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  1. All right, for me all seems to be sorted now. 32/64Bit working again as they should,
  2. @arieha not true i'm afraid. I run both versions and have trouble on both. Haven't checked this morning though.
  3. Hi all, Hope this is a bugg but right now i have an issue: When i log on and view my own profile i get "can't view this profile"My FL list is emptyNo CreditsWhen i go to open places i get the same message on other ppl " Can't view this profile"When i create a room it does let me open the room i had created, so doesn't go back to basic room style.Now my membership has expired but i got a game time code from a friend for 6 months wich i added on the website a few weeks ago before my memebership ended. Expecting to let the game time code kick in when the membership i paid for expired. So it does let me log in, im not getting a message " your membership has expired" Is this simply a bug that will begone a few hours time? Is there something going on with the server? Or is there more to this and so I need to contact support? If so which support do I need to contact in regards to the game time code maybe not working properly? Thanks.
  4. Yup, that the same issue I have been having for years! no way around it. Just deal with it when accesing remotely. you can use keyboard keys to move though.... Q W E R A S D hope this helps a little.
  5. so about this: OGG music streaming support what does that mean? Can we now use spotify playlists?
  6. Another combination of Daz3d render and 3dxchat with the beautifull #ReenaRain
  7. HI, Does the referral link still work? http://3dxchat.com/refer/index.php When I enter in my e-mail address nothing happens, the page only refreshes and im not receiving an e-mail either (don't know I that's what suppose to happen). Let me know please. I want to refer a friend and get some XP for it in return. Cheers. Jason
  8. DEV'S ARE ON VACATION AND WILL BE BACK WITHIN A WEEK That's what you get when such a game like this is only being run by a few people. Then you have to wait. Let them enjoy their vacation. And After they will fix the issues. If and when a vacation has been booked you're not going to cancel it (only cancel it when certain occasions arrive and 3dxchat isn't one of them) We all can go back to https://secure.bmtmicro.com/ to ask a refund for lost time when the game is up again. Not to worry!
  9. Well Jess we still need to fix you your 3d self... how about your 3d self as a cowgirl anywat keep up the greaat work. Love it
  10. Getting a lot better with the cum tool set u give you. Even though how things turned out.... I have no regrets giving you that tool set. As an artist to an artist.
  11. And another oldy which I still consider as one of my best 3dxchat work a picture requested by Alisonn with her GF Surreal at that time.
  12. As per request by ValentinaB "here it cums bb"
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