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  1. Paulita... your work is amazing, I wish I had that kind of talent. Thanks for building them and posting. Abrazo Layla
  2. @LaylaK and @Malvasiah -- I believe that picture was the meeting you held when I joined, which was also the meeting at which Malvasia announced that she was taking a step back and asked Morgaine and Panthea to join the management.
  3. Hey all! As someone who worked with/for Malvasia and Morgaine for over a year in the good old Garden of Eden days, I would like to give my 2 cents worth. I knew I wanted to join a brothel (or at least an organized escort service) about as soon as I joined 3dx, which was in late 2016. I checked out a few, even briefly considered starting one of my own, but eventually settled on Malvasia's Garden. I was introduced by my wonderful in-game sis, LaylaK (LaylaSmith nowadays) and worked several times a week, as much as my RL job commitments would allow. Time zone was a factor, since the Garden is European-based and I'm in the US, but we made it work. Why escorting? Something about anonymous sex I find incredibly sexy. Oh, sure, relationships are important -- I have a solid RL relationship and I was married in-game as well. But getting intimate and pleasuring someone you didn't know 5 minutes earlier... giving them a great time.... them asking to prolong for an extra gift or getting "tips" afterwards.... just a great feeling. You feel like you're providing a service, while of course experiencing some new fantasies yourself as well. Getting some insight in the male psych too 🤣. I actually have thought about whether I would do escorting in RL, but there are just too many stigma's and dangers attached to it. I have a RL friend who is a Registered Nurse who did some escorting in the past -- because it pays more than nursing, LOL! I don't think I would ever gather up the courage to actually do it, but the thought still fascinates me. I really don't see much of a difference in the "quality" of the sex between the "regular" guys I see outside of of escorting and the "clients". If anything, "clients" are probably more into it, they paid and they want to enjoy and get their money's worth, so they are less likely to disconnect or be absent. Both among "clients" and "regular" guys, there are good lovers, tender lovers, guys that just want to pound your brains out, guys that take their time to make sure that you have a good time too, and plain jerks. Clients, in other words, are just a cross-section of the 3dx-community as far as I can tell. After a while in the business, you get your repeat clients... Hi robo, muah! 😁. It's always nice to be appreciated and I always tried to figure out what they appreciated about what I was doing, to keep 'm coming back, and to vary the experience on other fronts so that they didn't get bored. I eventually married a guy I met at the Garden, we had a good time together until he left the game. Still think about ya some days! As far as pricing, I'm with Malv, we are escorts because we want to. Malvasia and Morgy are among the highest gift getters in the game, but I don't think either of them did it for that distinction. I respect Kemistry's point about higher payers being better partners, but I honestly think I would feel some extra pressure to perform if I was spreading these ebony legs for 5 gifts per half hour. Maybe I'm just not a good negotiator... So call me cheap if you want, and maybe I won't be able to afford that 3dx-Tesla anytime soon, but I was always happy to collect what was then the standard price. To me, it was more rewarding to have a repeat client pay me 3 or 4 gifts up front, saying "we're gonna take our time today, baby", than to go for the max per half hour. Finally, Malvasia also mentioned the camaraderie among the girls at the Garden. I didn't expect it, but that became one of my main motivators to keep coming back to the Garden and to 3dx, honestly. I really miss it. I will still hang out with ex-Garden girls today, almost 2 years after it folded. A brilliant thing that Malvasia did is to always have a beach session with the girls after the Garden closed. We could talk about anything, sometimes it was about politics, or parties, or particular clients that day, or the coming game updates..... Sometimes it lasted 15 minutes and sometimes hours.... That camaraderie was instrumental in the Garden's success; I don't know if other establishments have anything like it, but I haven't found it anywhere else yet.
  4. Title: LadyLayla interviews for a job Author: LadyLayla Date: 2019.02.20 Description: LadyLayla goes out for a job interview with Patroller. Think she will convince him to hire her? Find out Links: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c66498e47ebb
  5. Hey all you horny 3dx fans... I just put another 3dx vid on pornhub: Vacation Fun with me and RandyTheStud Watch all the stuff we did on our last vacation lol https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c27e57fa9ee7 Remember to press that Like button! Love LL
  6. Hey fellow 3dx-ers, I got two new 3dxchat vids uploaded to pornhub.com, feel free to take a look! Porn Theater Hookup, with me and xxxFrankxxx https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bfacf9a52884 The House Guest, again starring yours truly with rogerdodger https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c0f130fa0f95 Thanks co-stars, and enjoy! (Gimme a holler if you wanna be a star and/or have an idea for a vid; I'm thinking about a couple swap next ) Love LadyLayla
  7. My second vid (as in EVER, in my life, never done this before!) Sex on the Beach: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5bf06b80c8101 Colette gets herself in trouble on a quiet beach
  8. @Kittycat: Wanna join? I guess we gotta wait for the server to be back.... @Aliviax: You're absolutely right, this was my first try, I even transformed the scenes with Openshot because they were too dark. I'm already shooting my next one at the beach in bright daylight... I'll look into the lights for the third production :-)
  9. Well, the server is down, none of us know what's going on, but that don't stop me from learning a few new tricks! I decided to teach myself a little video editing... Here's the first result https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5be74cbed9bba (you gotta excuse me, it's not perfect, yes I know the cursor is visible in a few screens, I'll do better next time)
  10. That's my sis! Will be back next week, I miss y'all!
  11. Pose editor! Pose editor! I need to make me a few new ones ) LL
  12. Happy birthday sweetie -- I will do my best to make it (as long as you give me just a tiny little bit of attention while I'm there)
  13. Zokora, I've told you several times in private, now on the forum: your creativity is amazing, this room is great for exploring, playing or just relaxing. Love birds planning a wedding: take note! Zokora keep it up, I hope you keep expanding and get the recognition you deserve. LL
  14. /me thinks: if you gotta ask, you're not cut out for role play....
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