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  1. Well that was an interesting gig, thanks to the servers. Gonna start planning my new virtual game show now... AM I ON OR NOT?
  2. I am charging the retrotronic modulators! Or something.
  3. It is a snowy winter here, which reminded me that men don't have any socks. Simple colorable socks would be great.
  4. I noticed that this Sunday it will be exactly one year since the opening night of V for Victory... and my friends tell me I should open it more often. And they are right. So you are welcome to chill out there in the afternoon, starting from 4 PM CET. A special guest DJ will be playing and I even made a poster. 🦊
  5. It's been a while, but we are back in business this Thursday, 8 PM CET, at the Last Open Bar In Town as always. Featuring what might be our most pretentious theme ever: You!
  6. If you use Avast, that is the reason. Adding 3dx to both Exceptions and Blocked & allowed apps in Avast fixed it for me.
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