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    I love sports the outdoors, love hiking, fishing, dancing, living life to the fullest, keeping fit,meditation and exercise.

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  1. Were do we find the second part Mel? I would love to keep on viewing your hot stories)
  2. robo

    Erotic Comics

    Mmm hell, miss Kaitlyn, I like all, especially number one...Haha
  3. robo

    Erotic Comics

    Did not work, I wish I could delete this..lol..sorry peeps, carry on..(
  4. robo

    Erotic Comics

    Catwoman getting a nice fuck!
  5. DAMN!! Sexy.. Like I said, how can I not love your posts. Haha!
  6. I LIKE it, full of all kinds, that's what makes this place so great lol..well one of a few Reason I guess!
  7. Damn!, love your stuff, very hot, I really need to book a date!...
  8. Mmm Hell yea, would love too..
  9. Hey nice to see you, back, I am still waiting for a date, I hope to see your sweet butt, in game, I would gladly book a solid alot with you.
  10. I like to come on, when I can, I have not been on alot in recent months, or as often as I would like,.Depends on my time,Sometimes I come in, say hello and see some friends, or others just meet up with one for some hot naughty fun and chill...Other times, for some hot fun sex, orgasm, then head off..lol..But when I can,I really prefer just roaming and experiencing some of the other rooms and creations of other players, Socialize and get into some hot naughty sexcapades..
  11. HeY Can some one Computer Savvy ,wizard Help my Useless Computer illiterate ass. IN sending my ass a Step-by step as to how the Fuk to Download this DLL everyone... EVERYONE in the damn Game has but my useless ass please!!!!!! Lol...Thanks
  12. In other words Can I be a star?....lol.
  13. Damn, how ya been, you still around?, I so hope your still up in making a video, love to do a good one, and fuck you again been 4eva and cumm fill you like crazy!
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