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  1. very kind of you to say thanks for the chapel It was a pleasure to share it and CONGRATS
  2. We will be so happy to share this special occasion Hopefully you can all make it and come party with us Our Photographer will be Sky
  3. I just wanted to thank Gizmo for all the work and his team has done I am very happy. My old computer couldn't get into my friends rooms because they were too big and to much kbs and people making me freeze and crash and not being able to go in the rooms. I am very happy I decided to try the 64 version because I can go anywhere with no crashes or freezes. and build so much more, no lag at all. thank you for all the hard work. Seeing what is coming out in a few months, this was a given that you go to the next step. But I want flowerssss... hehehehe hugsss
  4. Just wanted to say thank you for all the pleasure you have given to people. You have been Very creative …. blows you kiss… Mia
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