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  1. why would you not play a older version of a game you love to be with your friends family spouse etc if a older version works.
  2. in response to this first off if you go to 3dx site is says you can download older versions and play them and we were told by another member that this was a legit 3dx site not a pirated version, if 3dx doesnt wasnt us on these places then maybe they should provide a list of the pirated sites but they are not listed anywhere so you can avoid them i do not intentionally support pirating or hacking of any kind
  3. we both sent in messages to support ..but the point is how many more people are going to get banned for innocent conversations.
  4. my husband and I here were on a older version of 3dx while the site was down and were having a conversation saying we needed to uninstall and reinstall to get rid of the older version and were both banned from 3dx. how this is suspicious activity is beyond me. but if they are gonna start banning their customers for private conversations they will soon be banning alot of their customer base so you all be careful out there before you get on the banned wagon as well .
  5. Bugs don't get fixed....servers aren't maintained.....what exactly are we paying for?
  6. So I guess the server is down again and nothing has really been fixed and the band aid that was placed on before is now gone.
  7. But isn't Modz run by the same people? So doesnt it stand to reason that they are putting all of their systems on the same platform? Yes I agree with everyone that they should of given notice about the switch and its bad customer relations to leave all their customers in the dark so to speak. But seems our hands are tied at the moment and all we can do is wait or move on to other platforms. Turning on each other...belittling people for their opinions.....etc isnt the answer. I hope for everyones sake the issue is resolved soon. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.
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