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  1. @Malvasiah. Yes, and that is understandable and right. But the escort concept in the game works with mind cinema only. There is no other reason for an escort to treat somebody as an customer and give highest attention. If this is the case then rules should be kept which means 30mins are 5 gifts. The strange thing is that escort customers are really paying (to 3DXchat), of course just a little, but the escort is not getting anything.
  2. I am following the discussion highly interested and value all other opinions which probably just show different standpoints or locations when looking at the same thing. But, I could not resist to post my own humble opinion here. I have a relatively simple view on the payment issue, as an escort customer. 30 minutes is a lot of time and 5 gifts have finally only a symbolic value. So, as an escort, I would stop at 30:01. Of course, there are situations in which the play is worth to be continued. No question, if the escort enjoys there are not limits. But if not, why should an es
  3. Snow White 2. Super. Geisha Style, especially last picture. 👍
  4. Erotic art. Like that, especially Snow White.👍
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