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    Simple things in life...Being outdoors,having bombfires, Movies, Few games or chats

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  1. Everyone loves flowers from pan....He has charm -hugs-
  2. http://Im so lost....Baby come fine me lol
  3. Engaged To Cayden

  4. -waves- Happy times

  5. I would love to see it, Sounds very peaceful an relaxing.
  6. Both are running badly right now, Disconnect soon as you enter a room!
  7. Both are running badly right now, Disconnect soon as you enter a room!
  8. You are an will always be my #1 DJ here! You will truely be missed not just for your tunes, But your friendship as well, I could confine anything with you an it neva went outside of me an you! That is a rare true friend, I got your discord an will stay in touch! -hugs to you my friend-
  9. -waves to all- My favorite choice is DJMikeBurleigh, I'm always welcome in his room, He makes sure all are welcomed an comfortable. He makes each one that enters feel special. Greets all, There are alot of DJ's here all special in their own ways, But Mike has made an impression, Always ask how your day is going, Even when he's not feeling so well, He gives his all. Here's to you DJMikeBurleigh -hugs- Thanks for hearing me. All have a great day, Much love!
  10. Yeah got all packed up for my cruise

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