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  1. It would be a fantastic addition to the game if women could change their breasts shape. I can't see it interfering with any poses, however it could interfere with clothing. Therefore, just make it so that the different breast shape only shows when top and bra are removed.
  2. I think this would be a great pose!
  3. I was going to post the same thing! This needs to be sorted asap! It is a simple fix and would vastly improve the game! Please @Gizmo get rid of the auto removal of clothes!
  4. I completely agree! It's difficult at the minute to get a realistic color!
  5. Could you please add bigger ranges for body size as a lot of people are bigger than the maximum body size in game. It would add more realism! Additionally, please add a switch for condoms as an item of clothing. This would add additional realism aswell!
  6. The female squirt noise is exactly the same as the normal moan noise plus squirting sound. The squirt noise should be a lot more intense imo! I don't think it would be very difficult to just change the audio of the button. I find it all a bit too quiet. Does anyone agree?
  7. Yeah this is definitely needed!
  8. Yeah thats a really good point! I hope they 3D model them
  9. @Gizmo@Lisa I'm just curious as to what happened to this idea? This image was uploaded back in 20th August 2020. Is there still a plan to include piercings or has this idea been scrapped?
  10. I get that, that's why I said the word "personally" XD Yeah I completely agree with everything else you said. The hope is still alive like you said.
  11. I think a new high waisted thong underwear(g string) should be in the game! Personally the underwear available in the game is not particularly sexy as the thong currently in game is very low waisted. Something like the picture below would be great.
  12. This is a great idea that I'd love to see implemented in the game!
  13. There are very limited cumshot poses implemented in the game and personally I would like some more. For example, cum on ass and back in doggy position would be great and if possible a cream pie pose where you can see cum on the vagina after it. Let me know what everyone thinks, whether you agree or disagree with me!
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