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  1. Getting back on topic. the 64bit build. I am loving the lighting feature, but not what is happening with the music in the default clubs like frescos, sin, night club, etc.. The music is playing and it cuts off and back and then just shuts down. Also my live stream at my club has been giving me a problem for the past 2 days, mind you, not having this problem on 32bit version. yet I can't possibly expect anyone in my club in the 32 bit it's like an old western ghost town at this point. I have checked all of my settings and my stream settings and everything is in good working order. Can I get some positive feedback as to how to fix this problem. I am looking for a solution to one of many issues like when I was loading my club, my avatar was bald and naked. when I went to the character editor it was naked there too, lost all my settings for her. Had to redo it by memory. I am seeing naked bald guys with an erect penis all over the place. So what bugs were fixed? Here's a novel idea, why not give us what we want and need instead of adding more crap we don't want or need, Hopefully you'll listen to your patrons, without us you have no business. Thank you kindly in advance.
  2. good one Phoenixsong too cute.
  3. Same thing has happened to me, trying to find a way to fix this problem. I clear all props but save the room before, then upload a file and it does upload the room I want. But when I go home I'm in the middle of the ocean. Before I try to go home. I save that as well. Anyone know what we can do about this.?
  4. Tere


    It would be nice if they let us know what the problem is, Been reading this post since April 2018 It is November 8th 2018. 16 pages of this over and over again. Which in my thoughts, at least they are consistent in making the same mistakes. Also when you do an update, announce when it will going on, And try not to do it on a weekend. When will we get this fixed? tick tock my dollars flying out the clock. Thank you.
  5. Wedding rings would be nice. anyone think that breasts are being neglected in the poses? would love to see a pose where you are kissing whilst making love. And some mouth action on the breasts.Just saying....
  6. 5pm in the USA and no building, what ever shall I do? lmao! Oh well solitaire is an option.
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