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  1. This Wednesday we got a special event at WHITE BREEZE Berlin. It will be "NEVER GIVE UP Party" for LostMelody at White Breeze Berlin. Join us for a great evening with DJ Dyllan, DJ Sashaboyx and DJ Wolf and support our beloved Mel fighting cancer. NEVER GIVE UP Video
  2. SwingSet returns with new locations, new hosts, new themes and new timezones!
  3. Today's program... Gustavo Lafica will show his latest works 1) Showcase - SexxxyJessica 2) Showcase - Kemistry 3) Showcase - Katka 4) SwingSet Promo - Orgy #45 5) The Blowjob - Special 6) SwingSet Promo - Orgy 48, 49, 50 7) Titantic Parody 8] SwingSet Promo - Orgy 51, 52, 53 9) Rocky Parody 10) SwingSet Promo - Orgy 54, 55, 56 11) One Night Stand Episode #3 12) SwingSet Promo - Orgy 57, 58, 59 13) One Night Stand Episode #4 Join us on KAST at 21:30 CEST (3:30pm EDT)
  4. Report of Porn Cinema, 19th of May 2020 We had another great evening with the 3DX community watching lots of different movies, Latex Bitch Double Feature, Sluts & Cream, Dirty Cops Episode 2 and a presentation of our Escort Katka.
  5. You're hosting locations and events? You want to see as much visitors as possible coming to your location? You're bored because the 3dx server are down? The best thing you can do now is reading the latest publication of White Breeze Research Labs: Filling rooms - marketing in 3DXChat Download: Filling_rooms_1_Marketing.pdf
  6. This week, a new series is starting, Season 1 of DIRTY COPS is waiting for you... every week a new episode, 7 episodes so far. There is not only Sex in 3DXChat... but Sex & Crime.
  7. Today's playlist: 1) Commercial: White Breeze Porn Cinema (Kemistry) 2) Movie: FuckRoomFun (Kemistry) 3) Commercial: SwingSet Q5 (Kemistry) 4) Movie: Unholy 3 (Kemistry) 5) Exclusive Content: WBE Harem Trailer (Kemistry) 6) Movie: Babewatch (Gustavo Latifa) 7) Commercial: SwingSet Q6 (Kemistry)
  8. Report of Porn Cinema, 21st of April 2020 We had another great evening with the 3DX community watching two movies, "In the early days of White Breeze" and "Lil Angel or lil slut". Additional to it, we showed some exclusive content, "Office Sluts 3".
  9. SwingSet And of course there is SwingSet. Founded by JamieSweet in early 2019 it became the biggest exclusive club ever in 3DXChat with about 850 members now. Not all are active, but this is self-evident. Jamie took in WHITE BREEZE™ in late 2019 and after making a decision to play casual only and now even leaving 3DXChat for some time, SwingSet was commited to WHITE BREEZE™ completely. She is still part of the White Breeze family and always be honored as legendary founder of the biggest exclusive and most sophisticated sex group in 3DXChat. Thank you once again, Jamie. For more i
  10. The Locations Speaking of the locations... here you are getting an insight look on all of our locations. WHITE BREEZE™ Atlantic (Host: IamTrouble, Builder: Nesy) WHITE BREEZE™ Berlin (Host: Resi, Builder: Pandorra & Anong) WHITE BREEZE™ California Beach (Host: LustyAngela, Builder: Nesy) WHITE BREEZE™ Pacifica (Host and Builder: Morgaine) WHITE BREEZE™ Finka (Sluts 'n' Cream Location, Builder: KatkaK) WHITE BREEZE™ Coffee & Cream (Builder: Anong) WHITE BREEZE™ Porn Cinema (Host: Kemistry & IamTrouble) Rockpalast
  11. WHITE BREEZE™ shows its richness best in this schedule table. It shows all our weekly openings so far. You can find it on our homepage. All times are CET (CEST) as for now. https://www.white-breeze.com/djs-and-events/ So you can find our three escort service openings on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. SwingSet is reserved for Sunday. Damcles' Rockpalast and Velvet is also part of the White Breeze Family. There is "Sluts 'n' Cream", mostly hosted by KatkaK and the new Porn Cinema (Kemistry and Lisa). "Pacifica" (Host: Morgaine) opens randomly, same like "Coffee & Cream", a very n
  12. WHITE BREEZE™ Escort Service Our escort service is segmented in three sections. These sections are: WHITE BREEZE™ Atlantic Section (International), WHITE BREEZE™ German Section, WHITE BREEZE™ North American/US Section. These different sections are taking care for a weekly opening in different locations. WHITE BREEZE™ Atlantic (International Section) Atlantic opens Friday at 20:00 CET /CEST WHITE BREEZE™ Berlin (German Section) Berlin opens Wednesday at 20:00 CET / CEST WHITE BREEZE™ California Beach (NA/US Section) California Beach opens at Monday, 3am – 7am CET / CEST
  13. WHITE BREEZE™ California Beach is back with regular openings, Monday Night, EST (EDT) Prime Time!!! Visit us on Monday night at 9pm EST/EDT until 1am EST/EDT.
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