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  1. I get that, that's why I said the word "personally" XD Yeah I completely agree with everything else you said. The hope is still alive like you said.
  2. I think a new high waisted thong underwear(g string) should be in the game! Personally the underwear available in the game is not particularly sexy as the thong currently in game is very low waisted. Something like the picture below would be great.
  3. This is a great idea that I'd love to see implemented in the game!
  4. There are very limited cumshot poses implemented in the game and personally I would like some more. For example, cum on ass and back in doggy position would be great and if possible a cream pie pose where you can see cum on the vagina after it. Let me know what everyone thinks, whether you agree or disagree with me!
  5. I load up the game today and it is unbearably slow and laggy. Yesterday it was all fine and working as normal. Please let me know if anyone can think of anything to help. I've delete the game and reinstalled it but it didn't help at all.
  6. Actual lower socks should be in the game imo!
  7. 100% agree that they should add flaccid cocks, but adding condoms would maybe be a bit easier
  8. I think condoms would be a cool addition to the game. You should be able to remove it and put it back on just like clothing. I think it would add some extra immersion into the game, which would be fun!
  9. @Gizmo Is there any idea as to when the nipple slider will be completed? It's been about a month since it was announced to be a work in progress on the discord.
  10. Yeah an option to wear and remove a condom would be a great addition!
  11. I think ass jiggling would be a great addition to the game. I know they considered a while ago full body jiggling but I think just ass jiggling is needed. Boob jiggling already exists why not add it to the ass also?
  12. I think adding body types/sliders would be a great idea as mentioned earlier! Would add a lot more realism to the game which would be great!
  13. ah yeah Veronique I did. I would love to see a clit piercing in the game as well as what I previously mentioned.
  14. I would love to see piercings in the game. For example, a belly button piercing would be fun and I think relatively easy to implement; ear, nose and nipple piercings would be great too. I also think that rings would be easy to implement as fingers and toes don't change in size. Engagement rings would be great as an indicator that a couple are engaged, then a wedding ring would be great when they are actually married. Would love to see these in the game!W
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