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  1. So would the 3rd gender get its own poses, or just use the same as the others, cause even they get mixed up and stuff. adding a 3rd is just gonna complicate an already fouled system. would rather see an option for cock length on both male and female. A cock removal for male, similar to female when it wants to play as futa, would better suit what your looking for with a 3rd gender.
  2. Worth wile to note: -People who use the DLL file make sure to remove it before updating, it can and most likely will mes up the update, "update failed" -If it does mess up and you get "Update Failed" best way to fix is a full uninstall- reinstall (ya this should go in another section, but figure enough people will see it here to)
  3. Hello everyone, TLV here Tonight at 8pm us east time is my Truncheons and Flageons game night Its like dungeons and dragons but we goof around alot. Everyone is welcome, though seating to play is limited, but spectators are always welcome
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