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  1. NO KAP, u'll not have your precious pajama!
  2. as the forum fellow has said, would be very appreciated if said body would be moved to the underwear category, moving either to bra or panties submenu so we could wear it beneath our clothes, as supposed to be. thanks.
  3. I'm having same issues, can't view profile and money to 0, if can help 64bit client.
  4. I've voted for YES, honestly i don't see anything of wrong in the possibility to send a certain amount of money to others, if whoring is what u're fearing... well it's already happening, just with gifts, so at least being xgold more useful than gifts, just let us share it with others, could be for many aims, from offering a name change to offer missing money for a marriage proposal, just bring it back.
  5. in sin club people sitting on chairs or leaning upon walls are bad displayed, here an example.
  6. i've followed the recent sequence of updates with improvements, changes and some mistep, let me sum the actual state of those tweaks with patch 390: - eyeliner was darker and fine with 388, now with 390 it returned as it was before (let's have it back replacing or adding along the old ones, as said was an improvement but is lost now); - the eyes are reflecting but with 390 they have lost iris depth, resulting flat, eyes were fine til 389 ( return eyes to 389 patch that had them at their best); - nylons are colorable in each tint but black, their hem is no more possible to be black tinted ( the
  7. i think to talk for 99.9% of 3dx and apart the discussable quality of various adds, what really wasn't needed was the revamp of old faces, they were perfect as they were, if u really wanted to add those improved lips variants at least u could keep both the variants, said so; IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE BACK THE OLD FACES 0,1,2,3,4 WITH THEIR ORIGINAL LIPS ALONG THE NEW ONES? THANKS
  8. Dear 3dx subjects i think that is more than obvious that 3dx game servers are down for an accident and need a restart BUT none of the dev(s) are aware of it because none has checked their status nor the forums, the problem is the usual "server not responding" we get every now and then, it needs 5 mins? to be solved, IF the dev knows it's not working, but is not our case.
  9. *shakes head in disapproval*
  10. No comment, instead of focus on what we have, as always, we look forward to just gain more "improved" bugs; i've been here for years, and some bugs are still around: - sin club crashes every hour and half - some seats and walls are bugged, letting guests overlap - still, after 2 years, there's the ghost clone bug afflicting many poor souls - camera has some lag, after one of the "latest" updates - female avis still lack skin texture! ... the list is endless, instead of add features no one asked, couldn't we just follow the suggestions as done in past? game updates become slower and slower, alm
  11. thanks for the reply, was my bratty router.
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