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  1. awesome replay, Gizmo xD but nonetheless, the criticism is justified, now and then an answer from the developers would be a nice thing... I dunno, something like "Yes", "no", "go fuck yourself!"... at least something that all the peeps know that you guys reading the whole stuff and that we shall keep continue to putting some suggestions, ideas, whatsoever. :')
  2. ❤️🥰 If I gonna see you in game, you'll get a big smooch from me! Thank you soooooo much! 😘
  3. yuss, I know... what I've tried to tell was, the Developers should hand us more options and poses... or another System!
  4. poor guys... you guys got a brain and a penis... but unfortunately (and obviously) not enough blood to support both of this organs with it at the same time, huh? xD
  5. Heya Aliviax, I really got what you’ve told us, but still, 3dx is a Chat which relates to sex, no? However, in my humble opinion, the Poses are all nice, but it’s pretty sad that their lacking for more options, which is something the Developers should have comprehended the last eight years. I mean, I ain't talking simply about cum-poses or Orgasms, so what's about kissing or hugs during the Poses also? Stuff which is also really important and could improving the whole thing... I mean, we're still gabbing about a Sex Game, huh? Sure, the pink lines are prolly the more important part f
  6. According to the field unit's mission report, there was no fire in your house... so you're safe! Always at your service... 🚒
  7. No worries... I'm on duty and I gonna deal with it accordingly...
  8. It was the first time for me... anyway, the servers gonna unavailable for some time *fg*
  9. I know, y'all gonna hate me for this, but I cannot resist!
  10. mhmm... a new message Too many attempts, try again later! That's new
  11. to use the right pronunciation and terms helps a lot ^^
  12. reasons...
    ♪♫... don't worry... be happy... ♪♫ 🥰


  13. I got the same problem and I tried different formats... nothing! I also told my BitDefender that 3DX ist totally vanilla and alright, but still... it doesn't work. Until the big crash I had absolutely no issues with that... so what's the deal?
  14. Yesh... I'm using it to revise my last post... There is no mention of "server is available"...
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