of the best people I know
  2. Yep 4 years to late that Party was Banging
  3. Hoping the server comes back up soon, so many things I have to get done there, and with server down I can't
  4. Happy Birthday, OLESYA , Wishing hugss and Love this day and all the rest of your days, MUAHS ...
  5. wow I remember being at the Wedding the Love I felt, not just from you OliU to Jessa But the words of Friends, that day, it was truely a joy to be invited, and I want to send Hugss and Congrats to you both, may your Marraige stay as strong at it always have,
  6. who's cares what people say Mar it's a great Idea, and something to do around here, this contest would be Amazing, and RobT's Idea is correct , hell I will judge, I don't pick favorites, am sure there are others like me in 3D, just don't give up Mar, this is a really good idea, and something to look forward to , Just my thoughts
  7. I choose to get married in game out of love, I have done it many times, and I reather just be with one person, it's way I perfer to have it, I choose to be with someone that has the same want's and understanding that I do, that does not give me a lot of crazy rules, I am very sick in real, and the guy I have supports that, not many Men here would, you also have to have the friendship and trust, we have no plans of going real, we just want someone online, we can love and trust,
  8. what Mei and Rob said are true you take a risk with everyone you met, but you can't let it change you, or close you off from other's like Mei be more mindful, watch people cause yes in time you see true person and true colors, there are some really good people here, just cause some have alts does not mean their bad, I have, My Wonderful Brother Rob who spoke has, he always tells me when he change avatars, good people do, me and Mei, don't speak, but I know she good people, she does her thing and never rude or hurtful, some get off on that others don't, in time you will learn to take things wit
  9. Happy Anniversary to you both I am ever so happy for you both, hugs and Love Jewel
  10. This is all good, I once met this Guy, we clicked, had great convo, him telling his life story, so I thought ok I would give him a chance, Well let just say I excused myself to go to bath room in real, he knew, this , When I cam back I found that he had carried on without me, no need to chang pose of any thing, Let's just say I was done with that guy , Fast
  11. This will be my first time DJ at this Event , I am doing it for my Sister-in-Law Sonia, Those here in 3D that know me know I go bald for the whole Month of Oct, in real life when she lost her Hair I shaved my head as well, people with CANCER don't have a choice , we do and by standing together in support we have a Voice, to Fight CANCER, This is my Sister-in-Law
  12. Yes, Let's Make things fun again, be Happy, Get along
  13. RedJewel


    Hugss and Prayer to you and your Daughter, Love you OLESYA
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