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  1. According to the field unit's mission report, there was no fire in your house... so you're safe! Always at your service... 🚒
  2. No worries... I'm on duty and I gonna deal with it accordingly...
  3. It was the first time for me... anyway, the servers gonna unavailable for some time *fg*
  4. I know, y'all gonna hate me for this, but I cannot resist!
  5. mhmm... a new message Too many attempts, try again later! That's new
  6. to use the right pronunciation and terms helps a lot ^^
  7. reasons...
    ♪♫... don't worry... be happy... ♪♫ 🥰


  8. I got the same problem and I tried different formats... nothing! I also told my BitDefender that 3DX ist totally vanilla and alright, but still... it doesn't work. Until the big crash I had absolutely no issues with that... so what's the deal?
  9. Yesh... I'm using it to revise my last post... There is no mention of "server is available"...
  10. I patched up without any issues... am I unique? 🤪
  11. Geli82

    Build 413

    Great update, Gizmo... thank you so much! I will try to give a detailed and extensive review soonish!
  12. yesh, same here...
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