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    I love sports the outdoors, love hiking, fishing, dancing, living life to the fullest, keeping fit,meditation and exercise.

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  1. robo


    Norton anti Virus, I just added Norton, over the holidays, maybe that is what is stopping it
  2. robo


    Hello, I tried logging in yesterday, and got an error message, I removed my game, and have been trying to download it, I log in to my account at 3dxchat, and pick download game, and its says error, and I get the message you see below...Can anybody offer a solution please
  3. robo


    Can Someone please help me, I went to Log into my account, would not open , said error, the I Uninstaller the whole history, signed into my account page as member at 3dxchat, then click Download game, it stops and says..How do I fix this.
  4. Mmm Mel You Are absolutely Astoundingly sexy, And 100 percent Female I must add❤
  5. Someone May need a good spanking!..lol
  6. Thats, right, Im not just a penis, but I have a heart to..Lmao..Now time for a spanking for bieng such a naughty girl! Lol
  7. Hey, lol..I was just adding my take about escorts ..If someone is going to charge rediculious..she better be perfect, and better also, make it feel real not fake, because, there is allways someone else who will open up another, and charge alot less for the experiance..lol..I dont need or want a girlfriend in 3dx ..Been there, done that, and its more of a headache then what its worth..Plus I like my spontaniety and enjoy differnt partners to just have one. Hell in 3dx tge skies the Limit...lol..But to each thier own, with escorts and thier prices, I dont just get escorts, the only real thing I really enjoy about them, is they generally Give a good bang for your Buck,..Lmao no pung intended!!!... and try to give back what I give in return, are aually not boring, dont pose flip, and most times are as descriptive as I am...I Do also have some really great friends,that I connect with from time to time, and have some real amazing fun with,....Just the great thing about escorts is when I just want to get some fun, with no strings attached, thier more often then not, alot more enjoyable then Randoms in a sexroom.!..
  8. Again!..the essence should be on the Customer, especially after paying so much in coin!!..He should be teated to highest esteems, not for the escorts Personal ego, or established belief of high impoetance..then the gifts just seem to be a showing of status, and worth of the escort and Not for the Establishment of a higher experiance for the Client..I get an escort for the extras, that most Regular players lack, not just the sex, But alot more, and that should be of great importance..I think iniatially perhaps charge high, but after becoming a regular and a bond starts to develope, then One should be teated as an honored guest..They use to dp that at the Old garden. Malvasia and the girls for thier special regulers would do a VIP party orgy, strictly to show thier appreciation for the most loyal clients!
  9. Heya Skully good to see you bud, and yes, those were good times, back then at the old Garden, and Ladylaya I miss you too, thanks for the Shoutout!!
  10. Hell yep..Mel, thats A 100 percent yes, as well as other things!❤
  11. MMm ….Kemistry, I take your points, and respect your ideas, however as a frequent flier of the many Brothels in 3dx over the years...... I do with all respect disagree with you. I get the idea that if you charge a person a ridiculous number of gifts, for a little bit of decent descriptive role playing fun and naughtiness..... you may weed out the bad clients and just get the dedicated descriptive hardcore clients that you like, and enjoy, but this is not always the case. A client that appreciates brothels in 3dx, and enjoys your services generally will always give you his best as well as appreciate yours. I think if a lady is doing it, because its her fantasy to do it, likes getting some payment , gifts, tips and money for it in return , but her main objective is the fantasy, of providing the service, she will not care so much on gift prices, and more on her interaction with her client.... With myself I always found it a huge turn on!, when I felt or believed that , I am turning her on..... as well..... and this factor made me think, at least in my mind that she (ESCORT) is really enjoying this, and truly.....She likes to do it for just the fun and pleasure and not the price...….and due to the next thought that she is really doing this for just her joy, this would make me even more turned on again.....which ultimately would lead to a fantastic experience for both, and would build and show chemistry, which many clients crave, to becoming a regular for that girl that gave such a believable experience. I think a decent price for any escort on the max, should be maybe 5 to 6 gifts for an hour and 3 to 4 for a half, but again, I think that is still high, but 5 gifts for a half is insanely high!...….. I better be getting all I can eat and drink and a free night in the damn Penthouse at the Taj Mahal for that price ..lol……..I have to say, I have tired out plenty of escorts over the years in game, and I have to say, lately I have met a few freelancers that only charge, 1 to 2 gifts, for a unlimited amount of time, and will say they were pretty damn good..... Another thing about todays Brothels besides the ridiculous pricing is the lack of providing a feeling of being welcomed at times.. One thing I use to love about the old Garden, was all the ladies or someone would always greet me!!… Welcoming me to their place, and would make me feel right at home.... Pierrouss, also did it well at the Palace, even when he was busy...…. which was usually most nights but always made me feel at home.....lol….Malvasia and the girls did the same, made me feel like I was part of their family, and I miss (YOU ALL SO MUCH).....Hence why I became almost part of the furniture over time ..lol….Now .EX was strictly business, but always in her own way welcomed clients ..And...I have to give a shoutout to the beautiful, and not forgotten...hehe... Miss( ChristineSimones)….. her place was pretty great too, good ladies and sweet slaves she punted out to her clients, who provided great fantasy, and fun for all.. By the way I was a chosen favorite ..or so I would like to believe..or so I have heard….lol....Anyways!!!...I am veering off topic here, I have to say that to get good clients, one must get to know her clients, make them feel at home, make them feel important, and those regulars you pick up, will earn your trust, and they will give you there loyalty and make for ever improving experiences in the future... So again to say, one has to be paid ever increasing gift prices to provide services to appreciating cliental is insulting!.... One main point I have to say, is Yes in game coins are not worth much, but Coins do cost real money.... and when someone is charging ridiculous prices, one will have to pay real money for game coins and hence gifts....Getting this Pricey, eventually people will just give up, because once your out of coins, one has to buy them with real funds to replace them in the game.. The high gifted ladies you see like malvasia, or morgaine or Layla, are high, because they earned that by the hundreds of clients over the years, keeping in mind, most only charged one or two per client, so that's a lot of hard work on their part, and charging 10 gifts, tallying 1000 in a less then a month..... is absolutely not the same as those ladies, who worked so hard for so much, and received so little in gifts., but A lot in experiances.. they did it purely for the joy and experience then more for the monetary value...…..that's a WRAP!! … My take once again.!...… HaHa…..THE END OF THE ROBO SHOW!!!! STAY TUNED!
  12. Well said Malvasia..The ever increasing gifts, seems more like a ploy, to more gifts in hoping, or using it to say more gitts make you the best , this is absolutely not true!!
  13. Ok Malv so wrote it, now your turn..lol.
  14. Yes Melanie, You absolutely Look sexy on Heels))))
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