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  1. I dunno why, but I thought we've had that option once (2015/2016)... or is that just a product of my horrible dementia? Heck, I'm getting old...
  2. I can't even connect to 3dx, although the site says 3dx would running fine
  3. Wouldn't it be easier if the Devs would keep the beta open and give us the opportunity to undo all the new'ish stuff from our avi's or simply reset all avi's in general? That way we don't have to wait for support and people can get back onto the official version. Or am I thinking way too simplistic here?
  4. If life gives ya two lemons, a simply surgery can give you two melons!
  5. For some reason the boobies reminding me a bit for my own facial expression when I'm puzzled... even tho my face isn't that wiggly ^^
  6. Holy crap... Lemme putting it this way... one of the benefits of 3dx is, that I don't have to endure or seeing it that a guy is wearing socks in bed... so please, I'm begging ya... HAVE MERCY!!!
  7. Oh, I didn't know that a lipstick could increase or change your personality... ^^ 3dx is awesome, I'm always learning new stuff in here!
  8. I really get that w'all are kinda grumpy cuz for the lacking of updates and new stuff, but nonetheless, if I'd be one of the developers I also would thinking about couple of times before I'd talking to the community... even tho I know that this is kinda one of the issues at all. I mean, lets being honest for a while... no matter what the devs would doing, there would always being someone who'd have a badmouth about the stuff and whatnot, that ain't really an inspiration... on the other hand, many peep's in here are grumpy and pissed, cause there's no proper communication from the devs. Let's take a look to the FAQ, there isn't written something about promised Updates, whatsoever... we're all paying for the current service, that the Chat/Game is running and nothing more. Please, don't get me wrong, I really get all the frustrations and stuff, but still, tons of contributions in here are hecking unnecessarily and by no means effective at all... Eventually, w'all are kinda doomed to waiting for what's gonna happen next (or not). Stay safe!
  9. "orange tower" - gosh, I spluttered up my drink xD
  10. awesome replay, Gizmo xD but nonetheless, the criticism is justified, now and then an answer from the developers would be a nice thing... I dunno, something like "Yes", "no", "go fuck yourself!"... at least something that all the peeps know that you guys reading the whole stuff and that we shall keep continue to putting some suggestions, ideas, whatsoever. :')
  11. yuss, I know... what I've tried to tell was, the Developers should hand us more options and poses... or another System!
  12. Heya Aliviax, I really got what you’ve told us, but still, 3dx is a Chat which relates to sex, no? However, in my humble opinion, the Poses are all nice, but it’s pretty sad that their lacking for more options, which is something the Developers should have comprehended the last eight years. I mean, I ain't talking simply about cum-poses or Orgasms, so what's about kissing or hugs during the Poses also? Stuff which is also really important and could improving the whole thing... I mean, we're still gabbing about a Sex Game, huh? Sure, the pink lines are prolly the more important part for most of us, but nonetheless it could improve the entire game play, at least the way I see it and what I've read in so many topics so far. In addition, the Developers would get the opportunity to pool some poses, also the Cum-Section would gonna get obsolete, which could make the whole System a bit more clearer. 3dx is still the best game in this span anyway, and I also not complaining at all (at least I pretend so), but on the other hand, details are the key... always! Oh, one more thing... PLEASE, give us the option for a towel to wipe off all the sticky stuff outta our faces or wherever it sticks on, thank you! xD
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